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Simon_Whale 2 days ago View
if you are looking at the backend being python then I would have a look at either Django, Flask or Fast API.

Also have a look at the documentation for the amazon API's
Simon_Whale 7-Jun-21 9:11am View
From the stack trace you don't have access to the database

Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot open database "Pitcher8" requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user 'Jordan-PC\Jordan'.
Simon_Whale 8-Dec-20 9:36am View
If you put a breakpoint on the response line and then when that is hit what information can you get if you right click and put a quick view on the apiResponse line?
Simon_Whale 8-Dec-20 9:30am View
From that I would assume that the baseURL is something like "" if so then you need to change the following line

var apiResponse = apiHelpers.GetAsync("getOrder");


var apiResponse = apiHelpers.GetAsync("/getorder");
Simon_Whale 8-Dec-20 8:49am View
have you tried to call the API directly through postman?
Simon_Whale 13-Sep-20 4:42am View
While I agree with the above, where is your onClick() event?
Simon_Whale 6-Jul-20 4:06am View
this is in the "To retrieve data using bind variables:" section under point 6

string sql = "select department_name from departments where department_id = " +
OracleCommand cmd = new OracleCommand(sql, conn);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
OracleParameter p_department_id = new OracleParameter();
p_department_id.OracleDbType = OracleDbType.Decimal;
p_department_id.Value = departmentID.Text;

OracleDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

Simon_Whale 5-Jun-20 7:22am View
adding to the solution by OriginalGriff below I would also use as reference material
Simon_Whale 17-Dec-19 15:38pm View
From looking at this I have one question. are you inserting all these rows each time or are you just trying to add a "new row" each call?
Simon_Whale 9-Nov-19 15:43pm View
I've checked the sample that you gave above in an online Json validator ( and it returned no errors. So I think you will need to review the models that you are parsing into.
Simon_Whale 17-Sep-19 8:16am View
how is it not working?
Simon_Whale 13-Sep-19 6:27am View
Yes I have and regularly use where I need to have the class name different to the actual table name. You can also use the [Table] attribute when you need to include schema's in your database design
Simon_Whale 13-Sep-19 6:25am View
Yes I have encountered this problem and I regularly use it when I need to name tables different to class name or have designed the database with schemas
Simon_Whale 13-Sep-19 5:50am View
Exactly what I would of said and have done many times
Simon_Whale 12-Sep-19 7:05am View
I have written the API for the security and have written most of the code for the additional API. now I need to secure the additional API with the token gained from the security API and just using the [Authorize] header doesn't do it.

So I wanted to have a read over a resource to do this so I don't go down many different paths
Simon_Whale 29-Aug-19 4:57am View
Have a read of this I know it is in C# but it should give you what you need to set the credentials
Simon_Whale 23-Aug-19 7:15am View
If you debug your API, does the method in question get hit?
Simon_Whale 3-Jun-19 14:48pm View
+5 :thumpsup:
Simon_Whale 21-Feb-19 10:15am View
Thanks F-ES Sitecore.

What I am trying to do is ensure that after my unit tests have run I can run a integration / service test to ensure that they all work together happily as a co-worker did some refactors the unit tests worked successfully but it didn't work when the site was run in its entirety.
Simon_Whale 17-Jan-19 2:48am View
Where does the error happen? as the message states there is an object that isn't initalised properly and I will guess that it is the array ser_send_diag_frame
Simon_Whale 13-Jan-19 10:17am View
Good thought, thanks I will look into mocking (excuse the choice of words) this up instead
Simon_Whale 23-Dec-18 6:04am View
are you thinking about the number of rows in a page? i.e if you have a 71 rows to display page 1 will show 1 - 50 and page 2 will show 51 - 71?
Simon_Whale 26-Oct-18 11:24am View
thanks Richard,

I am going to have to pick this up on monday as it appears that I don't yet have access to SQL Server and the boss has gone home. after trawling through the exception it fails when trying to run the sp_rename.

