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ravikhoda 27-Jan-16 3:50am View
thanks for the reply. i will keep this things in mind.
ravikhoda 30-Sep-15 7:33am View

thanks for suggestion, yes i understand that remember me should work but it should be show that only on login page not on register page i guess. more over above code works in ff and IE and safari for windows and not only in Chrome browser, that's why i thought there has to be something else.
ravikhoda 16-Jun-15 23:50pm View
ravikhoda 16-Jun-15 3:05am View
well these data will not generally called or used anywhere ..its only used by site admin to check in case normal user delete some data by mistake or update some wrong value for particular record. So basically the data only stored in that table using trigger but not load on any page by normal user. my concern is only that it will enter lots of record in that particular table and it will grow the size of the database. other tables of the database are indexed properly.
ravikhoda 3-Feb-15 1:55am View
try to check if you have spelling mistake on your register.aspx page. also check if you have give relative path or absolute path on the index.htm for register.aspx page.
ravikhoda 18-Nov-14 4:36am View
thanks for your answer. this is not the exact thing which i needed but somehow i manage to get the actual out put based on the things that you have mentioned.
ravikhoda 18-Nov-14 3:59am View
okay here is the thing.

there are two columns location1 and location2. both save the primary id of the location in particular table. now the thing is that if there is no search for location it should bring all the data, if user search by location then it will first check the location1 column in the database if that is null it should check for location2 in the same row in database and get the records based on that. can't display data as it has lot of columns and fields.
ravikhoda 4-Nov-14 6:18am View
Thanks to both of you. i have managed to solve the problem.
ravikhoda 4-Nov-14 1:46am View
don't have much knowledge about that but i have a look at that on SSL shopper site and it shows that chain of certificate looks okay. it shows green Right sign against it. but anyways thanks for your answer at least i gain some knowledge about chain certificate.
ravikhoda 27-Oct-14 7:08am View
thank you very much.
ravikhoda 8-Oct-14 3:22am View
Hi ,
thanks for your reply but in my case i do not want to use any file upload control whether it is Html input type file or file upload control from
ravikhoda 26-Sep-14 8:04am View
why whats wrong in this ? this is simple html browser problem issue.
ravikhoda 23-Sep-14 5:34am View
hi, thanks for your advice. yeah i figure it out. excel file can not render the html controls like div and span etc. you need to work in table , td ,only. this way it was worked for me.
ravikhoda 23-Sep-14 5:29am View
in excel. this happens on window 8 machines with chrome and IE browser only.
ravikhoda 18-Sep-14 23:57pm View
thanks let me check.
ravikhoda 15-Sep-14 7:00am View
Thanks for your reply will check this one but i think this one need web API / web based technology. i want to apply this on window application.
ravikhoda 15-Sep-14 6:05am View
ravikhoda 15-Sep-14 4:59am View
well i want to transfer the file to the selected device only not all devices with WiFi. user will enter the ip address of the device where the file need to be transfer.
ravikhoda 12-Sep-14 3:17am View
is it ok if we apply paging on gridview which has hidden field in the item template?
ravikhoda 2-Sep-14 0:59am View
Alright will check that. thanks for your help
ravikhoda 1-Sep-14 9:33am View
okay i got your point but why is that happen that customer from USA/ASIA can access the site but not the customer from Africa and Europe.
ravikhoda 1-Sep-14 9:31am View
Hi, well yeah something like this but both IIS server will be installed on different dedicated server. and are not on the same machine and when i try to access database from it gives different errors like error 26 or error 40. so basically it can not connect to sql server from one server to other. i checked that remote connection is allowed on the sql server , tcp ip is enalbled and port 1433 is added for exception in firewall. dont know any other settings.
ravikhoda 5-Aug-14 23:53pm View
Hi, thanks for your info. yeah i got my issue fixed by putting async : false in my ajax jquery function. it was now do not allow any background code to run until my ajax request complete.
ravikhoda 5-Aug-14 7:59am View
nop this was not worked. this code was always there but the main issue was the post method of jquery ajax. i have used the callback function and it started working.
ravikhoda 5-Aug-14 4:06am View
well the code is very long but the main logic is on client click event i check some validation and set flag variable. and now if the flag is true i return true which will execute the server side button click event. now after adding the jquery ajax post method inside the compare date function even though my function return true my server side button click event not firing.
ravikhoda 22-Jul-14 6:02am View
use trace enable option and see which event taking a long time to complete the request. also check if at any place do you have a very large amount of data that you are binding with for loop and iterate the data on some HTML or something. i have this issue when i was creating a custom HTML with around 5000 records, run for loop and generate a dynamic layout as per my need. this will make the system to take infinite time and no other user can send other request and eventually no one can access the site.
ravikhoda 14-Jul-14 8:08am View
well i don't want to convert this online. i need something which i can use it in my c# code to convert .MSG files to .eml and save it and send it to iphone/iped application. actully this is to pass some data from c# app to iphone app and the iphone app only supports .EML files only.
ravikhoda 14-Jul-14 8:02am View
thanks for your help. but this is not useful for me.
ravikhoda 14-Jul-14 7:37am View
yes i tried..
ravikhoda 10-Jul-14 8:40am View
coz i need index of non duplicate numbers as well.
ravikhoda 27-Jun-14 9:46am View
well if the id matches it will generate the checkbox with checked = true otherwise it will generate checkbox without checked. so else part run more then once in the loop so the number of generated checkbox is not 10. it is larger than 10
ravikhoda 27-May-14 2:39am View
well thanks. i know this will work but this will check for all the records and i think this will affect the performance when i have a very large data from the excel file. that's why i am looking for something other way of doing this. i like the first solution but it also gives me some error at this time. will do some more research and update.
ravikhoda 27-May-14 2:09am View
hi i tried to define structure as per your solution but this gives me error on connection open method that external table is not formatted.
ravikhoda 27-May-14 2:08am View
i have update the code.
ravikhoda 23-May-14 4:56am View
thanks this works like a charm :) +5
ravikhoda 23-May-14 3:37am View
this will give me output like below

