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RedDk 12-Jun-22 18:46pm View
Always the answer: "Whatever works" (no matter for how short a time ...) ;)
RedDk 10-Jun-22 11:48am View
THe last time this poster was active on this site was in 2016. This is a question from 2012. Adding the fact that it's an old post is only the fender of the steamroller: it has no code to substantiate any validity of meaning to cpians, and is so vague as to be basic documentary recrudescence.

Today it's 2022. And that is why I'm downvoting this Answer.
RedDk 4-Jun-22 13:55pm View
That's your right. And did you know that definitions and declarations and data structures came from the land of assembly language? Fun facts.
RedDk 3-Jun-22 18:09pm View
Just looking at the code (so far) ... what might help is running through your declarations to see if any of them even begin to resemble some type of 'position' ie "point". I'm guessing, being new at C# myself, seeing CS0103 is bit of a shock because it looks like I'm going to have make explicit my public (or private for that matter (says a nube)) decs.

Like I said, coming from C++/C where MS compiler upgrades often break old code without any tweaks to the user interface, like intellisense functionality updates as well, perhaps NOW you add an int.

Or something.

Better luck looking here:
CP is good for discussing why something's not working in your code when you can provide descriptive accounts of why what you have might not be what's right despite the "working" aspects of it.

Freggzample: ... all of thes posts address what one'd intimate was wrong with NOT declaring an int, a list, an array, etc ...

Just search there on a function name. This is what I tell my dentist I do when I'm having my teeth examined. And he says back to me "Ok, so being employed is a good thing"
RedDk 30-May-22 19:26pm View
Short answer, and what I see as the end of the discussion ... SQLite is not a Microsoft product.
RedDk 24-May-22 18:12pm View
What are we talking here? Environment.SpecialFolder Enum of System.Runtime.dll? If this is what we're talking here, in order to proceed we'll need some more information. Along the lines of ".NET 3.8" or ".NET what?".

For what it's worth, using the Visual Studio Installer for the version of this software with which you are currently fiddling and ticking Help Viewer then hitting Modify (to download and install) makes it easy to then run the app, tick all the boxes for all the content, once upgraded, then search using keywords and ultimately find the answers to the questions you ask.
RedDk 23-May-22 14:10pm View
use array
RedDk 17-May-22 20:06pm View
What interfaces to SQL and C++ are you using?
RedDk 8-May-22 17:47pm View
I suggest you use VS Object Browser to identify valid/referenced procedures and methods and functions then select a corresponding structure in your code (because it wouldn't make much sense to look for something that doesn't exist as such in the documentation) and give it the old F1 to bring up the HELP.

The documents are riddled with sample/example ... and there's no way to get it wrong copying the same style or at least starting with what is right AND WORKS.
RedDk 6-May-22 13:21pm View
Using the "Add a Solution" ... button ... is not the same thing as a "Have a Question or Comment" button. What you've done here is seed the wind. Because, unless all these posters have bookmarked this original post of yours, nobody but polyphemus will respond.
RedDk 17-Mar-22 13:56pm View
Perhpas it's because:
"It's 98 degrees ... in the shade". (reggae thump reggae thump)
RedDk 10-Mar-22 14:10pm View
For starters and since there's really a lack of detail about how you arrived at this barricade going down the road in VS, click on the "Help" button on the main menu and under the Index tab in the search box type "LNK2001". You should see a list of prefixes "LNK", followed by four digits, the length of which is greater than your arm and hand with extended finger combined.
RedDk 8-Mar-22 14:06pm View
Well, you could start by replacing variable names. Just to see whether the SAME error comes back. Checking for error, a kind of fail-safe (do until it breaks), might determine whether there's spoof. Or something.
RedDk 4-Mar-22 12:51pm View
Exactly. Frhed.
Get it there.
RedDk 28-Feb-22 13:30pm View
Is this that Calculus 101 problem that optimizes the volume of a container having dimensions width x height x length and given a flat piece of real estate (for the sake of IEEE engineers out there, in all fields, everywhere, including aliens from outer space who construct things out of unobtainium, which is not recognizable as feasible to earthlings) ... I leave the MATERIAL ______________ (blank)?

Then no. I have no idea how to run through the Riemann (pronounced as in Syngman Rhee) Sum, delta, epsilon approximation, limit producing solution.

But I could look up how to do that.
RedDk 1-Feb-22 13:04pm View
You refer to VBA, by tagging this post as such, as if VBA were VB ... perhaps the lesson to be learned is that VBA and VB are as distinguishable as an apple and an orange.
RedDk 14-Jan-22 13:47pm View
What the poster means by "It's not working" is "How much is it going to cost me to buy software that will do this for me?". And by <bold>nothing<bold> you mean "Why haven't you filled in your true location information bebeath your "Image Unavailable" greybob?". My 5+ (wait where did the +5 wacko-response-to-spam button go? It was here a minute ago.
RedDk 23-Dec-21 19:44pm View
In addition to what OG says there's also TWO regsvr32 apps (one in System32 and one in WOW64) and you've got to pick the one which ... succeeds at registering the driver.

I managed to get Access 2020 installed on Windows 10 by doing the very thing you're having trouble with ... the wrong driver is named in your old code. Mine WAS "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" and I had to change it to "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.16.0"
RedDk 6-Nov-21 17:05pm View
Formatting issues with this post have I. It's customary to capitalize leading characters in sentences. Let me start with that as a reason that noone is going to be able to judge whether the other appended code is grounded anywhere in reality as-is.
RedDk 6-Nov-21 16:51pm View
I've had good experience with the brand "Brother". And my most recent purchase of a higher-end Epson (for photographic printing) has been grand. This one's inkjet; but WOW! What a print quality!. My Brother monochrome laserprint has standard ease-of-use features (why doesn't BROTHER emblazon the model number/type on the front panel of thing to make recommending a particular to another potential purchaser easier?) but there's no scanner. And that's really the point. I'd say buy your printer based on the scanner spec you desire. I'm still holding onto a scanner that scans at 9600 dpi (reflective) because it's as adventuresome an input device as can be found. It's so old it no longer can print anything. But hey.
RedDk 29-Oct-21 14:58pm View
Yo Bro, this looks suspiciously like a programming question. Maybe it's better if you post it here:
RedDk 22-Oct-21 17:38pm View
In reference to my comment beneath here: ... in case anyone wants to mark their calendar.
RedDk 21-Oct-21 15:39pm View
I see no whitespace ...
RedDk 20-Oct-21 13:43pm View
Use VS. As I understand it, there's even a free version (possibly named "express"?). That header containing the atlbase.h requirement is telling the compiler to look for function bodies in the atlbase.lib. THAT library, which is "part" of Visual Studio is typically used in conjunction with MFC. And finally, it is highly unlikely that any MFC/ATL code you ran across and downloaded off the www will compile and link without some flavor of Visual Studio installed on your development box.

If you wait until the end of November 2021 to purchase Visual Studio you will also be required to install it on a 64-bit computer. It will be a dedicated 64-bit installation and then be able to address more than 4GB of memory.
RedDk 1-Oct-21 14:03pm View
Open Access and attempt an "Import" of this database you're having troubles opening. Simply tab to "External Data", pick "New Data Source" then choose "From Database" ... "Access" ... and browse to the trouble location. If you get an error then post extactly what the error's text says here.
RedDk 25-Sep-21 13:42pm View
What should you choose? The latest installment of whatever by whomever. Presumeably your implementation skills are based upon however. Easiest to go with whichever now. Which is whenever. Pretend you've enlisted in the Army ... and using standard issue equiptment is the option available to you.
RedDk 10-Sep-21 19:47pm View
Here at CP there are a few available articles that might be worth looking at:

DXF and DWG files are indeed proprietary formats but they are well documented and more than enough information about their structures is readily available on the internet.
RedDk 24-Aug-21 14:03pm View
Even better, make Object Explorer visible and go through the tree limbs of trunks of same ... sampling same. Repeat until something makes sense.
RedDk 24-Aug-21 13:22pm View
Highlight each method/function/whatever used thus far by you, under the assembly you're trying to tap (for functionality) and press F1 on your keyboard. See the list as long as your arm of things with which to experiment . There's nothing else that has to be said about this.
RedDk 23-Aug-21 19:07pm View
Run "Programs and Features" from "Control Panel" and scroll down, after everything loads (takes some time for the list to populate), to all-things Microsoft. If "Microsoft SQL Server" is the pre-fix to any of the numerous SQL likely-installeds, find any/all that you wish to uninstall and right-click to see what operations are available. Typeical ones are "Uninstall", "Change", "Repair", and I recall there are others as well. If you've got an option to "Repair" do that one first. Next try "Change" if it's there; just to see what you're up against ... if something is indeed installed.