Then when i try to run the commands suggested in your link to also falls over for me which I believe is down to no access to the database.
Simon_Whale 5-Oct-18 6:15am View
how does the input string look compared to the output?
Simon_Whale 20-Sep-18 10:41am View
Does the Windows Event log on the machine show anything?

when it crashes does the task manager show anyhthing out of the ordinary? i.e. high RAM use? high CPU use?
Simon_Whale 5-Sep-18 7:15am View
you need to include more information! what type of database technology are you using? TableAdapters? ADO.NET? Entity Framework

without this type of information all we can do is guess what you are using and it will be more than likely be incorrect advice.
Simon_Whale 21-Aug-18 5:52am View
I think you have found a potential solution yourself, can you cut down the number of columns from the srqmst table?
Simon_Whale 21-Aug-18 5:37am View
have to a the obvious question but was that for both tables?

you would need to look at the execution plan for the query that will start to give you some insight.
also how many rows are being returned by this query?
Simon_Whale 21-Aug-18 5:18am View
Then you need to look at things such as indexing and the other solution that was given to you by OriginalGriff.
Simon_Whale 16-Aug-18 4:30am View
The form is more than likely hiding behind you panel, you will need to set the position of the form or even dock it to the right of the MDI Parent.
Simon_Whale 3-Aug-18 12:09pm View
I would have to ask the obvious have you checked to make sure that the dll in the installed directory?
Simon_Whale 20-Jul-18 4:16am View
What you need to do is write that memory stream to a file on the hard disk and then read that file in the way the adobe control allows. have a read of this stackoverflow to see how to write a memory stream to file
Simon_Whale 19-Jul-18 8:50am View
have a read of this, there is an example in first answer that shows you how to do this in C#
Simon_Whale 19-Jul-18 6:23am View
what is the exception message?
Simon_Whale 19-Jul-18 5:49am View
what you need to do is read the blob from the database and save it temporarily to file on the local machine and then load the pdf in the normal way.
Simon_Whale 16-Jul-18 7:06am View
have you looked at the event logs? this may give you more help trying to solve this problem.
Simon_Whale 9-Jul-18 11:29am View
to add to ppolymorphe very good answer I would also look at the jobs available in your area and see what job are requesting the most, as it will guide you in what to learn etc etc
Simon_Whale 19-Jun-18 9:35am View
I would work out on paper what you are after the algorithm to do. i.e. what sort of answers do the student reply with ? selection of predetermined answers or free format responses.
Simon_Whale 20-Mar-18 10:19am View
Jochen Arndt has a great answer for you to follow.
Simon_Whale 20-Mar-18 10:06am View
have you tried connecting directly to mysql with the username and passwords supplied?
Simon_Whale 18-Dec-17 9:53am View
when you tried the SQL direct in the management studio did it return the correct data?
Simon_Whale 18-Dec-17 6:39am View
As Griff has suggested I would put a breakpoint in your code. Then copy and past the SQL statement that you generate and try it directly in the SQL Manangement Studio do you get any results?
Simon_Whale 4-Sep-17 5:57am View
I would start of by gaining understanding on how the process of calculating loss of pay works, as to be honest I dont. When you understand how that works it will be an easier task of deciding C# or SQL
Simon_Whale 24-Aug-17 3:32am View
have you tried to run the query directly in MySql?
Simon_Whale 11-May-17 11:28am View
Doesn't the Range function require a start and end position to work?
Simon_Whale 10-May-17 6:30am View
ideally we would need to see what the table structure is to help you better
Simon_Whale 24-Jan-17 5:28am View
Is that winforms? WPF? ASP.NET? MVC?
Simon_Whale 28-Dec-16 5:26am View
The exception message would help.
Simon_Whale 22-Dec-16 11:39am View
Can you describe your issue a bit more here as I don't think SignalR is the direction you want with what information you have specified here
Simon_Whale 21-Dec-16 3:49am View
you have already asked this question yesterday. as partial solution was given to you
Simon_Whale 19-Dec-16 10:20am View
Personally I think there is still a lot of detail missing from this as we can make to many assumptions. How does the sphere work? does it grow? does it move? if it moves is there a pattern?
Simon_Whale 8-Dec-16 10:36am View
Is there only one attribute per class?
Simon_Whale 8-Dec-16 5:31am View
Not sure what you are after? are you trying to find out how to put files into the Database and retrieve them using your form?
Simon_Whale 14-Oct-16 9:11am View
Dependant on the number of rows have a read of this (this method is best suited to large datasets)
Simon_Whale 22-Sep-16 4:02am View
I would start by looking at what part of your application is consuming the most time. I suspect it may be the time that you need to traverse the file structure
Simon_Whale 20-Sep-16 10:53am View
Are you sure that the GetOleDbSchemaTable method is throwing the error? As the MSDN documentation doesn't show that sort of exception being thrown by this method.
Simon_Whale 14-Sep-16 11:58am View
+5 Just because of the Learn how to use the Debugger.. Too many people I know personally have little debugging skills
Simon_Whale 1-Sep-16 11:43am View
You can apply those examples in a win forms application you just have to decide on how you want the information to be displayed. For example you could have a button that opens the folderdialog and when the user has chosen the folder that they want to analyse then that location is then put into a text box.
Simon_Whale 3-Aug-16 9:01am View
I would start by mapping out the hike in salary process, this should then give you an idea of what you need to do in terms of database field required, methods that may be required etc.
Simon_Whale 27-Jun-16 4:42am View
How is "a" variable set?
Simon_Whale 15-Jun-16 9:03am View
What database? Access, SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL as a few possibles
Simon_Whale 8-Jun-16 4:18am View
The reason I asked is that if your a looking at point all table definitions into the PDF, then I would also have a look at SQL SMO more than just using SQL Statements.
Simon_Whale 7-Jun-16 9:59am View
Can I ask why your are trying to convert a database to a PDF?
Simon_Whale 26-May-16 11:23am View
What do you want to compare?
Simon_Whale 25-May-16 17:23pm View
Yeah I see that, but I personally am not a fan of the various keyword
Simon_Whale 24-May-16 6:18am View
Are you trying to see a physical path to which you will upload the file to within the site?
Simon_Whale 23-May-16 12:31pm View
Are you wanting to able to scan a piece of paper using a scanner and then have the webpage run OCR over the scanned page?
Simon_Whale 17-May-16 4:23am View
Dim value as Decimal
value = Convert.ToDecimal(TextBox14.Text)
TextBox12 = value.ToString("N1")
Simon_Whale 17-May-16 4:16am View
Look at the "N" format specifier in the document that I showed you.
Simon_Whale 17-May-16 4:06am View
dim value as decimal
value = 1000

