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m@dhu 17-Feb-15 20:30pm View
I guess user don't want to use ajax.
m@dhu 4-Dec-13 0:30am View
So whats the issue in there?
m@dhu 13-Sep-13 5:03am View
Check the first item you are adding to the array "objcustomer.CustomerName" - "CustomerName"
m@dhu 1-Oct-12 6:13am View
That question has asked almost 2 years ago.
m@dhu 1-May-12 3:02am View
From OP: I am not able to access other page label.
m@dhu 1-May-12 2:49am View
Use Format="dd/MM/yyyy" property to display as required and convert to MM/dd/yyyy while querying.
m@dhu 27-Apr-12 6:16am View
Incorrect syntax near 'monitor'.
Some syntax error in your sql query. It would be easy to trace if you can check the query in sql query analyzer.
m@dhu 27-Apr-12 6:13am View
Nothing wrong in asking here. Members will not be interested in reading complete code, you should have post only the code where you are facing the issue.
m@dhu 27-Apr-12 2:13am View
I didn't get the purpose of using foreach loop in your code as that is not used.
m@dhu 27-Apr-12 2:09am View
I would like to use a progress bar instead of disabling and enabling the buttons.
m@dhu 27-Apr-12 2:07am View
Thanks for the trick.
m@dhu 26-Apr-12 8:50am View
m@dhu 26-Apr-12 3:23am View
Please report it in site bugs/sugs forum.
m@dhu 26-Apr-12 3:09am View
Not clear.
m@dhu 6-Feb-12 1:13am View
What do you want to fetch and from where? :doh:
m@dhu 1-Feb-12 0:58am View
I used binding itself. Keydown event for different purpose. How do I insert text say some multiple times at different cursor positions and in different rows?
m@dhu 11-Jan-12 0:18am View
simple 5!
m@dhu 10-Jan-12 7:38am View
Use reply option to reply to that particular member.
m@dhu 10-Jan-12 7:37am View
As I said earlier use two update panels for two dropdownlists that will work.
m@dhu 10-Jan-12 7:21am View
code block added.
m@dhu 10-Jan-12 7:17am View
He is using SelectedIndexChanged event. If autopostback is set to false the event will not be fired.
m@dhu 10-Jan-12 7:16am View
Then place the two dropdownlists in two different update panels. :)
m@dhu 10-Jan-12 7:11am View
Did you use update panel?
m@dhu 4-Jan-12 7:38am View
You got to use findcontrol method to find all those labels and image, as it is for checkbox. Like
Label lblUSerID=(Label)item.FindControl("lblUserId");
m@dhu 4-Jan-12 5:52am View
imageurl='<%# Eval("ImageUrl") %>'
Chnage to single quote.
m@dhu 4-Jan-12 5:35am View
You have wt="width=" and you gave wt+"=50" which implies width=="50". I think something is wrong here ;)
m@dhu 4-Jan-12 5:14am View
set includeExceptionDetailInFaults property to 'true'. You get the exception details.
Check whether you can access the service in the browser.
m@dhu 13-Nov-11 2:04am View
But still I don't see any calendar in the link you provided.
m@dhu 13-Nov-11 2:02am View
OP has not asked to pass the values between web pages. :)
m@dhu 24-Oct-11 9:25am View
Added code block.
m@dhu 15-Oct-11 1:47am View
which code I cannot see any. :doh:
m@dhu 12-Oct-11 1:31am View
My 5!
m@dhu 4-Oct-11 2:56am View
Error message tells to open the sqlconnection before command.ExecuteReader.
m@dhu 28-Sep-11 5:08am View
everything stopped?
The pages aren't loading after you use ajax controls? or complete site isn't working?
m@dhu 28-Sep-11 5:03am View
Did you get any error? We cannot give you a solution unless you will be more specific with the problem.
m@dhu 28-Sep-11 4:59am View
will it fast my application?
Yes. That's how it is generally done. Insert and redirect will be fast when compared to what you are doing. :)
m@dhu 27-Sep-11 2:00am View
No one will be interested to see your complete code. Please post only relevant code where you have problem and I don't know whether how the title is related to your problem. :doh:
m@dhu 27-Sep-11 1:01am View
Are you using VS2005 or VS2008?
m@dhu 26-Sep-11 5:23am View
Did you try with findcontrol like
WebUserControl cntrl = (WebUserControl)e.Item.FindControl("myControl");
m@dhu 19-Sep-11 2:12am View
My 5!
m@dhu 19-Sep-11 1:41am View
Instead using radiobuttonlist with two list items would be a better option.
m@dhu 19-Sep-11 1:15am View
Use improve question to update your question. Do not post a new question.
m@dhu 17-Sep-11 7:44am View
I don't think you can connect oracle db with sqlconnection.
m@dhu 17-Sep-11 7:44am View
I don't you can connect oracle with sqlconnection.
m@dhu 16-Sep-11 1:32am View
My 5!
m@dhu 5-Sep-11 8:30am View
what does that mean not clear?
m@dhu 3-Sep-11 1:33am View
Not clear?
m@dhu 20-Aug-11 2:38am View
This should be a question rather than answer. Use Have a Question or Comment? when you have a question to op. :)
m@dhu 20-Aug-11 1:43am View
I think the link is not gonna help the op as he is using VS2003.
m@dhu 12-Aug-11 2:23am View
Use Add comment to reply don't post it as another solution. :)
m@dhu 12-Aug-11 2:22am View
comment from OP(moved from answer):
here checkbox.checked is "false" it showing???
what to do??
m@dhu 12-Aug-11 2:21am View
comment from OP:
I edited my code as u said but it is not working. Is there any modifications i need to do?
please help me..
m@dhu 4-Aug-11 2:09am View
But what the user is doing violates the first normal form.
That explains it. Thanks.
m@dhu 4-Aug-11 1:38am View
I have updated the solution with code check it.
m@dhu 30-Jul-11 4:29am View
Not clear. Use the debugger and check which part of code is causing the error.
m@dhu 27-Jul-11 1:12am View
why the label is change to like a textbox
How can you edit(enter text) using label??
m@dhu 21-Jul-11 2:47am View
Did you try that query gives only one record.
m@dhu 21-Jul-11 2:46am View
Thanks Ravi.
m@dhu 18-Jul-11 1:58am View
use the firebug in FF browser and see why the issue is coming.
m@dhu 16-Jul-11 6:53am View
As you said in the question it is returning '7/16/2011 12:00:00 AM'. so I came to conclusion it returns time also.
m@dhu 16-Jul-11 1:14am View
Use the debugger and check where the error raises and check whether the value is null or not initialised.
m@dhu 15-Jul-11 7:11am View
which tag where is it?
m@dhu 15-Jul-11 2:58am View
This should be addall.Text = addAll; at the end.
m@dhu 15-Jul-11 2:45am View
You can display in a label in rowdatabound/rowcommand event according to your requirement. Assign the value of addAll to a label in the gridview.
m@dhu 21-May-11 5:50am View
what error did you get? Did you publish your application in IIS?
m@dhu 13-May-11 5:16am View
not clear.
m@dhu 13-May-11 5:12am View
Writing everything in caps is called shouting. Use caps wherever necessary.
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 7:20am View
name is the parmeter and value is the value for that parameter.
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 6:37am View
Not clear.
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 6:23am View
where do you want to add?
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 5:07am View
pull down button
Is it a asp:Button and its value -> is its text?
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 4:58am View
OP could use the function with an if condition for his requirement something similar you posted. Thanks for the comment.
Math.Round(13.5) will return 14 not 13
Thats a typo. Corrected.
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 4:29am View
You should have used reply button to ask Rajesh.
m@dhu 28-Apr-11 4:28am View
Well the op wants to round the value. Math.Round(13.4) gives 13.
or am I missing something? :doh:
m@dhu 26-Apr-11 6:58am View
And i wanna display its Parent first and by clicking parent
where you want to display the parent and by clicking what? Did you try anything? Explain bit more clear.
m@dhu 26-Apr-11 6:53am View
You should be doing something wrong in code. Can you show us the code.
m@dhu 26-Apr-11 3:09am View
welcome to OnlineSBI in that site this is what you want?
m@dhu 26-Apr-11 3:06am View
Then just do as Ankur has said.
m@dhu 26-Apr-11 3:01am View
Do you mean image(favicon) on the browser and title?
m@dhu 22-Apr-11 1:58am View
My 5!
m@dhu 21-Apr-11 6:06am View
As he is new here I just want to tell the OP that he may get one votes for such answers. He may not do it next time.
m@dhu 21-Apr-11 5:47am View
I think this should be a comment rather than an answer.
m@dhu 16-Apr-11 5:17am View
you did vote me a 1 which is least. :)
m@dhu 15-Apr-11 8:10am View
And I was talking about '...'
m@dhu 15-Apr-11 8:10am View
Did you check the tag SQL-Server.
m@dhu 15-Apr-11 7:59am View
your query gives error. ;P
m@dhu 15-Apr-11 2:42am View
not clear.
m@dhu 15-Apr-11 1:25am View
My 5.
m@dhu 15-Apr-11 1:24am View
Good link.