I'm looking at your other recent post and I get the feeling that you've been looking at the list of GREEN checkmarks and RED exs that are displayed at the end of the NEW INSTANCE installation wizard. If your system is not meeting a particular requirement to upgrade/update a previous installation (versions are varied but this wizard refers to the version that actually got installed at some point) you'll be unable to proceed. As my memory serves me, clicking on any of the HELP links during that run to install should redirect you to MS docs about the particular section of the requirements that it's complaining about. Read carefuly. Everything.

And finally, if these two things fail just UNINSTALL all "Microsoft SQL Server" installations and start all over.
RedDk 25-Jun-21 12:49pm View
In THAT case, add Debug.Print statements to the code block. Find the immediate window (under main menu "View" (it's possibly "Call Hierarchy" in VS)) where print statements are made. There are many steps to take when debugging; look up "Debugging applications in C#". Everywhere. As did savoir faire.
RedDk 5-Jun-21 15:32pm View
Sorry about that; I mispoke.
Best to look here:
RedDk 5-Jun-21 15:10pm View
I might be wrong but there's really no "code" in the above ... "xsl". If you need to see code, look for it elsewhere.

Check ... I see it now; hang on.
RedDk 29-May-21 11:54am View
intz R us, like right? First off ... correct your grammar. For instance "i" at the beginning of a sentence, should be "I". Then we'll see about some help.
RedDk 27-May-21 11:47am View
The images are named according to their uniqueness. Or, better yet, images are named according to their uniqueness.
RedDk 25-May-21 17:37pm View
See the forms here:
The SQL is ok ... but, as stated below, without data there's insufficient motivation for me to tackle anything in the "Try" block. And there's that too. A Try block from what?
RedDk 22-May-21 22:48pm View

tbl1Data uniquevalue
R07.9,R42 R42
E07.9,Z83.3,Z82.49 E07.9
S00.81XA,S59.802A,S13.9XXA S00.81XA

Haven't a clue as to what you want here.
RedDk 21-May-21 16:25pm View
Well, I'd start by normalizing your data. That is ask yourself what does it represent. Then formally make it pretty. For example you've started off with two cells of content. I'd have started off by making all the content "normal" (same spacing for each "item") because I know how useful a "token" is when dealing with "parsing" of that data. I see here Name: ... and that goes along with Insurance: and Location: and Type: ... follow?

So, start out with a one CELL:

"Name: Young_Yamen, BD: 09/21/1960, Sex: M, Insurance: CHIP(U4024563201), Location: Far Rockaway, Type: Radiology - Results Follow-up"
RedDk 16-May-21 14:10pm View
Dear Doctor Dakelbab,

Obviously, you're going to h a v e to find some C# coding examples (of ALL KINDS) and follow the example of coding in each in order to do any developing ... using WPF ... using whatever.
RedDk 27-Apr-21 12:19pm View
Weel, then to optimize I'd start by running a query and posting some output showing ME the output for this [Column Details].
RedDk 26-Apr-21 17:23pm View
Just to confirm, try commenting out "and isc.COLUMN_NAME like '%email%'" (line 15) to see that you can return something. Hopefully you'll see a big table full of information about the instance you're running it on.

If there's no such COLUMN_NAME where the word "email" is surreptitiously contained, leaving that line in will return no records.
RedDk 24-Apr-21 17:57pm View
Sure. You can hit the "Improve Question" widget and the Question as it is currently typed will appear in editable form in the edit box (again). By enclosing in [Edit] brackets [/Edit] such things as a connection string, for instance, you can make what looks like added value to your original. Exiting the edit will refresh the Question.
RedDk 23-Apr-21 12:29pm View
What is the connection string you are using right now? If you think this information is sensitive use standard substitutions for the bits most likely so. Without seeing the thing which is causing that error, there's no way for anyone here at cp to judge what's wrong.
RedDk 21-Apr-21 14:15pm View
RedDk 21-Apr-21 12:55pm View
Just to be clear then, SELECT CONCAT([CompOrNXP],' ', [FeatureName]) As [bugBigger], [DisplayOrder] is still MySQL (something that this altered question used to be before the poster created the above snafu by reigniting the controversy over editing Qs in QA) ... ?
RedDk 16-Apr-21 14:50pm View
Invalid object name exception says that those "name" objects don't exist. Check all your code for the keyword "CREATE TABLE". I do this by searching my code base for that phrase. In SSMSE, double-clicking on a line in the find return will actually open that script. Then you can narrow your search using those "name" objects or, as would be the case were the actual location was now open, you can visually see each table name.

Not there? Well then, you're out of luck.
RedDk 12-Apr-21 13:16pm View
Same question posted seven times since December 15, 2020 ... (just saying) :)
RedDk 12-Apr-21 13:06pm View
Not enough information. Sorry. Also, try using PRINT statements for your variables (variables are those things that are prefixed with a "@" character). Any values at various stages, when run, will be printed in the "MESSAGES" window at the base of the Managment Studio.

For more technical debugging, see the BOL. Or look up functions and methods of TSQL adding some context, like "loop" and "MSSQL", in a search engine online.
RedDk 12-Apr-21 13:06pm View
RedDk 11-Apr-21 15:34pm View
Works fine for me as is.
You mention: "this work fine but I need ... like this that give me result of all product of the tables".
Like what? The typing in the second textbox is IDENTICAL to the typing in the first textbox...
RedDk 9-Apr-21 12:15pm View
... I'll take that ;) ... the gist of posting ... an apparent boost in my own programming abilities, of course.
RedDk 8-Apr-21 18:11pm View
This is what is called a code dump. There are so many unknown identifiers in this 433+ lines of TSQL that this couldn't possibly be all of it. For anyone to help you with this error it would make sense to say how much more code there is. But, "Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function" tells me that an allocation is too small in size. There are two (2x) LEFT statements and there are fifty-seven (57x) SUBSTRING statements ... start there.

Example of what I mean by the incompleteness => [dbo].[Student] is created but never referenced. Anywhere here.
RedDk 8-Apr-21 12:12pm View
Sage advice from RMC. To debug open Access, tab to "Database Tools", choose "Visual Basic" to open code editor, then pick a module and highlight a variable. On the main menu, under debug, click "Add Watch" and see the "Watches" window with the chosen "Expression" now in the list it's value (most likely) [left arrow] Out of context [right-arrow].

The debugger is run by two keys on your keyboard, F8 to "Step into" the highlighted code's block, F5 to "Run" to the end of the procedure (assuming you've set no "Breakpoints"). Using F5 with breakpoints set will cause the debug run to "go" until it comes to a breakpoint at which time hitting F5 again will allow the debug run to continue to the next statement. By observing the "Value" of the highlighted Watch variable in the Watches window you should be able to see how everything proceeds.

Once familiar with this process you will begin to use Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift patterns with F8 to navigate around. It's as simple as that.
RedDk 7-Apr-21 14:09pm View
I see a lot of typos here. Which makes answering deadly.
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[MySplittedTbl2](
[bill_no] NVARCHAR(42),
[order_no] NVARCHAR(43),
[billing_qty] NVARCHAR(44)

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[MyTbl2](
[bill_no] NVARCHAR(42),
[order_no] NVARCHAR(43),
[billing_qty] NVARCHAR(44)

Why does this "MyCodes" query appear so queer?

