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Comments by Simon_Whale (Top 200 by date)

Simon_Whale 23-Jul-23 10:13am View    
if these are supposed to be nullable, should they also be required?

public Nullable<int> RequestType { get; set; }
Simon_Whale 3-Oct-22 9:00am View    
Sounds like you need to add some logging to help you track down the issue
Simon_Whale 18-Aug-22 11:42am View    
To add to others responses, is there anything in the event logs when it crashes? is there anything that is taking up the CPU time when it crashes
Simon_Whale 13-Nov-21 13:40pm View    
Just be careful with this as from Windows 7 this needs certain privileges to change the system date time.
Simon_Whale 23-Oct-21 14:53pm View    
you would need to debug your for loop to see if the property is being added to the parameters collection