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rmksiva 6-Apr-18 6:03am View
You have to give your LogoutPageURL instead of / . It will redirect home Page or root url.
rmksiva 6-Apr-18 6:00am View
Show me your fillInTextArea method code. can be get $("#country").val()
rmksiva 3-Apr-18 8:57am View
First of all Question is not clear. But in normal scenario - employee.aspx page load event has session check (for check whether user logged In) - If session is not available - we write the code as redirect to login page
rmksiva 3-Apr-18 8:52am View
After adding update panel your control will be changed like UpdatePanel1_txtUserName so try to get $("#UpdatePanel1_txtUserName").val();
rmksiva 11-Dec-17 2:16am View
Could you show us existing code block ?
rmksiva 28-Nov-17 6:10am View
Seems like IIS Access Issue. Check the folder permission which you saving the Images.
rmksiva 20-Jun-17 8:45am View
I like to see your HTML / ASP TAG in the Aspx page , i hope their is some mismatch in that. Check if any DataBind in that Hidden Field . Thanks Siva Rm K
rmksiva 16-Mar-15 3:16am View
Thanks For your reply. i will share you execution plan in a moment
rmksiva 3-Mar-15 5:35am View
You have to add BAL class library as reference to the website . Right click on Website Name on Object Explorer- > Add Reference -> Project Tab - --> Add
rmksiva 3-Mar-15 5:08am View
Yes !
rmksiva 3-Mar-15 2:34am View
Are you Binding the grid in server side or Client Side ?
rmksiva 10-Nov-14 8:53am View
you need to build "ChioceHtml" at runtime and update whole html string , Because Postback clear all dynamic binded html elements.
rmksiva 10-Nov-14 2:03am View

What is the Purpose of " Response.Write(doc); and Response.End " code in this scenario ?Once Remove and Check !
rmksiva 6-Nov-14 2:50am View
any Browser Errors ?
rmksiva 5-Nov-14 23:11pm View
did you have any browser errors at the time of running ?
rmksiva 5-Nov-14 4:34am View
can you post the sample code ?
rmksiva 4-Nov-14 0:58am View
if you want diffrent user means pass another argument from UI to Webserive or if you use common db for all users means ! alter the return code of webservice (with some Logic). Like if(username in admin List) then return "Admin_1" (Reseller means) "Res_1" login fail ("Fail_2")

Always check 2nd part of of return string for Result
rmksiva 30-Oct-14 4:10am View

did you mean Data Table (from DB) ? or anything else ?
rmksiva 29-Oct-14 3:41am View
Yes ! Its Possible !
rmksiva 21-Jan-14 6:56am View
Can You Share the Code you used to print ?
rmksiva 4-Jun-13 8:29am View
Yes ! You can add this set of code into your Code - below to

document.Add(paragraph); Line
rmksiva 24-May-13 8:14am View
Can you provide the detail of .Net Version you used? Because their dependency between .Net framework and ajax toolkit dll version !
rmksiva 24-May-13 6:40am View
Can you tell which control you used ? Post some sample code Also
rmksiva 21-May-13 23:58pm View
Can you please show the error or show your full query ?!
rmksiva 30-Apr-13 9:14am View
Hi sir,

Instead of cmd2 you add @str Parameter to cmd

SqlCommand cmd2 = new SqlCommand("select role from users where EmailAddress=@str", conn);
cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@str", str));
rmksiva 30-Apr-13 8:51am View

SqlCommand cmd2 = new SqlCommand("select role from users where EmailAddress=@str", conn);
cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@str", str));

Check 2 line not cmd- cmd2
rmksiva 25-Apr-13 4:39am View
Can You mention about the code or DLL you are using for create PDF ?
rmksiva 23-Apr-13 10:22am View
rmksiva 22-Apr-13 6:50am View
Hi, Problem In query not Code. Print query value in any label
lblResult.Text = query; Check if any record found related to your query !

change the line
string query="SELECT * FROM ['ISB VAS Nodes$'] WHERE Model='"+DropDownList1.SelectedValue+"'";
rmksiva 22-Apr-13 2:19am View
May i know, do you want create table by code or using server explorer ?
rmksiva 18-Apr-13 1:49am View
Welcome, Execute Reader, Reads Db Table Rows to SqlDataReader Object or Other DataReader Objects
rmksiva 17-Apr-13 2:58am View
May i know , yours Application is windows Application or Web App ?
rmksiva 17-Apr-13 2:31am View
May i know, What error youare Getting ?
rmksiva 17-Apr-13 2:06am View
Check this Link ! It using MS tool
rmksiva 17-Apr-13 2:03am View
It can be possible by creating APP in facebook and Integrate that App Id into your website
refer this
rmksiva 17-Apr-13 1:30am View
I think it may possible by if you Write XML as
<question id="1">
<text>question 1
<choice1> choice1
<choice2> choice2
<choice3> choice3
<choice4> choice4

And please Refer
rmksiva 15-Apr-13 23:50pm View
Can You Please Elaborate ? Make Tabular Code or Program result ?
rmksiva 15-Apr-13 9:27am View
Please mention, In ASP .NET Or Windows Application
rmksiva 15-Apr-13 9:04am View
it shows any Error ? then please share
rmksiva 15-Apr-13 8:18am View
rmksiva 15-Apr-13 6:48am View
Please Mention, Windows App or Web App
rmksiva 12-Apr-13 9:09am View
Thanks for Command
Yes ! Public List<selectlistitem> Gender { get;set;}
rmksiva 12-Apr-13 3:28am View
Please Tel, Update & Cancel Buttons are inside Grid Or Separate Popup ?
rmksiva 12-Apr-13 1:41am View
Can you mention DB Datatype for "radio" Field in Insert Query IF Your DB Type is MS SQL SEVER and Datatype of "radio" is bit ! Then Please check Below solution !
rmksiva 25-Mar-13 9:29am View
is it work ?
rmksiva 25-Mar-13 5:36am View
I have doubt ! Stock ?Increment Means ? Wht u realy wants ?