SELECT * FROM [PARAMU1973].[dbo].[MyTbl2]

Seems like it should work if you ask me.
RedDk 4-Apr-21 14:21pm View
I'm no expert using OneNote, it was only recently that I even got the desktop app to respond with anything other than a double error message by hitting the RESET button under Windows 10 "app" control, but I'd say selecting that "print" using VBA in Excel, particularly through a loop WITH OneNote as your target, is going to be extremely unlikely to be easy ("Print to OneNote"). It's clear enough in Excel that you can do this manually but finding the Add-In name or the Office tlb or other library, accessible or not through Object Browser of VB Editor in Excel is an experience which is not for the faint-hearted. Does xlDialogPrint list OneNote? If it does be prepared to GET a dialog poping up FOR EACH AND EVERY item you wish to send to the individual locations. My experience is that that pop-up can't be made invisible or silent or in any other way suppresed even in a loop from VBA.


res = application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).show
if res = False then
' dialog cancelled
exit sub
End if

Looks plausible?

RedDk 30-Mar-21 17:58pm View
Whatever way works, presumeably ...
RedDk 30-Mar-21 13:13pm View
... arghh ... there goes the farm!
RedDk 28-Mar-21 13:35pm View
SQL ... mySQL ... two different things. As in Old MacDonald's farm, many animals and no clear way to know one from another; until they make a noise.
RedDk 9-Mar-21 15:44pm View
Quote: "reinstall my server"
That's drastic ... but then again, what do you mean by "server"? I don't want to suggest anything to the suggestable.

I use SSMSE. That's an abbreviation for SQL Server Management Studio Express and it allows me to do just about anything a user who wants to become familiar with programming/developing in TSQL would want to do. If you're interested in learning TSQL I'd also suggest downloading the Book-On-Line (BOL) for the version of SSMSE you've installed. All available in MS site ... somewhere.
RedDk 9-Mar-21 13:20pm View
Try (under Additional Connection Parameters tab of "Connect to Server" dialog) typing:


The word in forums other than CP is that doing this is not a good idea. So see if it works then perhaps rollback your success to see if you can get login to fail again (back to current state). And think about it.
RedDk 7-Mar-21 15:31pm View
I've been trying to work through this problem and have come to the disconnect which is the table definition "#finaltable". I could continue to work through it using my substitute for the origin table (the data which you provide is contained now in it) but without any structure ... I'm going to call it quits.

So, some CREATE TABLE code would be useful ...
RedDk 7-Mar-21 14:27pm View
You say two of the three queries are successful ... if you show some/(all) of the return for those two, that would be helpful. HSQL, as I've seen it used, requires some java installation and since there is no connection string in either of the two "good" queries I'm wondering how you managed to get anything at all without a reference.
RedDk 2-Mar-21 17:11pm View
Well that can be expected. Eventually you'll get to a point where everything compiles and you've got an executable or a library. Then you can learn how to use the debugger when you find out that running it doesn't produce the results you expected :)

Also I'd recommend using other resoiurces as well. Like SO => ... specifically the error above.

... and don't repost you code.
RedDk 2-Mar-21 16:31pm View
It's possible that "getline" (as is "std::getline") is not being recognized as getline is not defined in the namespace std. But if you go hunting through the include <string> (most likely> or <iostream> (less likely) ... you'll find that the proper way to access it is string::getline (likely) ... possibly std::string::getline. Notice that you've no reference to <string>. Now is it all coming back to you?
RedDk 27-Jan-21 12:14pm View
Do some sample/example downloadable projects (from MSDN or other) for WPF-XAML-C# and after making a working application, apply the same paradigms that worked there to the problem that arises through you're own coding.
RedDk 27-Jan-21 12:05pm View
Consult the help document for your root installation. That's the "Book On Line" which has to be obtained from MS. Lookup "XML". Read about all things TSQL in that "BOL".

You know, once you code something to do something and it works as you want it to work, you can save that code, make copies of it, store the copies ... then after you build up a store of code that works ... even search through it usg keywords that are found in that BOL, you're all set. You don't have to code again. So you're efforts become you're own answers.

Once you write some code and it works, you never have to do anything with it. Not even "know" what it was you did in the first place: just look the keyword up in your storage and determine whether something you wrote is suitable to use in your new procedure/method/function/etc.

Fantastic or what?
RedDk 26-Jan-21 14:16pm View
Before the flood there was ...
Those ... (multiple choice/pick one) ...
Yes, five years ago. But as an old friend of mine used to say "what's true today is true tomorrow".
RedDk 20-Dec-20 14:35pm View
Generate a number (randomly) then use that number as a row index under a SELECT condition.
RedDk 16-Dec-20 13:18pm View
Doesn't work this way.
RedDk 6-Dec-20 18:28pm View
Essentially, you'll be transfering your database to a dedicated server through a hosting service that either owns that server or is renting space on it, presumably also taking care of security matters. This might be done through renting out MSSQL SERVER space at various incremental rent prices.

The webpage that YOU maintain, under these paid services is going to provide the necessary leveraging applications so that a user at your site can login/logout, surf, buy, comment, do whatever it is you deem necessary. Look up webhosting. Under the types any returns you'll first off see the packages offered at what costs. The specifications for each type will contain things like, ASP.NET capable, MSSQL Server capable, Number of EMail accounts, etc, etc.
RedDk 21-Nov-20 12:47pm View
I just read OG's answer and what he says sounds like it's about right but I'd paraphrase a little by adding that in my experience MOST SQL Server "disconnects" (I use the term both amusingly and in a psychological sense) are related to file/folder sharing and system security settings, usually for the local drives, but not limited to that part of the machine, and antivirus programs that ALLOW remote access or disallow as the case might be.

Here's what I do to sleuth disconnects due to these things. First and foremost, don't try to do anything monumental like backup an instance that's as huge as an entire drive. Why? Because it takes TIME! Start by looking at subsets of SQL Server data. Create a tiny database! Run the same thing that you did when you came to the current impasse on THAT.

One main idea behind developing a program through coding is putting YOUR CODE through it's paces (as if a novice could walk to begin with, right?). The idea that you're going to jump into doing anything using someone elses code is ludicrous.

Start small and MAKE IT FAIL. Get it?

RedDk 17-Nov-20 12:57pm View
Short answer:
For SSMS(E) to recognize anything, and I'm assuming you're refering to databases in the Browser panel, the INSTANCE has to be running and that can be accomplished by going into Services and Applications under Computer Management/Services ... and checking whether the STATUS of INSTANCE(NAME) is "Running".

But I suspect you've no idea what you're doing with the backend of an app you've created using C# in VS or you've downloaded a C# example of database programming from which you intend to learn how to connect to a database through C# but only have a downloaded .MDF file.
RedDk 13-Nov-20 0:32am View
You've got loads of FOREIGN KEYS (to which the error "1072" refers) ... Check whether there's a column by the name of each of the foreign keys because THAT'S what is causing the flap.

see here:
for how to add the right code to your .sql script.
Or better yet consult the BOL for your version of SQLServer.
RedDk 28-Oct-20 13:04pm View
Use the "Improve question" widget in the post-space prefixed with a tag like "[edit]" put any modifications to the original post under it then "[/edit]" if you want to address something someone who replies to your question has made obvious to you, or better yet use "Reply" where they say it to begin the dialog to clear up the issue.
RedDk 8-Oct-20 13:22pm View

What RmC says. What do you think you're going to do? Everytime you want to read one .pdf, you scroll to some point in the entire downloaded .pdf database and read there?
RedDk 7-Oct-20 13:37pm View
Formatting issues with your paste of (oracle?) code into the control above are interfering with my understanding of the problem you encounter ("[Error] execution (39: 6): ORA-06550: Line 39, column 6: PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'CREATE_OFFER_T'")
RedDk 4-Oct-20 12:55pm View
There's a "Discussions" section called "XML/XSL" which is found on CP here: When you ask questions in QA it's a good idea to see what questions get answers (although it's getting increasingly hard to find anything that resembles a good question given the QA FAQ ( doesn't make a bit of difference when devs are not adhering to it as much as q-posters.) and provide problems that look like other problems.

