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Comments by Ezra Neil (Top 25 by date)

Ezra Neil 19-Oct-16 3:16am View    
Normally one would use QueryString to pass value to other pages. You also have other option where you can pass value through context object (or session object). Other option include posting the form to another page instead of Postback.
Ezra Neil 5-Jul-13 1:15am View    
You may used the wrong data to sum. Double check everything and try again.
Ezra Neil 14-Jun-13 23:50pm View    
Check you gmail account too. It might have some checking/problems attached to it. For example, failed the password many time and now require the capthca checking
Ezra Neil 14-Jun-13 23:29pm View    
Using Symbol.Sensor would be your best way. Have you tried coding with it already? If yes show us the code.
Ezra Neil 14-Jun-13 23:24pm View    
Show us the code where you bind or assign the datatable to your datagrid