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 4:29am View
Glad it helped you.
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 4:28am View
Did you check the msdn link? There the image is displayed from directory only.
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 3:41am View
Thanks DD.
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 3:33am View
error in code
where? what is the error?
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 2:12am View
My 5.
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 2:12am View
Oh you beat me to it.
m@dhu 14-Apr-11 1:39am View
Then why did you vote me a 1? :doh:
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 6:10am View
If the dropdown with autopoatback true is inside the update panel then only partial postback occurs.
check the following link.
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 3:16am View
not clear. where you want to store?
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 2:38am View
This is it. My 5.
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 2:37am View
How does your answer make any difference with SA's?
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 1:07am View
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 1:05am View
not clear.
m@dhu 13-Apr-11 0:28am View
Thanks SA.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 6:35am View
I couldn't see any link. update it.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 6:31am View
wrapped the code.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 6:24am View

See the link and try to add toolkit to your toolbox.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 6:06am View
Then you got a problem with the ajax controls remove the toolkit and add the toolkit again.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 5:21am View
Test whether you can access the toolkit by using any other ajax control.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 5:00am View
Always wrap your code in pre blocks for better readability.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 4:56am View
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 4:20am View
Code wrapped in pre blocks.
m@dhu 12-Apr-11 0:23am View
Thanks raja.
m@dhu 11-Apr-11 9:04am View
I don't think another script manager is required. Is the panel is placed in one of the content pages where the master file is referenced.
m@dhu 11-Apr-11 7:29am View
Not clear you got to explain bit more.
m@dhu 11-Apr-11 0:32am View
I think OP is asking about DataList control.
m@dhu 7-Apr-11 8:59am View
My 5!
m@dhu 7-Apr-11 8:55am View
Always use Add Comment link to reply instead of adding as new solution.
m@dhu 7-Apr-11 6:24am View
Check the updated answer.
m@dhu 7-Apr-11 2:53am View
not clear.
m@dhu 6-Apr-11 2:33am View
Using capital letters is shouting over the net.
m@dhu 5-Apr-11 2:51am View
From OP:OriginalGriff,

IN the second code that you have given myPanel.Controls give null to me or myPanel.Controls.Count =0
m@dhu 31-Mar-11 2:18am View
Always wrap your code in pre block for better readability.
m@dhu 30-Mar-11 3:31am View
Good link.
m@dhu 30-Mar-11 3:02am View
Op has updated the question.
m@dhu 30-Mar-11 1:34am View
CheckBox cb = (CheckBox)row.FindControl("chkBoxId");
chkBoxId is your check box id.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 3:38am View
Thanks Tarun.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 3:26am View
Always use pre tags for code for better readability.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 3:07am View
If you can update the question with what have you tried, if not me other members may help you out.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 2:51am View
Yes. I don't think it is possible for TextBox control.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 2:45am View
As the name is varchar you got to place in quote replace this statement. Its better to use inclause as said by venkatesh.
ir +="ProductName = '"+ r[i] + "' or ";
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 2:39am View
Yeah missed it completely.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 2:33am View
You should be bit more clear in your question :doh:
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 2:25am View
Nice and Simple.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 2:18am View
That still gives the last element of the array to filter.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:31am View
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:31am View
Fixed the links.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:09am View
Check the link
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:03am View
Always use Improve question to update the question.
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:02am View
Op updated hi question.
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 5:48am View
Just show click here instead of complete link.
Your link should show only click here without the complete link.
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 5:47am View
Just show click here instead of complete link.
Your link should be something like
Click here
which shows only click here without the complete link.
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 4:58am View
Check my answer.
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 4:13am View
If you could show the code it would be easy for us to help.
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 1:24am View
Are you using a html template? Probably a </br> is coming in between the two lines. Show your code.
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 1:22am View
m@dhu 28-Mar-11 0:50am View
If you could look at her profile and the comments you will know it why?
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 9:50am View
My 5 for your effort.
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 8:30am View
Use pre tags to wrap the code for better readability.
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 7:58am View
What do you mean by not working?
here my button is inside update panel
It has nothing to do with update panel. check my updated answer.
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 6:40am View
Removed the pre tags.
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 6:28am View
Good points.