For example you've got no error so you've got no error code. Long story short: try DIscussions in XML. It's easier to continue the debate over something you see as fundamental or something perhaps flawed. There you can ask why.
RedDk 27-Sep-20 14:01pm View
RedDk 16-Aug-20 14:24pm View
Open the pdf in Acrobat Pro and save the "table" content as XML. That format can be imported directly into an Excel spreadsheet using the Excel app itself (multiple versions have allowed this since Excel first came out and I can't imagine the latest incarnation wouldn't allow it as well). There's a bit of a disconnect when it comes to pure (sp) XML and MS flavor of XML so be forewarned that retabulating the tables can be hit or miss. Also try Stackoverflow on the words Excel and XML ... and PDF too, right?
RedDk 6-Jul-20 0:24am View
DOS.H ... on no known computer after year 2000 will any 16-bit program run. "Run" in the general sense of the word.
RedDk 1-Jul-20 14:08pm View
And here's another idea. A trick you can add to debugging strategy bag. Using the Find-In-Files do a search for the troubled term. In this case, you'd be running through the project looking for "gameObject". Obviously, or perhaps not so obviously, the CASE option would have to be ticked.

End up using whatever the author of the project used.
RedDk 30-Jun-20 23:09pm View
I always try ALL OF THEM (varbinary, nvarchar, varchar, blob, etc) then when I find NOTHING works, rethink th eoriginal problem. As stated beneath here in Solution 1, you're trying to tilt the untiltable if what you think is yeah-wide (bytes) turns out to be yeah-wide-x-2/etc. Like trying to guess what the x and y of a specific image file in it's RAW state by testing every dimensional possibility.
RedDk 30-Jun-20 18:14pm View
This is a generic compiler error (CS0246) in C# and an app such as Visual Studio will report the very error you posted. In VS there is a way to reference the .NET assembly. Perhaps the project file that you opened in order to begin your development was referencing a previous assembly. So check in the reference browser to see that Netframework 4.0 or better is assembly to which the reference points. Typically, (it's been a while ...) a reference set to the assembly that doesn't contain a required method/function/etc will have a yellow YIELD sign next to it in the treeview.
RedDk 24-Jun-20 8:16am View
Quote: "throws an error".

It might be helpful to tell cpians what kind of error this is (crashes the machine, blue-screens the machine, shows up in computer Management under Event Viewer, etc) or, if a textbox with an actual error message appears on screen, the exact text of this "error". I see TCP host is mentioned but to be honest I've never seen TCP host errors in the flesh only through ditched processes stepping out of rolled-over "SQL Server Configuration" regurgitations where zombies like "Named Pipes" and "Shared Memoory" come at you as if they would eat your enabling brains.

Also antivirus programs (typically third-party but of late native) make it a habit of flexing port address coding muscle by making it possible to prescribe to hard-wired digits. Like 'yer 1433.
RedDk 7-Jun-20 17:33pm View
I'm just guessing here because what usually happens when saving HTML to the desktop or another folder (perhaps the website was "published" through VS, I don't know) the path is not absolute. Try including the complete path name along with the file. Experimenting in VS, particularly when jumping between DESIGN and SOURCE is the only way to go. Plus you've got an advantage when doing the manual arrangement of content through DESIGN. Just read the SOURCE that got "wizarded".
RedDk 2-Jun-20 14:13pm View
RedDk 16-May-20 20:32pm View
Your best bet is to contact Comscire ( I understand you're looking to specifically migrate to another computer the legacy device which ran under a different configuration, on a different OS. I've fought that battle and lost so I can understand the frustration (outlay of proposterous amounts of money to ungrade only to find "knowing something about 64-bit memory space" wasn't near enough knowledge to "get it to run". Great expectations.
RedDk 28-Mar-20 16:29pm View
(never mind ... this editor @ cp is massively messed u)p
RedDk 6-Dec-19 17:49pm View
A little data and a little table structure will go far in reducing the amount of conjecture required to help here.
RedDk 6-Dec-19 17:43pm View
If your firewall is being managed by third-party software, such as an antivirus program, you can usually go to that apps preferences and find a system settings where it's possible to overule DHCP or other LAN prototcol and input a hard address. Do this on both computers on the network so each sees the other. Then there shouldn't be any security warnings or footplants on any necks as you go forward.

And I think I've managed to hardwire the LAN computer across the room using Windows Defender in the same way. It's in the System Settings under security ... somewhere.
RedDk 15-Oct-19 13:33pm View

Here's whats shaking. This is the third repost of the problem. But I'm giving you credit for doing something. Even though creating code for CREATE TABLE isn't in the realm of JSON. So much as it's in the realm C#.

Anyway, to keep a thread alive here @ QA, REPLY to a comment. Or use the SEARCH by typing in a few of the words that each comment contains ... perhaps the ones you deem most salient
RedDk 10-Oct-19 13:53pm View
Sure. There must be something you'll be able to do using a current version of VS and a few downloads from elswhere. Check these out:
RedDk 9-Oct-19 15:49pm View
Having read the CHT entry found in wikipedia, it appears that the "guessing" and the "voting", because the object under scrutiny has no known 2D component (ie: circularity) could be/always will be in 3D ... an estimate has to be made. So iteratively and by blurring the coordinate axis' along with the prospective circle perhaps the two distances can be closed down ... until a better certainty is established. In a nutshell: blurring/grayscaling takes a lot of noise out of the bigger picture. A typical circle becomes less ovoid, right?

See "Gaussian Blur" for details.
RedDk 25-Sep-19 13:58pm View
Null or NA or blank in the return from a SELECT is tricky without a post-process of some kind. Which is usually done in a higher code layer than the TSQL. I'd say redesign your table so that SELECT contains a JOIN ... which is masking the fact that instead of one table from which the structure is being queried, there are two tables or more.

This is basic TSQL. Might have a look at AdventureWorks samples too.
RedDk 24-Sep-19 11:56am View
RedDk 17-Sep-19 14:39pm View

I'm curious ... you say cycle and I'm wondering what would happen, given the ability to mix up the power scheme having another source tentacled as such to the same motherboard, and as I say in my latest comment above, on a card that has edge power "somehow", what that bonafide card power would say about a real cycle disparity. Would there be a synchronization? Would no synch even be a problem (like a modem out of synch with a computer that's not on the same wall outlet)?

This sounds like a good idea.
RedDk 17-Sep-19 14:28pm View
Well that actual solution to "kill" the device might be, then, to install a hardware switch ... THIS is the solution to many mods that come to MY mind when thinking of adding holes to the steel case to do something to the innards ... but the device would have to have a connection to the motherboard's power that was accessible through the power unit alone. Obviously if it's on a PCIe/PCI/AGP/other card then there might be derivative power leached off an edge connection (which you don't know about). Disabling BIOS objects (sp) doesn't necessarily power-off them.
RedDk 16-Sep-19 18:22pm View
This is just a shot in the dark but isn't USBDeview capable of turning off the power of any "powered" device it enumerates during a scan? S'great little app when sleuthing USB connectivity and determining hardware configurations ... google it. It's like savoir faire, man.
RedDk 2-Jul-19 16:11pm View
... arghhh! ... man, there's nothing more aggrevating than a poster editing his post without alerting the community participants to his edit. Now my code doesn't pass intellisense ...

And lomac's headsup had nothing to do with the problem ... and I quit
RedDk 30-Apr-19 14:09pm View
Excel Error 1004 is the outermost generic error ... it comes back as a message alert to just about anything and everything Excel FAIL. So you'll have to debug to get at particulars.
RedDk 30-Apr-19 13:52pm View
Basically, this is quite easy. But then there's the fact that Access comes in many versions ... which makes getting anything librarilly 64-bit to communicate with something else 32-bit driven a great big no-go.

