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Comments by seyed mahmud shahrokni (Top 52 by date)

seyed mahmud shahrokni 2-Jun-15 4:28am View    
check this out :
seyed mahmud shahrokni 23-May-15 8:15am View    
is there any programming layer between machine and DBMS ?! they cant connect to each other directly ! if you have a programming layer between your machine and DBMS you will able to make a query which returns answers from data base .
seyed mahmud shahrokni 8-May-15 6:29am View    
its better to share your code with us . thank you
seyed mahmud shahrokni 6-May-15 11:13am View    
what do you mean ?
seyed mahmud shahrokni 5-May-15 8:46am View    
your code doesn't work dear Behnood !! they are appeared like this "%3f%3f%3f"
داداش به زبون خودمون بهت بگم کار نمیکنه ! این قسمت خارجی کامنت رو واس بقیه زبون نفهمای خارجی نوشتنم! یکم بیشتر فک کن . متنی که بالا نوشتمو با دقت خوندی یا سر سری رد شدی ؟!