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Comments by Indresh1210 (Top 5 by date)

Indresh1210 1-Mar-11 3:45am View
Hi I all ready had gone through the link which you send but it is still not solved

Anyway thanks for you response
Indresh1210 18-Jan-11 4:22am View
Thanks buddy I will check it and let you know what happen
Indresh1210 18-Jan-11 2:02am View
Hi Hiren I all ready read that answer I set the time in IIS but it is still not working is there any way to set session time in my application rather than IIS server
Indresh1210 19-Oct-10 8:51am View
Hi John Simmon

I wanted to check it on local machine Whether the Directory or the File is shared in network or not ?
Indresh1210 19-Oct-10 8:50am View


I checked the link but in query I want to pass the path of the given folder dont want to fetch all the shared folders. On passing the path of the folder it is giving me error. And I have to find out that in the given path all the directories are shared or not means all the directorie and sub directories.
in this path ia have to check whether 'efg' shared or not then 'def' then 'abc' and finaly E drive