Anyway, getting SQL Server database that is running under 64-bit can be done through Excel AND Access (32-bit) as long as you target the MSSMLBZ instance. Use the simple SQL tools available on the ribbon and make sure the 32-bit MSSMLBZ (or equivalent I'd imagine) is running and connected (you'll be able to see that in the Excel or Access database explorer).
RedDk 15-Apr-19 14:17pm View
How many worksheets does this CSV contain? Can you save this .csv? And when you get a prompt when you save this .csv telling you that some functionality might be incompatible if you try, do you save it as .xlsm instead?
RedDk 5-Apr-19 15:23pm View
I see "rs.Open" and think tag is missing from the collection, VBA, or Excel, or Access perhaps. But anyway ... on the SQL Server end of this SELECT DISTINCT etc query, perhaps using SQL Server Management Studio Express would expedite any understanding of TABLE and DATE.

"Can't get it right". What? No data in a table. No method to get the data from a table. This is not a good post as is.

Use the "Improve question" widget to add to what's already stated.
RedDk 4-Apr-19 14:33pm View
Why do you con.Close() then con.Open() after you check if con.State is (==) Wouldn't it be safe if ConnectionState.Closed was the condition then just con.Open() the result of the "try"?
RedDk 3-Apr-19 14:30pm View
... and that code looks like? Noone is going to offer up a solution to this problem without a poster showing some code. If you got an error message use a debugger to find where it occured. I type the exact error message along with quotation marks into a search engine and always get back returns. This "error message" you have here is a trap built into the code. If you're not getting errors, what are you getting?
RedDk 2-Apr-19 16:20pm View
More reply:

I see in the data posted no output data matching any of the [DocId] so I have to assume [LoadDocumentId] is not the same thing?
RedDk 1-Apr-19 14:53pm View

I reconstructed a scenario using the data by CREATE TABLE and since I'm using SQLServer 2008, I had to investigate the problem of the SELECT within the SELECT using a UTF which I got from here:

BUT, since STRING_SPLIT was invented and included in SQL Server 2016 any talk about it's magical properties is lost on me. I suggest running through this stackoverflow thread and gleening what you can about slicing up that 2, 4, and 6 substring [EmailThreadChildHashcode] using one of the response post solutions ... as I have begun to do ... but I just haven't got the time right now to get that actual SUB SELECT running (hint) ...
RedDk 29-Mar-19 15:06pm View
After a very quick look at what you've done I can say that the "output" (four columns) is never going to be anything more than a two column container ... so this last
 inscription is fantasy. 

See your "INSERT INTO @spli" statement where you've specifically quantized the number of return columns as two, [DocId] and [Dataa] ...

And look up CROSS APPLY STRING_SPLIT in the BOL ... something about that quotidian placeholder using the apostrpphe doesn't look right. Perhaps its the CP editor. I don't know.
RedDk 29-Mar-19 15:00pm View
You BEGIN a TRANSACTION which you never END ... this is very basic and easy to spot. Use the help BOL which is accessible under the {?} of the version of SSMSE you are using.
RedDk 22-Mar-19 14:51pm View
Ok, not sure if this idea will help or hinder, but since you might now have a table ... change it into a "linked" table. Right click EXPORT of that linked table will allow you to contextually package an xsd/xml/other (even html I guess). If you do that, you'll be able to see your data in .html. Can you do this?
RedDk 22-Mar-19 14:19pm View
Actually what all these guys down here are saying is true and there's good suggestions as to how to start but looking at this code ... it almost looks as simple as QBASIC (since it's numbered). You might try just pasting it into an empty C# project module then fill in the function declarations. Been there done that.

I know, not C++ ...
RedDk 22-Mar-19 14:12pm View
You talk about xml but don't show what that xml looks like. This "XML" is typed XML in the database? What SQL tools are at your disposal? Access is cool because queries can be run and, as you suggest new tables from those results can be saved from the queries ... but as far as XML goes there's the main connection to that format through IMPORT and EXPORT facilities built into it. There's a whole HELP topic in the Access {?} "Exporting" queue which covers SQL and table linking. But if you really want the lowdown on XML and Microsoft Office products you'll have to have Excel (spreadsheet/workbook) installed. Check HELP there as well. In Excel the topic samples are most specific and there's the added perk that all four topics, XML, SQL, Access, and Excel get lumped into a nice IMPORT/EXPORT/TABLE tutorial which blasts MSXML (that insideous monster) in favor of obtaining real W3C XML.
RedDk 21-Mar-19 14:49pm View
I'm looking with interest at the stack of posts you've piled up here at CP in the last few lapses of time and can see that you are truly hooked on this idea of programming. This happened to me long ago. Nineteen-ninty-five to be exact.

What I did was go to => ... you can clear the wheat from the chaff in the treeview panel to the left by simple tick. Using more discreet terms results in a final narrower return.

Often the samples are ExACTLY what a dev/progr is after. If not exactly, at least in the language he/she wishes to address. Methods and all.
RedDk 19-Mar-19 14:46pm View
Here's my two cents worth of TSQL advice. First of all TSQL is just another language used by developers to address hardware through software and SQLServer is one flavor of SQL in the "ching t'ien" of flavors. Noone knows what you have in mind for your software, the task, the underlying math you're using, what the meaning of "translation" is to you so anything they say about what you've qualified as an underlying problem FORMAT, specifically what's stored as NVARCHAR (perhaps knowing there's DATETIME ...) and how CONVERT isn't working for you ... really doesn't matter.

Your DB can store date as anything you like. Plain and simple. As far as all these pundits sounding off beneath here with do do ... use the BOL and start by running sample code found by typing in search parameters related to the thing the message text makes most outstanding. That's typically some verb.
RedDk 15-Mar-19 16:33pm View
What tools are at your disposal? I see no "Microsoft" in any of the above "xml" so credit to you for posting actual XML and not some flavor of xml produced by a third party software. I'm thinking that I could help you if you had Excel and Access installed.

To get to the stage where it would make sense to start thinking about using SQL to move things along.
RedDk 15-Mar-19 14:36pm View
"Which combination of .. etc"? Obviously, any one which works. "Best" ... not a word that has any meaning in programming sense especially when not being used as a keyword in the code.
RedDk 15-Mar-19 14:05pm View
Use the search engine here at CP and type in terms you've got an inkling of an idea are "related" to the code you wish to use, compile that code (or use the returned ARTICLE sample which you can compile with whatever tool you're using as-is ... to develop an idea of what it is cpians come to this site to do (imhe)) ... this title "How ... {etc}" is valid. It's done.
RedDk 8-Feb-19 17:54pm View
Cutting to the chase, see here:
AND here:
RedDk 8-Feb-19 17:40pm View

Perhaps I'd be paraphrasing OG in Solution 1 by stating that without knowing which version of SQL Server you're targetting, saying something like "There is a better as well as built-in geospatial data storage facility in SQL Server 2008 which exposes decimal longitude/latitude operations without troubling manual haversine computation. Which you're heading for using the above input NVARCHAR/VARCHAR string representations"

You're not really on the fence though. So, don't NOT do what OG says in his SELECT paste just because he says not to do it.
RedDk 4-Jan-19 18:13pm View
Be advised that the link provided is the CP link to it's article. A severe amount of wading through the COMMENT section is required to demuck the compile version disparity boots ... so cutting to the chase (perhaps) see here: for the download.
RedDk 20-Nov-18 15:45pm View
Perhaps "CInt" has not been declared (Dim) as type integer?

Dim CInt As Integer (add it to contador(i) As Integer) to make a list.