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 2:55am View
I didn't get any of the answers there. Now stop spamming here.
m@dhu 25-Mar-11 2:30am View
Subject line shortened.
m@dhu 24-Mar-11 5:40am View
i have impliment your code
Did you check any of the articles in CP. If it is then ask your question under the same article.
m@dhu 24-Mar-11 5:10am View
Thanks Espen.
m@dhu 24-Mar-11 2:13am View
Not clear.
m@dhu 23-Mar-11 8:20am View
Not clear!
m@dhu 23-Mar-11 8:13am View
op updated his question. Have a look at it.
m@dhu 22-Mar-11 4:32am View
Use pre tags for the code for better readability.
m@dhu 22-Mar-11 2:24am View
Unless you show your code it is hard to say what is the problem.
m@dhu 22-Mar-11 2:22am View
m@dhu 16-Mar-11 2:14am View
Yes. The link I provided also explains the same.
m@dhu 16-Mar-11 1:45am View
Yes updated my answer with the link regarding that. :)
m@dhu 15-Mar-11 8:25am View
So whats your question.
m@dhu 15-Mar-11 8:22am View
Not clear.
m@dhu 15-Mar-11 2:57am View
No one will provide you the exact code. You need to work out yourself and get back if you are facing any problems.
Use below link to convert to vb.
m@dhu 15-Mar-11 2:15am View
In the page load event. Accordion1 is the ID of Accordian.
m@dhu 15-Mar-11 2:14am View
In the page load event. Accordion1 is the ID of Accordian.
m@dhu 13-Mar-11 1:00am View
use improve question to update your question.
m@dhu 12-Mar-11 4:36am View
comment from op:i really dont know what to use or who to turn to can any one help or lead to who can please
m@dhu 10-Mar-11 1:45am View
No one will be interested in seeing your entire code please be specific with the code you are having the problem.
m@dhu 10-Mar-11 1:39am View
I can see the changes only if I close the application & again restart it again.
Are you seeing the updated values in front end or in database?
m@dhu 10-Mar-11 1:37am View
What problem are you facing?
m@dhu 9-Mar-11 6:30am View
Glad helped you and you can mark it as answer if it solved your problem.
m@dhu 9-Mar-11 5:17am View
Use pre tags which makes code readable.
m@dhu 9-Mar-11 5:06am View
Are you getting any error. Did you check AlbinAbel's answer.
m@dhu 9-Mar-11 0:19am View
This should be a comment rather than an answer and copy and pasting others information is rude.
m@dhu 9-Mar-11 0:11am View
Comment from op: Yes Iam Creating the dynamic checkbox in load
m@dhu 8-Mar-11 8:03am View
Though the onclick attribute will not appear in source you can use as
<asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" onclick="javascript:alert('test');" />
m@dhu 8-Mar-11 7:31am View
From OP: Hi Alison, This code will be bring up a chat service pop when they select a value from the drop down list. this will automatically redirect them to the chat service. Thanks, Monde
m@dhu 8-Mar-11 7:30am View
Use reply at right corner to reply to the op.
m@dhu 8-Mar-11 7:24am View
Good one.
m@dhu 8-Mar-11 5:20am View
not clear.
m@dhu 8-Mar-11 2:16am View
Ah I gave the same link too fraction second later.Deleted.
m@dhu 7-Mar-11 5:38am View
No I don't think it is possible to insert text into datetime field.
m@dhu 7-Mar-11 0:32am View
DataLenth() Returns the number of bytes. If the image column will be empty then DataLength(your image column) will return 0.
m@dhu 6-Mar-11 7:33am View
what error are you getting?
m@dhu 6-Mar-11 7:32am View
You have deleted and came back with same question. Use improve question always to update it.
m@dhu 6-Mar-11 1:03am View
Don't reply to your own comment. Reply to Sandeep's comment.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 23:47pm View
Fixed the link.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 13:22pm View
update your question with code so we can help you.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 13:15pm View
Thanks Albin.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 7:38am View
I should be more specific Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.DBNull to System.DateTime The error raises when inserting null to datetime(not null). In that sense it shouldn't be null, some value to be inserted.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 4:41am View
In general when ReadMore is clicked complete data is displayed. If you want to show next data then change this in query string.
Label1.Text = strTemp.Substring(50)
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 4:31am View
Use a Label control instead. If you are using Response.write the initial data before postback will also be displayed.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 4:25am View
Are you using Response.Write to display?
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 2:11am View
Not clear.
m@dhu 5-Mar-11 0:13am View
Yes this is it. Good answer.
m@dhu 4-Mar-11 8:17am View
But from the op question he just want to pass day as the parameter instead of complete date.
m@dhu 4-Mar-11 5:34am View
What error are you getting.