string [] arraydata = {"MobileP:","9712899082P:","123654789FaxG:","0265123456EmailG:",""};

which will not work. what is the thing is mobilep,faxg,emailg are my keywords(i can use a space to separate that)but this structure is coming from some third party so can not change it. one more thing the order of the data is also not fixed it may be possible that faxg comes first and then come emailg and so on..
ravikhoda 22-May-14 2:51am View
well database side things work fine. my query execution time is less than 1 sec. and on code side i can not use grid, repeater or any ajax thing as i am integrating this to some third party tools which do not supports any asp controls.
ravikhoda 20-May-14 8:55am View
well on this page i can not use any controls like grid or repeater on the page. i need to use table object to manually show data on the page.
ravikhoda 20-May-14 8:52am View
alright thanks.
ravikhoda 20-May-14 8:40am View
Thanks for your reply. actually i got the issue on my site, let me explain so you may help me again, on that particular page we are using third party control devexpress report. now on this report we are generating a table dynamically from the code. rows are added using a for loop. now in this particular case what happen is that i have three tables , all have around 1500 records so this execution of the creation of the table using the for loop takes infinite time to load and server request time out happens. can you help me how can i optimize performance of the for loop or may be overall.
ravikhoda 20-May-14 8:15am View
alright thanks, will you provide me some more details about ipc?
ravikhoda 20-May-14 6:18am View
alright i will try the things that you suggest , BTW can you provide me some more information on application pool thread? how can i run application on multi thread and is it okay to do so? i will read some more thing on this and try something. thanks for your help.
ravikhoda 13-May-14 1:46am View
well i have already done that and not any code is taking long time. what is the issue id when the project run for the first time and when i see visual studio it shows at bottom left that "loading symbols from so and so folder". and this go on for as long as 7 to 8 mins or sometime 10 mins ...
ravikhoda 12-May-14 9:11am View
yeah it takes that time on local machine only. on server things run fine.
ravikhoda 5-May-14 2:59am View
add some code.
ravikhoda 2-May-14 6:19am View
did you get any error ?
ravikhoda 29-Apr-14 5:03am View
did you get any error on console in chrome. may be some Jquery/ javascript ref was missing.
ravikhoda 28-Apr-14 9:29am View
Thank you so much this help me a lot. i spent my entire day on this one. + 5.
ravikhoda 25-Apr-14 3:00am View
Well this error means one of your object do not initialize/ assign properly. just debug your code and see on which line do you get this error.
ravikhoda 25-Apr-14 2:55am View
What kind of addresses do you want to get? what do you mean by whole world.
ravikhoda 24-Apr-14 6:44am View
ravikhoda 24-Apr-14 6:30am View
did you get any error ?
ravikhoda 24-Apr-14 4:44am View
so now you need to add change your datalist html like this