--this will display with no decimal places
textbox14.Text = value.ToString("C0")

--this will display with 2 decimal places
textbox14.Text = value.ToString("C2")
Simon_Whale 16-May-16 5:47am View
can you show some example of what you mean by not working?
Simon_Whale 13-May-16 8:00am View
with the Little information that you have given I would do something like this

using(StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter("myTextFile.txt"))
string LineToWrite = String.Empty;
case "Case1":
LineToWrite = "A specific message";
case "Case2":
LineToWrite = "A different Message";


You will possibly need to do some loop around the switch statement if you need to write more than one line to the file while it's open. There are some other things that you will need to think about. I.e. what happens when a condition is not met you dont want to write a blank line to the file. But hopefully this will give you a starting point.
Simon_Whale 4-Apr-16 4:17am View
Does the event log not give you anything to start with? Otherwise I could only suggest that you start by adding logging to the site, so that you can see what is happening
Simon_Whale 31-Mar-16 11:41am View
I would put a break point on the load event and try to see what is happening after you press the button. you will then be able to see what happens line by line when you step through the code.

I Think but this is a guess that its a data issue once the postback is called.
Simon_Whale 17-Mar-16 7:16am View
I would look at a couple of things,

if you have 100Gb HDD what is the free disk space? as databases don't generally operate well with little disk space.
have you looked at the task manager to see what memory is used?
why Oracle and SQL Server or are you talking about the clients only?
Simon_Whale 3-Mar-16 12:10pm View
Nice spot I missed that one
Simon_Whale 3-Mar-16 11:00am View
sorry but this smells like a homework question. I'll give you a head start you are going to need loops to complete this task.

We are willing to help you but were not going to paste in a complete answer for you to use. Have a try yourself, post up what you have tried and as much information about the problem and we'll help you further, if you get stuck
Simon_Whale 22-Dec-15 11:53am View
is it a winform? is it a webpage? is it WPF? please we need more information to help you as what you are after is more a visual problem than the code snippet that you supplied
Simon_Whale 8-Dec-15 11:30am View
becuase then you should of used YEAR(datecolumn) - YEAR(datecolumn)
Simon_Whale 4-Dec-15 11:06am View
I can't comment on what DevExpress could give you.

