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Eyakem 7-Jan-13 4:44am View    
Duplicate question, please look at this thread
Eyakem 18-Dec-12 2:45am View    
try these:
1. Identfiy the host, smtp.Host = "";
2. Set the port number on your smtp client to 587, smtp.Port = 587;
3. gmail is secure so enable ssl, smtp.EnableSsl = true;

And last, please check if you have the login correct (case sensitive)
4. smtp.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "your_password");
Eyakem 28-Nov-12 9:16am View    
I would say expose static method through a webservice and access the method using ajax
Eyakem 9-Nov-12 11:18am View    
You can now place any content inside the div that has .main class and your content will always be centred. Make sure to update the width:400px to suit your design.