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CdnSecurityEngineer 18-Mar-15 15:16pm View    
Either way it doesn't seem to matter.
CdnSecurityEngineer 7-Dec-14 13:34pm View    
It has something to do with the fact that, my hash map is declared as a member variable of my class, which I really can't say I understand. For example if I change it to be a hashmap of <int,int> then I get the same access violation, however, if the hash map is declared inside the function, ergo on the stack, then everything works out fine.

Therefore it seems to be an issue with the fact the hash_map is declared at the class level which I don't get.
CdnSecurityEngineer 13-Nov-14 1:08am View    
So why not simply remove the file and create a new empty file with the same name... it'd have the same effect.
CdnSecurityEngineer 27-Oct-14 11:19am View    
I am not really prepared to share that information on Code Project. However if you goto. - you will find a way to contact me under the contact me tab.
CdnSecurityEngineer 20-Oct-14 10:29am View    
Look at the MSDN documentation found here:

Have a look at: public string SessionID { get; }

So the Session ID itself you cannot change.

Now is your question how do I clear the SessionID cookie? OR what are you really trying to do ?