<img src='upload/<%#eval("Image")%>' alt='<%#eval("Image")%>'/>

this will work as i am using the same thing in one of my code.

ravikhoda 24-Apr-14 2:24am View
Well first tell me how do you store your image. is it stored directly in the database or you just save the name of the image in the database and origional image is saved on server in some folder ? in my case i was storing the name of the file in database and save file inside image folder so according to my above code

i get the image name value from the database and bind it with src attribute of the image.

src='Admin/images/<%#Eval ("Image") %>'

so in this way my src becomes url/admin/images/imagename.jpg and it loads completely on the browser. i hope this will help you.
ravikhoda 23-Apr-14 8:00am View
src="Admin/images/<%#Eval ("Image") %>" this is what i used one of my code. where my images are placed inside the admin/images folder. try this and let me know if works.
ravikhoda 23-Apr-14 7:39am View
for image you can again bind the img with src / imageurl tag.

<asp:Image ID="Image2" runat="server" Height="70px" Width="54px" ImageUrl='<%#Eval("ColumnName")%>' />

append the path of the image with above .
ravikhoda 23-Apr-14 3:08am View
hi , please check ans again added one link for the same situation.
ravikhoda 23-Apr-14 2:55am View
well in your query i think remove the N which you have added before all the parameters. if you have nvarchar set in the database it should automatically take it.
ravikhoda 23-Apr-14 2:17am View
ps. sorry forget to add one more line

var newamount = oldamount + oldamount(origional amount) * 1(this is your percentage)/100;
ravikhoda 23-Apr-14 1:51am View
as per my knowledge you can not directly view image which is not on your server(you can not access an image/file from the client machine directly). first you need to update the image on the server and than you can show the preview of that image.

may be upload the image to some temp directory
ravikhoda 22-Apr-14 8:38am View
i think the issue is with join. you try to join multiple selected options with , and that's why it is taking it as a string and can not convert to integer.
ravikhoda 22-Apr-14 7:21am View
well that is the only module which will be used by every employee. if you build some more complex app how a peon in your office can use it. he even don't have access to the system so he can only use something for attendance. so in other case your logic will not be fulfilled "each employee use it everyday".
ravikhoda 21-Apr-14 8:24am View
do you need to generate multiple textbox based on dropdown selection or what? please add some more details
ravikhoda 21-Apr-14 4:26am View
what do you mean by Silently ? you want to print PDf in the background thread or something like that?
ravikhoda 19-Apr-14 10:00am View
thanks for the query but my issue is something different. i want to get get some dummy data even when we don't have any data in the table. when i pass year in your query it do not give me any output. what i need is even if i pass 2016 which is future date it still give me output with all count equal to zero
ravikhoda 17-Apr-14 1:31am View
for sms you can try some api which allow you to send sms from website.
ravikhoda 17-Apr-14 1:21am View
try debug the code or check the event log to get exact error that you are getting
ravikhoda 17-Apr-14 0:53am View
please check console if you get any error over there ?
ravikhoda 16-Apr-14 7:52am View
brother no buddy have the exact code which fits your requirement. above ans is just a hint how you can manage video upload and show it on browser. now you can do some google on particular things to check what exactly you need. how i am suppose to know which full code do you want?

