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RedDk 6hrs 20mins ago View    
I saw this post of yours yesterday and though I'd provide this link as an answer: But did not.
RedDk 22-Mar-24 15:32pm View    
Well, as per the SQL Server "not found" error issued, if this happened to me, the first thing I'd do is check, in Computer Management console under Services and Applications/Services, whether an instance of SQL Server even exists. Once I've scrolled down to the "S" and seen the name "SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)" instance, I'd wonder why a thing that is normally a Startup Type AUTOMATIC (and "Running") wasn't doing just that. Just for starters.
RedDk 9-Feb-24 15:14pm View    
I've got a question or two. One, if FBIDE and Geany IDE themselves are editors, why would anyone want to figure out a way to make another editor (for the above post)? Two, given the new meaning of your sentence up there, the one with "editor" in it, isn't font size something other than a scalable object? I programmed long ago using QBASIC and I'm quite familiar with the emulator code where no compilation takes place just runtime fallout(through). I'm also used to the "includes" with which QBASIC jacked up the BASIC (Kemeny/Dartmouth/US spider) interface removing the requirement for line numbers and GOTO statements, and if my recall serves me well, that process of redirecting the running program to a dynamic library was really just a look at a module that got named .bi or some other extended entrainment (one of my favorite words) as a caboose of sorts (again, forgive the metalepsis). Three; do you really mean to say that you want to add some sort of window to your interface that allows one to edit fonts?
RedDk 12-Jan-24 16:20pm View    
Ha! "Case Closed" ... That's what the Fourth Doctor thought :)
RedDk 28-Dec-23 13:16pm View    
Surely no one would mind if you reposted this here, where you're more likely to be scrutinized by those with a better AI eye: