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Rod Steele 3-May-12 4:31am View
I guess that is more of a .net solution and I will take note of it, I'm still unlearning VB6. But doesn't solve my problem
Rod Steele 3-May-12 4:30am View
My exact intension is to when I get a signal from an external source that it is midnight, to check the current system time, if it is before midnight to move the clock on 1 day and set the time to 00:00:00, if it is after midnight to just set ther time back to 00:00:00.
Rod Steele 17-May-10 11:41am View
Thanks for your reply

I have had the situation where I have referenced an internal definition on a DIM, but had VB report that it was a duplicate definition, this turned out to be one of the controls that had been deleted.

I got around it by manually deleting all the references I could find.