A. do you want to show youtube video
B. do you want to show simple flv video
C. do you want to manange it by video tag in html5.
D. is Flow player fits in your need.

only you can ans all these things and google about more details based on the need.

all the best.
ravikhoda 16-Apr-14 7:34am View
check your select statement if that is not filtering data for proper date.
ravikhoda 16-Apr-14 3:29am View
well yeah but my main concern is why it is not working on http. what i think that it should work with http and https both.
ravikhoda 11-Apr-14 7:38am View
that is what i am trying on my machine that even after installing sql express edition it shows the same message to buy sql server licence.
ravikhoda 11-Apr-14 7:16am View
well i am doing this because i do not want to buy any. even sql express will work in my case cause this is a development machine and not a server where i am running real time applications.
ravikhoda 10-Apr-14 6:40am View
thanks it works like a charm.
ravikhoda 9-Apr-14 0:07am View
i have already gone through it and also asked them about my query. i came here just because if someone has already used this particular tool and can guide me.
ravikhoda 3-Apr-14 7:53am View
great. if you have posted this as a solution i can accept that and up vote your answer. this will increase your reputation as well. hahahah anyways thanks for your help. and yeah this was also first project for me on window authentication.
ravikhoda 3-Apr-14 6:39am View
i think you can try panel.controls.clear() method. this will remove all the controls inside the panel.
ravikhoda 3-Apr-14 2:56am View
please post some code or what you have tried.
ravikhoda 3-Apr-14 1:51am View
thanks this works great.
ravikhoda 2-Apr-14 23:59pm View
thanks for your help. yeah it helps me. what was missing that it was some issues on validation of URL may be. when we use window authentication it do not allow special chars like . etc and that's why it won't work by ip address. i added my site to trusted zone and now it is working. also i was missing one setting when i don't want the login prompt on start up that i set identity impersonation = true but did not give credential for that. once i give user name and password it solve my issue. thanks for your help.
ravikhoda 2-Apr-14 8:42am View
well truly speaking this window authentication is bit new thing for me what happen is that when i open site from IIS using local host on my machine it works and give me current user identity but when i open the same site by ip addresss it ask for login on every browser.

i have identity impersonate=true and authentication mode = window. all other authentication mode are disable. and as i am not sure about permission on directory currently i have applied full control to everyone on the folder from the security tab.
ravikhoda 2-Apr-14 8:19am View
Hi ,
small query on the same question. we have setup window authentication on IIS and when we open site from localhost it works fine but when we open it by ip address it shows login popup i think this should not appear if we are using window authentication. am i missing any setting on IIS ?
ravikhoda 2-Apr-14 8:18am View
Hi ,
small query on the same question. we have setup window authentication on IIS and when we open site from localhost it works fine but when we open it by ip address it shows login popup i think this should not appear if we are using window authentication. am i missing any setting on IIS ?
ravikhoda 2-Apr-14 7:33am View
okay so instead of generating new control use findcontrol("panleid") method.
ravikhoda 1-Apr-14 4:59am View
i am using window authentication but still all browser asks for the login even if the user is connected to the network/domain on intranet website. can you tell me some setting to remove authentication pop up from the browser ?
ravikhoda 1-Apr-14 4:54am View
hi can we set something from IIS my client do not want to add any site to trusted zone or something belongs to browser setting. we are using window authentication in one of site which will run on intranet and all user will be part of domain / network so they do not want login popup...
ravikhoda 31-Mar-14 8:22am View
hi, my scene is bit opposite to above one. i am also using window authentication and it asks for login on all browser which i want to remove. My web config file code is same as above one. and on iis i have only window authentication enabled all other mode are disabled but still it asks for user name and password on all browser.
ravikhoda 28-Mar-14 9:06am View
not sure but you did not put single quote for totalstud,batchqty,ID. please add single quote like other columns and check.
ravikhoda 28-Mar-14 7:09am View
please check console in the browser and see what error it gives ?
ravikhoda 28-Mar-14 5:44am View
well you need to add the button on your web page and on button click you can write a code for file download.
ravikhoda 28-Mar-14 2:38am View
ravikhoda 28-Mar-14 2:38am View
ravikhoda 28-Mar-14 0:12am View
what error ? please add some more details.
ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 6:18am View
okay so it would be better that i at least remove the unused module/ code from the project rather than keep it.
ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 3:27am View
please try and apply validation group to your Validator and button control.
ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 2:35am View
what error did you get ?
ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 2:33am View
please add some more details.
ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 1:54am View
okay, well without viewing your code i can not say much but try to use Y slow / Firebug plugin on Firefox and check which event is taking more time to load data. it may be possible that your web page have lot of images and some other java scripts which also take time to load.
ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 1:27am View
may be you need to optimize your sql query which get the data. run the query in sql studio and check the execution time.
ravikhoda 26-Mar-14 8:15am View
well i said that we add some background image on imgdiv2 with noimage.png. but i think you are right. this will work thanks.
ravikhoda 26-Mar-14 7:44am View
please check the question again i improve it now ....all code is not written as it contains some database operation but this will give you some general idea.
ravikhoda 26-Mar-14 1:19am View
do you want to generate capecha code or something like that ?
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 6:40am View
yeah that is true but in case of inactive link that will not work. I.e. when user is on page one , but if he mouseover on a2 that will be red and when he mouseout on a2 it will still be red if i follow your suggestion. so that will make both a1 and a2 as red. and same for a3 and a4 if i mouseover or mouseout from a1 page.
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 6:17am View
okay here we go. forget about the other css properties like font style and family. i removed it for now. below is my code.

<div id="divcontaine" runat="server">
<a href="a1.aspx" id="A1" runat="server">one
<a href="a2.aspx" id="A2" runat="server">two
<a href="a3.aspx" id="A3" runat="server">three
<a href="a4.aspx" id="A4" runat="server">four

C# :
A1.Style.Add("color", "red"); -> (red comes from database)
A1.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "'red'");
A1.Attributes.Add("onmouseout", "'green'");

now first time when page load i get id of the control which is set through application variable on each page. on master page i apply the color , mouseover and mouseout attribute through c#. first time a1 link will be red. when you mouseover on a1 it will be still red but when you mouse out that will be permanent green. however i want it to be red. because a1 is still active page. user is not moved to any other page.

basically i want to set below things from c#

A1:link color
A1:visited color
A1:hover color
A1:active color
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 5:50am View
please explain what do you mean by value before pasting is set. is that when you right click on the textbox and do not press paste but still its copy something.... ?
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 4:41am View
let me say ..font size ,font family,line height all these are set from css i just want color to be change from database.
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 3:27am View
try that but on working. actually it works on mouseover and mouseout but when mouseout happen it becomes permanent black color. it should be color from database value. if i click it again it will take value from database.
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 3:24am View
i got unable to cast object when i tried the code as per above link.

here is a sample

foreach (HtmlInputText text in divcontaine.Controls)
if (text is HtmlInputText)

text.Style.Add("color", "red");

Error is : Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.LiteralControl' to type 'System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlInputText'.
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 3:03am View
i want to do this from c#
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 1:52am View
you can also chekc event viewer to see what exact error you have.
ravikhoda 25-Mar-14 1:09am View
something like this

<a href="1.aspx" id="one" runat="server">1
<a href="2.aspx" id="two" runat="server">2
<a href="3.aspx" id="three" runat="server">3
<a href="4.aspx" id="four" runat="server">4

on master page load
i write something like this"color","databaseval");"color","databaseval");"color","databaseval");"color","databaseval");

ravikhoda 21-Mar-14 4:37am View
sorry brother no idea in much details i have worked on webservices but that was developed by me only and i know the business logic of that. better lets wait for someone else to ans it.
ravikhoda 21-Mar-14 4:31am View
well that may be depend upon your need. i dont know what you exactly wanted to do. above code is just for reference that this way you can access the methods of the web service.
ravikhoda 21-Mar-14 0:44am View
if "Conversion failed.." is your error try and check what value you are getting from DataBinder.Eval(e.Row.DataItem, AchievedPer). it looks like this value is not convertable from string to decimal in the first line.
ravikhoda 20-Mar-14 7:31am View
lets both wait for someone else to reply and give some solution :)
ravikhoda 20-Mar-14 7:11am View
0h i thought you were talking about window app. i think you may try timer control, set time interval to some large amount and in time tick event you may try and compare the current date with the first date of any month. if it is first day then you can write your own logic and send email to all the users.
ravikhoda 20-Mar-14 7:00am View
well even i don't work on window services till now but if you really need this to be done automatically every month without any human activity it can be a good option. code and logic part will be same as your normal project but installation and build package will be different from normal window application. you can use below links

you can find many more like this tutorial on window service.
ravikhoda 20-Mar-14 6:44am View
did you add jquery ui library reference in your code ?
ravikhoda 19-Mar-14 4:40am View
you can call textchange event method of textbox and pass value of ID to the database and get the name you want. just remember that you need to pass the unique id for each members..
ravikhoda 17-Mar-14 23:56pm View
OK i think we have found the issue. if you can check the screen shot of error no 4 you see that there is a blank row after the two rows with data. just go the datagridview's property and set autogeneratedrows/ allowusertoaddrow property to false. this will remove the empty row and for loop will run only for two times. please check and let me know if that works or not.
ravikhoda 14-Mar-14 9:26am View
ok now check for which row number you are getting this error specially check dgItemName value in the gridview and you may get your problem solved.
ravikhoda 14-Mar-14 9:02am View
difficult to say from above code. it may possible that in your datagrid some row may have null value which you are trying to pass in your database. please add a break point and try to debug your code and check on which line you are getting error.
ravikhoda 14-Mar-14 6:36am View
did you check what value your reader is getting from the database? if is integer or not.
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 9:25am View
[Communication problem resolved, discussion posts removed — SA]
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 9:04am View
[Communication problem resolved, discussion posts removed — SA]
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 9:01am View
[Communication problem resolved, discussion posts removed — SA]
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 5:36am View
great thanks for your help.
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 5:26am View
okay thanks for the how to delete them from session cache??

session["unwantedvariable"] = null ;