You know, when you edit a post to conform to something a qa answerer says, you make it difficult for anyone with postential HELP to follow you; unless you use something like what I'm using here in this comment -> an "[EDIT]" message addition mark. You could also use the REPLY widget to respond directly to .. whoever. Just a heads-up for future readability.
RedDk 8-Nov-18 12:51pm View
Try ... for sample code ... as the above appears to be specific or altered generality.
RedDk 2-Nov-18 13:51pm View
That link to the nubb of a code block where there's useage samples which runs it is purely C primordia. This (idea) above looks to be a dedicated Windows overlay leveraging such OGL functionality. Maybe this CP article will get you started making that transition ... from the merest to the robust.
RedDk 26-Oct-18 13:10pm View
It's not as bad as it looks (Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040E14.
An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0" Hresult: 0x80040E14 is the top level catch of the "Cannot execute the query" rider which follows).

So, you have to see if all these objects exist on the target database. Try using "SELECT * FROM sys.database" or any number of similar sys.[extensions] SDF or better yet lookup keywords in the BOL.

Since you've managed to do the ODBC thing outside of all this TSQL, where you're getting the FAIL, I'd assume that getting to the data store is possible through some other means so try there too. Something like MS Access will allow you to do tests on running instances of SQL Server usg a variety of drivers, ODBC included.
RedDk 25-Oct-18 12:20pm View
Hey, CP QA search is working correctly now!
RedDk 19-Oct-18 14:50pm View
Ok. I just told you how to copy a stored procedure from one database to another. Your question is answered. Sorry, can't help you with this new stuff.
RedDk 19-Oct-18 13:45pm View
Ok. So what I think you're saying is that the user doesn't have permission to ALTER a stored procedure? My question then is => "why does the user need to ALTER a stored procedure?" If you're saying that a user can't run a stoproc I'd say there's no point in copying all the stoprocs to the target database.

Maybe I read that wrong. Try ... SELECT * FROM sys.procedures ... and see if the procedure name you require shows up in the list of results. As it stands that INTO clause seems suspect.
RedDk 19-Oct-18 13:05pm View
I think the best idea, or what I usually do when I copy a stoproc from one database to another database, is right-click the target procedure and choose "modify". The procedure will then open in the editor and I can change the word "ALTER" to "CREATE" ... then save it as .sql script. Run it on the target database (the one without it).

Typically there are few other things which might have to be added to the target database as well, possibly a SCHEMA, and any reference which was on the origin database.
RedDk 15-Sep-18 16:07pm View
Here's how I'd go about doing exactly what it is you wish to do -> convert a VBA "program" into an executable running with methods exposed and accessible through VBNET but it's going to take some work on your part. Open the Excel app and on the Developer tab select the Visual Basic editor (Alt+F11) and launch the interface. Find your VBA code block (as above, we'll assume the editor is where you found that block) and with the code under focus and once visible in the workspace, select Object Browser (F2) to make sure that window is open also. You'll see in the Object Browser a bunch of things not the least of which is the libraries under use in the project, the classes, member classes, etcetera ... and you can choose any of the project libraries in the drop down and see the methods and classes change beneath. This is the key place to begin finding the functionality that crosses over to VBNET.

Putting your cursor on any keyword in your code block and hitting F1, say GetFileList, will either result in an Excel Help item or "Keyword not found" but in whichever case, links at the top of help page, say to "Excel XXXX developer Reference" might provide more insight. I'd suggest finding a code block entry which does have a keyword entry ... and start there. You have to set some breakpoints and step through you VBA to see what works. And ususally something like an error message will mean that a library is missing so you'll have use the Object Browser to find a similar keyword and figure out what that library might be then include by adding it to References (right context click - popup to see the list of potential online libs available).

In short, after you've figured out that your Excel code works as expected by stepping through it you'll have the first bit if insight into the functionality which will (inevitably) be available in VS vbnet. 'Almost guarantee the code's in VS VBNET, in some framework incarnation or system core library ... and THEN SOME.

There's no other way, my friend.
RedDk 7-Sep-18 18:56pm View
Why Kibana exactly, since you bring it up?
RedDk 6-Sep-18 20:56pm View
How about using VisualStudio in Design Mode and just dragging and dropping whatever you're trying to triage where you think it needs to be intially in place?

The code gets generated. Seriously easy.
RedDk 6-Sep-18 16:03pm View
Surely this code block is incomplete.
RedDk 5-Sep-18 21:22pm View
Both of those returns are correct. The best reference to use in any case is the Book-on-line help that ships with SSMSE. You don't even have to look anything up. Put your cursor on the KEYWORD "SUBSTRING" hit F1 and you've got half a dozen examples showing what is proper. Down under the F1 object then there's a host of related terms and methods and functions. This is the best course of action. Frankly, this question is silly.
RedDk 30-Aug-18 14:47pm View
Show your batch file code ... so far.
RedDk 30-Aug-18 14:13pm View
Use the BOL. It is a very pleasing tome.
RedDk 29-Aug-18 18:08pm View
See here:
RedDk 28-Aug-18 12:45pm View
If it's any consolation I've been working with TSQL, SSMSE, and BCP for years and I've never been able to decrypt the BOL sample code which higlights .fmt use as a format file. I conclude that it's not possible to do the this and the other things whirling around in the realm of WITH.
RedDk 23-Aug-18 15:34pm View
There's an infinte loop in here somewhere ... just so you know. I'd have stepped through the code to find out where exactly, but I'm late for a very important date.
RedDk 21-Aug-18 18:10pm View
I like how you think my friend. A quick 60 byte 1 x 1 pixel .bmp with 16581375 variations of RGB triad (comb/permute ... scheesch I remember doing this with QBASIC in a "codon" display at console twenty years ago ... just for the halibut) .. a very admirable task in C. S'gonna take more than a few 4GB drives to store (as OG said down there in the locker) ... but still admirable.
RedDk 21-Aug-18 13:40pm View
Does clicking on "htaccess" tag (next to "See more:" just above this post) and viewing some of the relevant QA posts here in CP help any?
RedDk 15-Aug-18 10:42am View
.Shower us with some code
RedDk 13-Aug-18 17:13pm View
No way that way. But think about it. How time consuming would it be to CREATE DATABASE twoMybase from the .mdf, use the system enumerator (sysinfo/similar) to get all the information you're after, dump it into another table then DELETE the DATABASE?
RedDk 9-Aug-18 19:27pm View
">SSMSE-Setup-ENU.exe /?" should bring up a list of deterministic parameters available ... but to my mind there is no password switch which will make what you want to do easier.

But then there's this:
Which leads one to believe that you might be able to do a post-install retrofit of such a thing.

And, then there's this, which looks even more promising:
Good luck!
RedDk 9-Aug-18 14:08pm View
quote: "I joined them" ...

So these numbers are totals per each (column) "address"?

And customers are the same thing as guests? I don't understand.
RedDk 9-Aug-18 12:57pm View
The word "tally" is probably a professors insert. Check your course notes. (It doesn't even appear in the SSMSE BOL and returns only a light sprinkling of returns in other online code queries).

Did you know: that you can CREATE SCHEMA [zizznoofuss] and dispense with the use of [dbo] altogether?
RedDk 8-Aug-18 13:45pm View
INSERT INTO dbo.x VALUES('Explicit value','Explicit value') would insert two records ... or as you say INSERT INTO EMP VALUES('xylem',1),('phloem',2),('cantbeatum',3),('joinem',4) ... yes?
RedDk 8-Aug-18 12:13pm View
Using "#" to prefix a table name makes that table temporary and available only to the current user (local). It gets deleted when the session ends (disconnect). By the same token using "##" makes the temporary table a global table that can be used and also gets deleted but only when all other users are not using it.

So it's a time thing. But don't expect to know when the session terminates. Which is why doing temporary work under [dbo] schema control seems like the best thing to do at all times, imho.
RedDk 8-Aug-18 11:55am View
Interesting question but what do you mean when you say:

-- SET @Parameter = ','+@Parameter +','

Does this really work?