But I would start by looking at the layout of the seat plans Are they to be fixed layout?
are you looking at more than one design?
Is the application to be used on a webpage? or on a desktop computer?

by starting to answer these sorts of questions you will start to look into what your application will need to do and can start to plan its development / construction
Simon_Whale 4-Dec-15 7:15am View
you need to clarify what is to update. Is it a website, desktop application, just the libraries behind the application?
Simon_Whale 16-Nov-15 4:20am View
do you have an example of the output? also tell us what type voucher_no is
Simon_Whale 27-Aug-15 9:32am View
Have you made sure that r, i and Strategy are not null?
Also what is PdfTextExtractor.GetTextFromPage method? is this something that you have created or is it a 3rd party API?
What is the exact error message that you are getting?
Simon_Whale 8-Jun-15 9:29am View
have a read of this
Simon_Whale 10-Apr-15 7:04am View
could you not manipulate the connectionstring?
Simon_Whale 5-Mar-15 11:49am View
Firstly I would make sure that Session state is setup correctly in your web.config
Simon_Whale 5-Mar-15 11:39am View
that means that somehow your session parameter is being cleared before the query is run. Is there something that causes the page to call a postback to the server?
Simon_Whale 5-Mar-15 11:33am View
can you modify the session parameter to include the following key DefaultValue="" and in between the speech marks add a value that you know will return a value
Simon_Whale 5-Mar-15 11:11am View
have you verified that there is a value in the session parameter?
Simon_Whale 27-Feb-15 4:51am View
debug your application, how long does it take to get the data from the database? how many rows are in your DataView?
Simon_Whale 25-Feb-15 7:12am View
you need to give a bit more detail! are you wanting to update the table to replace these null values or do you want to replace the null values when performing a select statement?
Simon_Whale 23-Feb-15 7:42am View
you are going to have to build up user requirements and a technical spec and from there you should be able to convert this into an application.

But also take in to account how it will be used? i.e. are the users going to be located in the same location or are they going to be at many different locations, this will help you decide if the application is going to be web based or desktop based.
Simon_Whale 3-Feb-15 7:38am View
where are you trying to run this from? SQL or an application being built in a specific language?
Simon_Whale 3-Feb-15 6:42am View
and there is no equivalent of OUTPUT in mysql either
Simon_Whale 3-Feb-15 4:02am View
As per SA, as far as I am aware all modern browsers use sand-boxing which dont allow a website to interact with the local drives of a client machine
Simon_Whale 29-Jan-15 9:16am View
Your welcome ;)
Simon_Whale 28-Jan-15 12:16pm View
does the error happen for the first execution of the stored procedure or does it happen on other executions of the stored procedure?
Simon_Whale 28-Jan-15 7:46am View
Thanks have updated it
Simon_Whale 28-Jan-15 6:07am View
Can I ask why are there so many blank rows in your datatable?
Simon_Whale 13-Jan-15 6:56am View
I think you need to explain in a bit more detail of what you are trying to achieve.

As I think using a property would be better suited if you want to put in a value, then have a method work on that value and it can then be retrieved by the property.
Simon_Whale 29-Dec-14 5:46am View
Also have a look at midnight beginners centre
Simon_Whale 25-Dec-14 7:57am View
is the VB.NET code a service?
Simon_Whale 4-Dec-14 9:27am View
Also to add to the other comments, is this during execution or while compling?
Simon_Whale 6-Nov-14 4:56am View
So just to make sure that I am correct you want to validate the form on load before the user begins entering information?
Simon_Whale 4-Nov-14 5:41am View
what do you mean by the c# method gets called late?
Simon_Whale 3-Nov-14 7:36am View
As far as I am aware all the Web API is, is a set of controllers with out the views attached which is why I use the controller name when making api calls. I have attached an example of how I would of called the controller using angular methods.
Simon_Whale 16-Oct-14 4:49am View
Well then if the beginner centre is to basic for you then the best that I can suggest is to start writing a project of your own. That will test your skills and point you towards areas that you need to learn.

That is a method that I have used many times and found it to be more helpful that just reading a book or article.
Simon_Whale 1-Oct-14 11:20am View
No, its not how we work here, you have a problem with YOUR code you explain the situation and show some code were its going wrong and we help you solve the situation we don't provide complete solutions
Simon_Whale 30-Sep-14 18:19pm View
is this in a generic collection or do you want to execute this against the database?
Simon_Whale 24-Sep-14 7:41am View
what line is your error on?
Simon_Whale 24-Sep-14 5:48am View
Why run the IIS in administrator mode?
Simon_Whale 23-Sep-14 14:03pm View
Thanks SA
Simon_Whale 23-Sep-14 11:57am View
What is camera vision project? is that your task?
Simon_Whale 23-Sep-14 11:37am View
There is also no need to do txtrows.Text.ToString() as the Text property is always a string

some further reading for you
Simon_Whale 23-Sep-14 7:07am View
To answer that is easy, Answer questions but give solid factual answers. Write informative articles or even tips.