will this work ? or something else ?
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 4:18am View
okay this looks good , i dont want to pass around 20 variables in querystring but i will try above method ..Thanks..
ravikhoda 13-Mar-14 1:58am View
well what i want to say that can we do something like above ...please see my code sample...aspx.cs class means the code file of aspx page and custom constructor means that can we do such thing and pass our values from one page to other page...
ravikhoda 11-Mar-14 6:39am View
do you have this DLL file in ur local project. may be try and search on this site
ravikhoda 11-Mar-14 5:45am View
please give some more information. what exactly what you want to do...?
ravikhoda 7-Mar-14 3:29am View
did you add validation Group to button control as well??
ravikhoda 6-Mar-14 8:13am View
i am not sure but may be you need to add appenddatabounditems="true" coz i see that you are adding items to the dropdown after you bind the data. as other guy said try and debug code..
ravikhoda 3-Mar-14 5:29am View
Well this is all i could post for now as linq is very new for me. however will try and add some code which i am trying Right now ....
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 8:21am View
alright thanks let me try that.
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 8:08am View
okay thanks let me try .
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 8:03am View
i even do not want to show some other image like noimage.png.
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 8:03am View
i even do not want to show some other image like noimage.png.
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 7:05am View
in iis you may need to set default page or something. does it show any message like 404 or something else...
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 3:58am View
is this problem for all browser ?
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 3:40am View
alright let me try.
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 3:27am View
ravikhoda 28-Feb-14 3:27am View
i dont know why but somehow lable.value not working in my code. that's why i use innerHTML.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 22:38pm View
problem is that now my connection string is not fixed and we need to change datasource initial catalog based on xml file which is separate from Web config file. how to update web config file connection string based on that xml file.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 5:38am View
i guess it should work. not personally tried.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 4:11am View
thanks will check this
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 4:09am View
thanks , but yes you are right there will be a lot of play around don't want to go this way :D
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 3:54am View
try and check if you get any error from console.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 3:52am View
post some code. where did you get error?
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 3:36am View
well i am not sure how this thing will apply in mvc. will check this and update you. thanks
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 3:30am View
not sure about that, need to check. will get back to you on this.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 2:22am View
yeah sure you can use this one on web controls as well.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 1:56am View
well what we are doing is getting user name from active directory. this will be save in database with role group. so if machine name will be match than it will go to the admin panel according to role group. but if that do not match we need to show them some other page rather than access denied.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 1:34am View
try and add event handler for lable click event from code.
ravikhoda 27-Feb-14 1:05am View
the main thing is that access denied page setting is somewhere in the IIS server and not in the code. and i am not aware about that configuration and also if that is in the machine config i do not want to change over there cause there may be some more project hosted on the server.
ravikhoda 26-Feb-14 22:46pm View
yeah typo mistake. thanks for suggestion.
ravikhoda 26-Feb-14 3:31am View
it was just that my caps lock was on nothing else. however will take care of such things. thanks
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 23:47pm View
try to check size of video file. file upload control default file size value is 4 MB so you need to add limit of file size. you can increase that from web config like maxrequestlength property.
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 23:42pm View
if you are looking for web site testing than there are some plugins / add on available on firefox and google chrome. like selenium IDE or something like that.
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 5:27am View
there are some setting on Iis based on window authentication and we use user.identity class to get user name from active directory. besides that there is no actual code. its just we use window authentication in web config.
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 3:50am View
anyways thanks for your help.
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 3:31am View
there is no rule that a team leader can not ask a question or he can no be wrong. its ok if you are not satisfied with my ans or whatever but you should respect other people when you answer about their questions...
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 2:47am View
i do not have the net amount with me that 's why i can't use this code.
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 2:47am View
yes i modified my answer a bit, this will give me what i looking for.
ravikhoda 25-Feb-14 0:39am View
try onkeypress event of textbox and check for + sign ascii code .
ravikhoda 24-Feb-14 7:46am View
if your question is already saved in database and you have your question id you can use for loop to insert question id with different textboxes. share some of your code so we can get some more idea and update you according.
ravikhoda 24-Feb-14 7:43am View
try server.mappath and not the actual path.
ravikhoda 24-Feb-14 7:13am View
let me try but i think when i submit form it do not change the value of that field if date is greater than 12. so it do not reach till controller...if date is less than 12 than it update the value to controller.
ravikhoda 24-Feb-14 7:01am View
yes it did work but we want jquery date in us format only we need to show date format as mm/dd/yyyy on textbox so we cant do as your suggestion. we need something which work on model side.
ravikhoda 24-Feb-14 6:54am View
yes it did work but we want jquery date in us format we need something which work on model side.
ravikhoda 24-Feb-14 4:40am View
what is the value of filenm ? also check if that file is physically available on that location inside Docfiles folder ?
ravikhoda 21-Feb-14 5:45am View
are you using url rewriting or something.. did u check for the pages which gives 404 error.
ravikhoda 21-Feb-14 1:33am View
show some code ...please is this IE 8 specific issue or for other version or other browser as well.
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 23:02pm View
i want this in form of linq. with MVC 4 code.
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 3:49am View
thanks for all of yours suggestions i think database clean up will take a lot of time for me only and then i can test things again. i will apply other changes and update you later
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 3:49am View
thanks for all of yours suggestions i think database clean up will take a lot of time for me only and then i can test things again. i will apply other changes and update you later
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 3:49am View
thanks for all of yours suggestions i think database clean up will take a lot of time for me only and then i can test things again. i will apply other changes and update you later
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 3:49am View
thanks for all of yours suggestions i think database clean up will take a lot of time for me only and then i can test things again. i will apply other changes and update you later
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 2:10am View
lot of queries changed and need some more i see that we have unwanted stored procedures as well. we have used that previously but now that code is totally changed/removed. for example lets say we have 20 extra sp in database which are not in used. does it affect the performance. i know these should obviously removed ...but what if they are still in the database..
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 1:55am View
Tell me one more thing please which is better ..join query or inline sub query if we wanted to get data from multiple tables.
ravikhoda 20-Feb-14 1:45am View
1) Use Stored Procedures where ever possible...(already have this )
2) Check your queries in the SPs. Remove unwanted fields from the queries...(need to check on all sp)
3) Index the Tables which are used most in Select queries..(not done)
4) If you are using SQL Server as DB, monitor the queries to identify which queries take more time to execute. (will check this)
5) Do not store large data in Sessions/Viewstate. (there are lot of viewstate and session variables not sure which we can avoid)