I get Msg 537 "Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function"

OK, check that. I get it ... just a comment

... working on it.
RedDk 5-Aug-18 11:58am View
In earnest, improving your question ... is something we need to do in this case. So, here we go. Forget that idea ... I have a question for you. Why don't you show your TSQL query along with some CREATE TABLE code so we can throw some data in there in order to spelunk the error code you're seeing when you run the faulty code. Oh, wait ... FOrget that idea. Just give us your code, we'll slap some data into the table and ... what is the error code? Exactly.
RedDk 1-Aug-18 11:31am View
Might leave a note at the foot of this webpage. The author might have a greater understanding of this C# mannerism and might even be able to define what he means by "image" better than John Q. Public here in the QA.

Also, my experiences with IPv6 tell me that it's easy to disable this kind of functionality at a low level system window adherence. But your anti-virus might be having it's way with that fundamental allowance so check there too.
RedDk 31-Jul-18 15:01pm View
I'm a bit confused ...
Your reference is to ... ?
RedDk 30-Jul-18 11:15am View
Read this:
Terminate and stay resident program - Wikipedia[^]
I would suggest that such technology as a batch script which runs as a monitor of file use is going to do all the things this wikipedia page warns that TSR would do.

See that "Related Questions" list down there on the lower right of your webbrowser screen? Thinking about doing such a thing isn't listed. My take on this list is that if I can't understand what all these suggestions are doing here, MY question is not a good one.

Try googling "inexpensive file monitor software".
RedDk 28-Jul-18 14:22pm View
What is "IBT1" and what is it's relationship to "T0"?
RedDk 27-Jul-18 17:59pm View
Please refrain from removing content of questions when editing posts. This question is completely different now, since the "update". And that's not ok with regards to posted Solutions ... users come upon pages through various means ... seeing answers in sets of returns from a search that have no connection to original posts ... can seem senseless without context (nubes arriving this way have no idea where to look for revision information).

So, next time use [EDIT] ... [END EDIT] ... and make it easier on the Solution posting community.
RedDk 25-Jul-18 15:51pm View
"Last row" because there's no index, right? Anyway, what RD says is partially ok but what I think you're going to have to do is use CONCATENATE on the return from multiple columns => to put into "single cloumn" as you say.

Is it possible to post some example data? Seeing "input" form is great but seeing "output" form is even better. That way there's no imagination involved.
RedDk 23-Jul-18 11:54am View
Huh, that's funny because it worked the other day ...
RedDk 23-Jul-18 11:24am View
Lets assume for a minute that you don't mean "cs script error" install but an error made in an attempt to install the packet manager (VSIX) in VS. You do understand that the VSIX is a .zip file, yes?
RedDk 22-Jul-18 14:06pm View
Someone posted a link somewhere to here:
RedDk 20-Jul-18 13:34pm View
Try posting any questions you have about the download or comments about use at the end of the cp article page from which you've downloaded the code. Most authors will reply and sometimes, even if no straight dope comes from them, commenters provide the tweeks neccessary to get something to work from the default post if there's a version disconnect etc.
RedDk 18-Jul-18 17:51pm View
Try logging in here ...

Then ask your question of someone who might know what you're talking about.
RedDk 13-Jul-18 13:40pm View
0x80004005 -> If you look here:

... you'll see that this error is less descriptive of an actual breakdown in the code you're pushing through OleDb and more of a generic failure (on the part of OleDb dev's as MS, right?) ... and at best should be flagged as the lip of some cascading nonsense. I'm not going to scroll through the types of errors myself. I'll let you do it. Good luck.
RedDk 13-Jul-18 13:26pm View
Just a hunch ... have you ever tried using the BCP and outputting SELECT results as .csv then BULK LOAD the (whole) thing back into the table? Sounds possible, yes?
RedDk 13-Jul-18 13:22pm View
See here ...
RedDk 11-Jul-18 18:20pm View
You want to print same name with address (which, considering the database indexed cutomer id contains those two items in distinct columns (say) "name" and "address") but you are using the asterisk (*) to return ALL column items (however many that might be) in your query?

How about this instead:

SELECT [name], [address] FROM Customer WHERE CustID = 101
RedDk 11-Jul-18 18:14pm View
You might want to clarify that this two-lined internet browser representation of a one-lined string (there is no linefeed or carriage return) is the object about which the posted disconnect is going to occur ...
RedDk 10-Jul-18 13:39pm View
First of all, noone can "import MS Excel to" anything. One can Export MS Excel to something. Or one can import MS Excel from something. If you tried to import MS Excel to MS Excel I suppose you would "open" MS Excel. I do have both of these apps, so I know.
RedDk 6-Jul-18 14:17pm View
VBA ... and ... SQL

Please edit your post and include appropriate tags. VBA, by the way ... oh, forget it. I'm out.
RedDk 5-Jul-18 14:07pm View
Not sure why anyone would be hacking into a freely available code base to a 3D graphics platform (Microsoft DirectX is distributed as an SDK for numerous species of ... MS sub-platforms) but I'll assume you're using Visual Studio when doing this IID and CLSID trick ... go to Properties Page, and under Linker/Command Line type in the characters: /VERBOSE

This'll tell the linker to blow up the message content in the OUTPUT window the next time you try to compile. You ARE linking this so anyway ... the library to which the unresolved external is TRYING to link will be named now. Once you have the name ... say DXSHOW.lib or some such thing, you can go back and add it to the External Libraries list ...

Something like that. Been a while since I did DxSDK sample compiles tbh ...
RedDk 4-Jul-18 23:44pm View
There are 33 open tags in this ... "xml". I would suggest finding a primer of using "XPath", do some of the sample examples found in/at MSDN (of microsoft developers network) then attempt to get jiggy with some monolithic dev app to VALIDATE this ... "xml".
RedDk 4-Jul-18 23:13pm View
What is the exact error message you get when you run this TSQL code you've shown.

For future reference include some sort of [EDIT] ... [END OF EDIT] brackets when you alter the original post. In order for "us" to understand where "we're" coming from when "we" comment.
RedDk 3-Jul-18 12:10pm View

Highly unlikely. Ask your guy. He's the one who didn't say anything to you when you described the reason for bringing the computer into the shop. Where the drive got (scrubbed?) reformatted.
RedDk 28-Jun-18 14:16pm View
I want to know what the exact error message from SQL Server was. Every line of it. Substitution of sensitive terms excepted.
RedDk 27-Jun-18 14:15pm View
Automate ... in conjunction with what? Using an MSDOS batch to install SQLServer (package) because you want to "ship" (bad choice of words perhaps) your app with the package and install it on a user's machine because your app requires database functionality found in that package?

I don't want to suggest any scenario which might catch you up so I can only guess at the reason why "automate" is being tossed around here.

Tell your app user to download SQLServer Express with Advanced blah blah (the version you've used to develop the app) and install it before trying to use your app.

"App" is a poor choice of a word also.
RedDk 26-Jun-18 18:02pm View
It should "pop" up when you step into the code; you might be touching a bit of the VS interface with the mouse so the app window receives no focus. Therefore, try minimizing VS to see if the app is indeed maximized "behind".

Just a thought.
RedDk 24-Jun-18 14:02pm View
You'll need to download the DirectX SDK as well. "As well" is the same thing, en englais, as "too".
RedDk 20-Jun-18 20:51pm View
Try including the database file. I can read this article and I can see that it's about a deployment. The pseudofact remains though, that I can manage packages through my VS installation and that management typically will install assemblies to the GAC but ... that's probably the reason your package doesn't work. There's no SQLite assembly installed.

How did you reference System.Data.SQLite, if you don't mind me asking?
RedDk 14-Jun-18 14:08pm View
And about that, manual referencing in the VS (to my mind what using NPM to do the dirty work, or NOT, as the case turns out to be when the VSIX is completely non compos mentis) ... it occurred to me after successful assembly inclusion that another problem might arise and that might be that the remote machine might not even have the VS runtime file (for VC++ ... even noted on the SQLite site) so be sure to include that in any installer thingmajig.
RedDk 13-Jun-18 17:04pm View
I'm not sure this'll help you, but I've spent a few hours struggling with Nuget Package Manager on VS2010, trying to compile/link from source the SQLite netFx ( with it ... and I finally succeeded at getting a referenceable System.Data.SQLite through the VS gui. Now, as for "SQLite.Interop" ... that particular .dll isn't canonically available through my "full-source" endeavor but I'd say perhaps starting from source you'll get a more local box-friendly assembly than one typically downloaded from SQLite dev site.