members will then read what you submit and up vote depending on the merit that they feel it warrants.
Simon_Whale 22-Sep-14 10:42am View
To be honest it would also help you gain answers if you explain what you are trying to do. As someone might of had the same issues and give you guidance etc.
Simon_Whale 2-Sep-14 11:32am View
I would have a read of this
Simon_Whale 2-Sep-14 7:16am View
You need to elaborate this more, what have you tried? where are you stuck etc?
Simon_Whale 22-Aug-14 6:57am View
I think you need to expand on what you mean by a dynamic table?
Simon_Whale 19-Aug-14 9:34am View
IMO you have picked upon a huge subject to be randomly hoping that some one can point you in the right direction with little information. My first google got me this pagerank from wiki

I would firstly define the rules that you want this ranking algorithm to do and start from there
Simon_Whale 7-Jun-14 18:36pm View
is the CSVToTable a function that returns a row or many rows depending on what you have sent to it?
Simon_Whale 15-Apr-14 11:41am View
Without further explanation of what you are struggling with Griffs answer is how simple it is. If it is incorrect to your needs you need to expand / explain what you are trying to do and show what you have tried so far.
Simon_Whale 15-Apr-14 11:27am View
+5 beat me to it
Simon_Whale 18-Mar-14 8:50am View
firstly I would suggest that you edit the tag in your message so that people now you are using web based solutions instead of desktop.

secondly have a read of this
Simon_Whale 14-Feb-14 11:52am View
do you need to show all of the information at once? if not then why not look at paging the data in a grid?
Simon_Whale 14-Feb-14 4:29am View
No.. you have given little or no information!

How has the row been created what seperates each column within the text?
Simon_Whale 13-Feb-14 11:52am View
where does it error? on the PersonBLL.Delete line?
Simon_Whale 13-Feb-14 11:35am View
is it really important SQL does this? or could you let your application do the formatting of this?
Simon_Whale 13-Feb-14 7:14am View
Your question doesn't make sense can you please expand and reword your question
Simon_Whale 10-Feb-14 10:38am View
To add to griff's answer if you end up doing a 'like' statement searching for values be aware that this will cause a full table scan, regardless if you have any indexes
Simon_Whale 5-Feb-14 4:31am View
Is your query complete? where are the tables that you have aliases for i and f?
Simon_Whale 31-Jan-14 5:55am View
what value is in the carIndv.dateFrom property?
Simon_Whale 30-Jan-14 15:14pm View
Will do
Simon_Whale 30-Jan-14 9:46am View
Thanks thatraja.. that has given me some good reading material to get through
Simon_Whale 16-Jan-14 7:14am View
what code are you using to open the new window?
Simon_Whale 24-Dec-13 6:12am View
surely pointing the OP towards Xamarin would of been more benifical to them rather than your blog?
Simon_Whale 24-Dec-13 6:09am View
have you not looked at the xamarin website?
Simon_Whale 12-Dec-13 5:39am View
+5 nice solution.

I think the recursive CTE fits it well :)
Simon_Whale 12-Dec-13 5:36am View
what are you using for a data access? ADO.NET? Entity Framework? LinQ2SQL?
Simon_Whale 11-Dec-13 14:17pm View
I think your cast is incorrect as the "as" list<border> will return null if the cast fails
Simon_Whale 11-Dec-13 14:03pm View
What control is removeitem_click attached too?
Simon_Whale 10-Dec-13 11:12am View
What is the problem? no results showing in the list? or the datagridview?
Simon_Whale 9-Dec-13 10:15am View
curious to see how you would of done this as the solution would still execute in the order of the statement in the management studio. you could of changed the likes for contains / patindex but these still cause a full table scan regardless of indexing.
Simon_Whale 6-Dec-13 5:52am View
What is newRow? is this a class? or dataTable?
what type is ToAmount? is it decimal or float etc?
Simon_Whale 5-Dec-13 4:06am View
Apologies for not answering the question sooner, I was at work.
Simon_Whale 5-Dec-13 4:05am View
In that case I would use the TextChanged event of the datetimepicker to set the other datetimepickers minvalue (as this wont let you select a date before the value you set).

