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charlieg 12-Oct-22 6:29am View    
In all my years of developing software, the most common reason for debug/release behavioral differences is initialization. The debugger will typically help you in this area. Read up on increasing your warning levels when compiling. Let the compiler help you.
charlieg 6-May-22 23:48pm View    
It's way too early in your process to even worry about what database to use. You need to get the transmission cranking :).

That said, if you get into a fight between MS dev tools and the database, your problem is the dev tools. -not the database. The amount of elephanting bullshit MS has caused with integration. is worthy of a public bit$h slapping.

charlieg 15-Aug-21 15:16pm View    
griff - question for you. I cut my teeth on assembly language programming. How would us old farts explain memory allocation? In other words - you can say "create an instance" all you want but if someone does understand what that means at the base level, how do we explain?
charlieg 18-Feb-19 6:11am View    
Interesting reading... I'm less ignorant now :). The instant acronym prompted my question rather tan google it. Back to my mushroom cave...
charlieg 9-Dec-14 17:57pm View    
Well, it takes the data from the FOR command and pipes it. Beating on this thing all day, it's clear it's a line continuation approach. Script is running now, this should be fun.