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chenghuichao 9-Jul-15 21:49pm View
thanks! Because that page is in a sub folder of the project, it wont be fired in sub folder.
chenghuichao 17-May-15 8:52am View
I changed solutions-print before preview, there is no issue.
thank for your replies.
chenghuichao 14-May-15 12:10pm View
the website just used for internal network only, I installed printer, Adobe reader server already, printer is network printer, they are in one network.
chenghuichao 14-May-15 10:39am View
Yes, I know this,the resources are located in server side, and I just want to print the files in server
chenghuichao 5-Mar-15 2:25am View
is it Server.HtmlEncode(urlStr); ?
but we normally use Server.UrlEncode(urlStr); for encoding url.
chenghuichao 15-Dec-14 20:35pm View
thanks guys, I solved this issue by add the follow code in httpmodule:
if (HttpContext.Current.Request.CurrentExecutionFilePathExtension.ToLower() == ".aspx")
chenghuichao 7-Jan-14 0:16am View
Thanks so much, I'll try this.
chenghuichao 7-Jan-14 0:10am View
maybe, but how can I find out the issue? I have checked the IIS, SS2012 & Server resource few days, it sill the same, I have got headache.
chenghuichao 6-Jan-14 23:55pm View
A new Cloud Server, Old server take 3 min, new server I run in SSMS it's about 6 min or more.

My vendor said they can not found SS2008, only have SS2012.
chenghuichao 6-Jan-14 23:44pm View
Yeah,I have changed the connection string, and add the 'Connect Timeout=0;'. In my system, only report and big data functions occurs this error. my database is about 12G, but there is no timeout error when I use Sql Server 2008.
chenghuichao 14-Jul-13 4:48am View
Hi boss, you are my boss! U save me. :)
chenghuichao 14-Jul-13 4:08am View
I wrote as below also cant:

I might break!!
chenghuichao 14-Jul-13 4:02am View
SQL server 2008 R2
chenghuichao 14-Jul-13 3:39am View
hi sir, I got the message:'DATEFROMPARTS' is not a recognized built-in function name.
chenghuichao 1-Aug-12 0:11am View
this comment is moved to question
chenghuichao 3-Nov-11 2:55am View
2008 one is online one, 2005 one is for testing ,I just want to Synchronize the database.
chenghuichao 23-Oct-11 0:03am View
just seconds less than 1min, the memory is not very high, about 30%,40%.
chenghuichao 18-Oct-11 3:58am View
In my DataSet has two Datables, one about 2,000 records,another 13,000 records.
When I click report button, I'll wait about 30min ,and finally, get the out of memory.
I think my query string is ok, I want to know how can I load large data using ReportViewer Control.
Is there any better control for report large data?