If you want to reset the date, just reset the min value to todays date i.e., but you will also have to set the value to the also.
Simon_Whale 4-Dec-13 4:56am View
This question doesn't really give anything to go on. You need to look at the hardware / software that you are trying to record from i.e. Skype VoIP or an internal PBX and see if they have any API that allows you to perform such a task
Simon_Whale 28-Nov-13 11:57am View
Actually a good read is on stackoverflow (, there is a rounding issue converting a decimal into a double.

"For a conversion from decimal to float or double, the decimal value is rounded to the nearest double or float value. While this conversion may lose precision, it never causes an exception to be thrown."

so it would appear that the problem isn't the rounding by the type conversion from decimal to double.
Simon_Whale 15-Nov-13 7:01am View
your question makes no sense. what is rich dll? change it for what?
Simon_Whale 6-Nov-13 11:26am View
Chris thank you for your time today I really appreciate it.

I fixed my earlier issue, it was down the an empty dictionary being returned by the CreateMap method. Thank you also for this alternative idea which I will explore.

The source generally is a database table from either LinQ or EF which I then convert to a business object so that I can perform rating calculation on various tables for an in house insurance application. But the volume in the conversion is generally around 1000 - 2000% less than I was testing with.
Simon_Whale 6-Nov-13 11:23am View
Andreas, thank you for your help today.

I found the problem and feel rather stupid, When I took the code into its own class The mapping method didn't actually read the properties of the types passed and built an empty dictionary, this has now been fixed and the results for 1 million rows are back to just over 3.5 seconds which I actually confirmed work.

The reason that I have this routine, is so that I can retrieve information from the database convert it into Business Objects or Data Transfer Objects allowing me to perform some intensive calculations in business logic layer of an application that we use in house. Just as a exercise I was seeing if I could improve either or the performance of the conversion routine or the structure of the code. The tests that I was doing here were around 1000 - 2000% higher in volume than the application actually uses.

But now thinking of this I think that the name of the extension could be renamed to something more self explanatory rather than toList.
Simon_Whale 6-Nov-13 7:40am View
apologies Andreas I took the word bottleneck in the wrong context as I was more trying to understand why the second version is quicker, rather than just plain accepting it. as my confusion is the number of loops haven't increased, the number of lines haven't really changed apart from the first loop going into a method of its own class etc.
Simon_Whale 6-Nov-13 6:53am View
there isn't a bottle neck. from the top code section it took 4 seconds to convert 1 million records from class type A to class type B. move the section that creates a map into its own class and it drops that time to 300 - 400 milliseconds and I am trying to understand why this would happen by making that change
Simon_Whale 21-Oct-13 12:30pm View
without seeing your cursor we can't advise you
Simon_Whale 16-Oct-13 9:38am View
So what exactly is the problem?
Simon_Whale 15-Oct-13 9:34am View
what problem are you having with the DataReader?
Simon_Whale 15-Oct-13 6:12am View
why not just pass the gridview control in as an argument.
Simon_Whale 14-Oct-13 11:12am View
your file extension is that of an Excel Spreadsheet not of an XML file. Have you attempted any of the suggestions that you have been given so far?

To repsond to my questions please click on the reply button next to my name under this comment
Simon_Whale 14-Oct-13 11:06am View
If you change the extention of an xlsx file to .zip file and then look inside the zip file you will see that they are actually made up from about 5 or 6 xml files not one. As office runs on Open Office XML Format since 2005 (office 2007 and later versions.)

I would also have a read of this it explains about the open office format.

I would suggest that you have a look at this example from msdn to learn about reading a single XML file into a dataset.
Simon_Whale 11-Oct-13 10:10am View
You need to explain this more as technically there is nothing wrong with the query on its own.
Simon_Whale 3-Oct-13 5:44am View
Rob Thank you for your time.

It was that I was running it through the test runner with out its own app.config, created the librarys own app.config and it works.
Simon_Whale 3-Oct-13 5:37am View
Thank you very much Fredrik.

