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Comments by reshmi2000 (Top 15 by date)

reshmi2000 12-Jul-11 3:33am View    
I got 2 windows appear, with name in the title bar as "Doc". But my dialog of CformView was not appearing.
reshmi2000 7-Jul-11 3:30am View    
In "Options" menu, on clicking a menu item "Enable Send", the dialog box should appear. That was what i meant. The dialog box contains a set of data required for sending a packet. This dialog box should be a part of the main view, just below the list control. Is this possible? Also, can it be made resizable? Hope you understand my question.
reshmi2000 9-May-11 4:13am View    
But as Shilpi Boosar told, what i understand is -the member functions will be shared by all objects, with sharing done using "this" pointer? And, member variables are stored in seperate memory, except for "static" . Am i right?
reshmi2000 3-May-11 7:21am View    
The timer is working now. Thanks for the help.
The problem was actually with the hardware, which send the messages.
Anyways, thanks a lot, as i was able to understand the concept of worker thread, and timers.
reshmi2000 2-May-11 23:28pm View    
i did the code in worker thread , used AfxBeginThread() and did the Start timer and messages sending functionality in the thread. But even now the timer hangs after a predefined time. Do you have any sample of how to do a worker thread?