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peterkm 12-Mar-22 13:41pm View    
" ... UseShellExecute must be true to get the WindowStyle to work"

Your comment solved my problem, upvoted your answer, 5 years on :-) and still relevant.
Thank you!
peterkm 11-Apr-21 6:30am View    
Please check the link as this page contains exactly what you were looking for

// Declaring friend function using friend keyword
friend Distance operator+(Distance&, Distance&);

Keep learning,
peterkm 23-Feb-21 18:49pm View    
Another possibility is that your program "maynotrun.exe" will have some user permission set to "deny execute" and this user will not be able to start this program by double click. However, using "run as" on the same "maynotrun.exe" will execute it, if another user will have an "execute" permission... Perhaps this is useful in this case, Cheers,
peterkm 15-Nov-20 8:04am View    
Thanks for your feedback
Glad I could help ...
peterkm 14-Nov-20 15:40pm View    
Using Python 3 in a Jupyter Notebook I modified your code as follows

x = 7
a = 12
sestdiena = x//a
sestdienaa = x%a
print(sestdiena, str(sestdienaa) + "/" + str(a))
print("Sestdien piepildīja" + str(sestdiena) + "kastītes, nepilnajā kastītē bija" + str(sestdienaa) + " olas .")

and in this case the result is:

0 7/12
Sestdien piepildīja0kastītes, nepilnajā kastītē bija7 olas .

There is no error ...

To practice Python, I suggest that you install Anaconda and use Jupyter Notebooks as it is an interactive environment, or use an online Python snippet tool such as this one

Both environments are really helpful when learning Python
Hope that this helps ...