The caveat to my struggle was that I never managed to properly script the INSTALL which will run with a "confirm" error as-is, so my referencing was done through .NET "add" dialog. And I understand, from you're previous post, that THAT actually doesn't appear to be the issue with you because you can actually get by without an intellisense balk because you've even managed to get this "interop" to a "using" state. Which I never could, using the SQLite download of the installer pre-compiled as a binary (with a patent script switch (PS2) present apparently).
RedDk 8-Jun-18 14:22pm View
"undefined reference" ... is weird to me but I don't use Dev C++ ... you'll note though that this project DOES require TriMesh so perhaps if you go to the link you've pasted and read the README file to get the trimesh link so you can download that code, and then try again ... I mean there's and it NEEDS trimesh.h. Another for-instance ... the other set of includes you'll be needing for the graphics handling, the outdate GLUT/OGL headers (presumeably the libraries as well there).

In TriMesh ... there's actually an MS project for that, posted by some good guy who does nice things in his freetime. Perhpas switch your compiler/linker to some flavor of VS free-version.
RedDk 5-Jun-18 14:26pm View
Questions like this really interest me. I like seeing code that appears to address some abstraction that is not a bare-bone leveraging of TSQL (particularly TSQL because it does things like BASIC does) tricks ... this stuff'll fly ...

BUT ... CAST and CONVERT is 'yer demon. Understand them and you'll understand why I'm not going to wade through this code without a table of data using my debugger.

All that said, I think you have a misunderstanding of the CAST and CONVERT methods.
RedDk 24-May-18 18:16pm View
If you really want to use that concatenation string you can and it's very easy. But as far as learning TSQL and getting versed in the string operators which will take precedence in this case, the best thing to do is get SQL Server Express with Advanced (stuff), install that ... and also download the BOL (Book-on-Line) for whatever the version is that you choose.

Doing SQL things like using a connection string to sheboogle the database is fine from C# ... don't get me wrong. But the TSQL documentation in the BOL can't be beat. (Also while I'm thinking of it, download the AdventureWorks sample data affair ... there's lot's of this example sprinkled throughout the BOL and there's nothing they don't do there that can't be done by any novice picking up the skill determinately.)
RedDk 21-May-18 13:55pm View
As RyanDev said (and I reiterate) ... What?
RedDk 19-May-18 15:58pm View
Perhaps the "things" being JOIN'd are of disparate types, yes?

(gambling is a vice)
RedDk 19-May-18 15:51pm View
Ohhh ... "security" ...
RedDk 18-May-18 13:58pm View
Forget about "security" my friend. Security is in the eye of the beholder, to quote a rhino ...

Many CPians here, mainly one's who delve in QA answers like to use the haggard old saw of "sql injection" as a crutch on which to lean ... as they stroll down memory lane ... or sit with the Queen, as it were. And I've no doubt that many of them come from a long line of viceroys/landed gentry ... but anyone asking a question here, like you ... has nothing to gain from getting nervous about IT.

Consult the Book-On-Line for details.
RedDk 18-May-18 13:53pm View
Here's what I do when I'm in doubt about all things scalar-vector-graphic. Take the miscreant .svg, open it in whatever editor you're using to edit the graphic content and reduce it's complexity by deleting ... fluff.

OR ... create a new scalar vector graphic and paste WELL KNOWN misbehaving (xml) objects into it and save it as your ... new issue.

OR ... create a scalar vector graphic that behaves as expected using the javascript you've got.

Etc ...
RedDk 17-May-18 13:57pm View
Sure (good idea, and one that's on my work hit-list ...).

You could use RIGHT, LEFT, MIDDLE, etc ... any STRING comparitor ... after converting the SELECT return to proper type. You ARE talking "compare" for analysis or "find-in-str" type of processing, yes?

Use CONVERT or CAST. See BOL for details.
RedDk 16-May-18 14:30pm View

var number = 55.4301;

to reduce the precision ... use:


which will give you:

RedDk 15-May-18 15:47pm View
Don't think you'll get a lot of takers here in CPQA if you don't show a specific code block where something works or where you suspect there's some faulty coding going on; those types of queries are best.

But starting from nowhere, you could look here:
RedDk 15-May-18 15:39pm View
Try peppering your Subs with Debug.Print. That always worked for me. From within the Visual Basic Editor you'll be able to see the assigned variables printing the value in an iteration (Intermediate Window).

I'm surprised that no error messages at runtime have not begun to plague you.
RedDk 14-May-18 18:55pm View
This one is huge:
(this one in particular:
Haven't looked at any of them but the list seems to be comprehensive. Walking through things like this is the best way to learn how to use the features most effectively.
RedDk 14-May-18 18:48pm View
Find the blank space. Then find either everything which leads up to it or everything which follows it. Or ... SELECT * FROM table WHERE [Name] LIKE '%Nikhil%'

Since there's only one row of data, there is no duplicate record.
RedDk 14-May-18 18:40pm View
See here:

Pick something, try something ... find something there which looks like what you're trying to do with this third-party data ...

On the Access menu ribbon tab "Database Tools" then click-on "Visual Basic". This action will bring up the interface where you can work on code. Be sure to make "Object Browser" visible. If there is any code in the database that is VBA, the references to the libraries used will be displayed there.
RedDk 14-May-18 13:33pm View
RedDk 11-May-18 16:44pm View
I just can't get over the fact that I'm able, in VS2010, to ... see the workspace in the UI completely unblemmished by jagged red lines under code that has no references to a "referenced" CLR assembly! It seems to me that I shouldn't have to get to the point where Windows is issuing it's proclamation from the third party app using that VS product.

And on that "Don't do this. It's not worth it" ... so you have done this and you're saying don't bother. Yeah, there's never any point to not doing something because it involves the outlay of cash.

An on that note, it's time to upgrade to Visual Studio 2018 64-bit. Yeah!
RedDk 20-Apr-18 13:28pm View
There's NO REASON to use secure code that is not vulnerable to sql injection, typically through creation of a cte, on a box which has no security requirements ... but, offhand, this error 'Conversion from string to integer' seems to me to be the first thing shown in what is probably a cascading error referring to a method that is trying to stuff many things into a container which will hold only one thing. So fix the TSQL by provding a column name in the SELECT statement.
RedDk 19-Apr-18 14:20pm View
Thinking outside of the box, I'd assume there's some bigger reason to fashion an input method which requires a validation stage such as the use of a form whereby this "user" would be coralled into making better assertions as to what his identity might be.

But since the "box" is the thing use the most logical method and forget the fuzziness you mention.
RedDk 17-Apr-18 14:51pm View
You had an ID column that was formatted as (float) and in changing the type to (nvarchar) you lost the column of indices but you still retained the rest of the row for each record ... and at last count you still had 5000 records?

If this is the case I can't think of any way to recover that ID ... but my thought is that by sorting (using ORDER BY) on some other retained column value which will group distinct rows again ... a complete reindexing using "[ID][int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL" then INSERT from this unindexed table should suffice to make clustered records "closer" to the indexed and primary-keyed data to which you used to refer before the mistake.

Look up IDENTITY in the BOL for starters
RedDk 5-Apr-18 15:35pm View
The source for the library IS there (codeproject). Try compiling in VS version you have by dissection. That is, disentangle the .cs from the .proj and create a new .proj using VS (Visual Studio).
RedDk 27-Mar-18 15:33pm View
Ok. Start by opening Access and attempting to use it to open your spreadsheet. This is a one-way process, by the way. There's no opening an Access database using Excel.