one more thing. there are some columns in the database which were previously used but now they are not used in project. does these affect the performance of the project.
ravikhoda 19-Feb-14 22:32pm View
yes i do.
ravikhoda 19-Feb-14 4:27am View
see line number 37 on MMSMaster.Master.cs file and check the code.
ravikhoda 18-Feb-14 22:22pm View
thanks but i solved it by using above method. please check my solution.
ravikhoda 18-Feb-14 4:35am View
please add some more details. your question is not clear, do you mean by bulk insert or what ?
ravikhoda 17-Feb-14 5:02am View
sorry but i think you dont get my question. what i want to know is that every session has unique session id which is generally stored on cookie client side. other way to store sesssion id is query string / database etc.. so i want to know how can we set that in applicatation that sessionid is stored in querystring or may be in the database and not on cookie. but anyways thanks for your help.
ravikhoda 11-Feb-14 6:57am View
well may be u can use update panel update progress bar to show that data is loading. you may find a lot of examples of using update progress.
ravikhoda 11-Feb-14 5:32am View
what is your issue ?
ravikhoda 10-Feb-14 23:21pm View
thanks i will have a look at these links.
ravikhoda 10-Feb-14 6:58am View
what errors do you get on each operation...also please post your sql code also i.e. your stored procedure for all above operations. so we get some more idea.
ravikhoda 7-Feb-14 7:20am View
well i tried at some level but same time also busy with some other projects as well so it is not complete yet. however your links are helpful to me.
ravikhoda 7-Feb-14 3:42am View
do you want to do something like url rewriting..? ?

you can use module or if you are working on IIS 7 or above it has in built URL rewrite module you can use it .
ravikhoda 7-Feb-14 2:17am View
you can use some tools like is a free tool for convert data to PDF
ravikhoda 7-Feb-14 2:15am View
in database side may be you can use trigger to fire after insert record in the database,
ravikhoda 6-Feb-14 4:46am View
HI , tried some of them but my pdf not only containes text it have images , link etc also. dont know how to read it from PDf and convert to HTML.
ravikhoda 6-Feb-14 4:27am View
thanks for you help. i will check links and will update you.
ravikhoda 6-Feb-14 0:24am View
sure i will check it. as this is something new for me so it may take some time but i will check it and update you. thanks for your help.
ravikhoda 5-Feb-14 8:20am View
ideally speaking no. you can connect browser from win app using web browser control. but cannot access desktop app from any browser. you can access it via remote desktop or may be teamviewer or something.
ravikhoda 5-Feb-14 8:13am View
well you can use session , cookie,applcation , querystring variable to pass data from one page to another page in