I assumed that the NUnit took the app config from the bin directory. After creating a app.config in the root of the rating class library project and running it again it worked as expected.
Simon_Whale 3-Oct-13 3:29am View
Thanks Rob, I've traced through the test and the line that caused the error is the using statement that connects to the database
Simon_Whale 4-Sep-13 4:28am View
I have updated my answer
Simon_Whale 3-Sep-13 9:08am View
+5 for a parameterised query suggestion
Simon_Whale 30-Aug-13 6:05am View
Is there an error message? is it .NET or SQL?
Simon_Whale 24-Aug-13 2:56am View
What is the error that its giving?
Simon_Whale 23-Aug-13 6:42am View
there is no case statement in LinQ
Simon_Whale 22-Aug-13 5:20am View
have you refreshed the entity framework models?
Simon_Whale 21-Aug-13 3:21am View
your welcome :)
Simon_Whale 20-Aug-13 11:34am View
Thanks Marcus
Simon_Whale 19-Aug-13 10:59am View
These online converts are great until

1. Lambda
2. control event handlers that are assigned in code
Simon_Whale 19-Aug-13 5:28am View
sorry just.. it wass a bit of guess work on that line just change dgv_item.Row.Count() to

Simon_Whale 12-Aug-13 11:13am View
That means your SubID column is really an integer type and you should change your database design according.

WHY? as this will say you the hassle of converting the value to an int or to a string anytime you want to manipulate the value in any way
Simon_Whale 12-Aug-13 7:27am View
How is your primary key made up? is it an integer?
Simon_Whale 12-Aug-13 7:23am View
You could do something similar but you would have to loop through the items collection to view each data record
Simon_Whale 12-Aug-13 6:39am View
you would replace Container.PLantCollection for cParser._PlantCollection
Simon_Whale 9-Aug-13 7:15am View
you haven't declared which variable is your output variable in the stored procedure parameter declarations.
Simon_Whale 30-Jul-13 11:48am View
Solutions will depend on how you are connecting to the database are you using Entity Framework, ADO.NET with dataset's and datatables?
Simon_Whale 30-Jul-13 11:23am View
Are you validating these value before they go into a database?
Simon_Whale 26-Jul-13 11:36am View
I believe that there is a design guide to the button names / actions for any given form and that is what I am trying to find. to be honest as I can't find it I named the above Actions to hopefully highlight what I am trying to do, rather than what I am doing if that makes sense
Simon_Whale 26-Jul-13 11:10am View
I am not sure that I have chosen the correct button name so to be honest I have guessed this purely for the question. Currently in my application I have a close button which handles the save, update, delete rountines accordingly.

But I am sure that there is a prefered HCI approached hence the question.
Simon_Whale 26-Jun-13 11:14am View
your welcome :)
Simon_Whale 21-Jun-13 9:16am View
does querytemp ever have a value apart from var1?
Simon_Whale 20-Jun-13 10:13am View
what platform are you working on as this isn't a SQL problem directly? is it Winforms? ASP.NET? WPF?
Simon_Whale 17-Jun-13 7:54am View
what is the size of the data that you called form the database is that greater than 7000 records?
Simon_Whale 17-Jun-13 6:39am View
how are you connecting the data to the grids? are they sharing a variable etc?
Simon_Whale 7-Jun-13 7:26am View
Sounds like you have table permission problems, make sure that the account you use has permissions to select, insert, delete and update the cart tables
Simon_Whale 7-Jun-13 7:23am View
is the database on a remote machine from the website? can you connect remotely? I would also check to make sure that you have spelt the database name and the servername correctly.
Simon_Whale 28-May-13 7:07am View
+5 from me Manfred, I do this approach all the time, for me I personally use it to help me debug issues as if it has a default value I know when a piece of code has worked or not.
Simon_Whale 21-May-13 6:15am View
have a try of the sample that I have added to my solution
Simon_Whale 21-May-13 5:57am View
you need to check that there is data in the dataset now.
Simon_Whale 21-May-13 5:51am View
declare the dataset outside of the using(connection) statement and try it again.
Simon_Whale 13-May-13 10:12am View
do the values in the brackets mean anything?
Simon_Whale 13-May-13 9:53am View
please dont cross post it is considered rude
Simon_Whale 10-May-13 6:28am View
I would suggest that you put a breakpoint on the first line an step through the code to see where the out of memory exception happens
Simon_Whale 10-May-13 6:16am View
what value does field contain in your for loop?
Simon_Whale 1-May-13 6:08am View
from what you are suggesting, you are leaving the query open to SQL Injection it is something that I wouldn't recommend
Simon_Whale 11-Mar-13 8:35am View
what constitues as fail or a pass, your question doesn't have enough information
Simon_Whale 8-Mar-13 7:28am View
thanks :)