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J imran 11-Mar-15 12:03pm View
not getting the last solution... you mean I need to edit csproj file of my application assembly and give the path of the reference assembly classes?
J imran 6-Mar-15 7:39am View
I included COM Object from com page of add reference window.
The Classes in the Com Objects are visible in model and Controller classes but they do not appear and not accessible in cshtml views. Hope I have explained it good now.
J imran 5-Mar-15 23:07pm View
Actually it is a COM object I am trying to use in view. I am afraid I cann't call the reference directly in view. I have to declare a class with reference of my desired object and redeclare the properties of my desired object to get and set.
this way of indirect access I can use my COM Class object in view.
Very strange to know that cshtml doesn't allow to use everything that is usable in controller class.
J imran 4-Mar-15 2:06am View
Ok I understand what is namespace and what is assembly. I have an assembly I refered in assembly reference. there is a class in that assembly that I can't access in my view. This is my concern. while in controller I can access my desired object.
Thank you for understanding.
J imran 12-Feb-15 10:51am View
actually I am using a library where the coder has provided me with the function signature already. I am to work a lot for finding another way arround.
J imran 12-Feb-15 10:48am View
Dear I can see the value of BubbleEvent using quick watch. I am wondering why can't I get its value. Actually I am to check whether sap has already changed the value of BubbleEvent or not. I really need to do it this way because other way will cost me a lot of coding.
J imran 24-Feb-12 17:57pm View
thank you friend. So nice...
it means I can crack to any liberary to get private members even.
Seems Confusing. Is it possible that I get to the private members also and get their values changed. If so It will work great
J imran 24-Feb-12 17:52pm View
the getproperties work for static members. I am trying to address the members of instance of a
J imran 14-Dec-11 16:08pm View
I am using windows forms. I am not using asp. can you let me know how to remove the anonymous type error.
J imran 8-Dec-11 5:57am View
but if I do this the save option is gone. that is the main issue. can I join the tables such that I can save the grid view in corresponding data table.
J imran 8-Dec-11 5:55am View
Thank you for answering.
ok Can you let me know How can I go for nested grid views?
J imran 29-Nov-11 14:39pm View
i learned making assembly files we can limit the access of certain variables. Reflaction is new thing for me. I am going to learn it.
J imran 8-Oct-11 9:08am View
I am trying to populate date and time filed of datagrid view as the user types in the newly added row. can I add image here to explain.?
J imran 13-Sep-11 15:36pm View
I get error that no entry point was found.
J imran 29-Jun-11 11:11am View
mouse events are checked at
<c> private static IntPtr HookCallback( int nCode, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
J imran 29-Jun-11 11:10am View
I am making an application to take snapshots on mouse move and make achieves. Well I have found some way.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Net.Mime;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Diagnostics;
namespace Mouse_handling
public class Mouse
private static LowLevelMouseProc _proc = HookCallback;
private static IntPtr _hookID = IntPtr.Zero;
static Timer timeBig = new Timer();
static Timer timsmall = new Timer();
static bool moveFlag = false;
public Mouse()
timeBig.Interval = 1;
timsmall.Interval = 1;
public void start()
timeBig.Tick += new EventHandler(timeBig_Tick);
_hookID = SetHook(_proc);

static uint timeElapsed = 0;
void timeBig_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)


private static IntPtr SetHook(LowLevelMouseProc proc)
using (Process curProcess = Process.GetCurrentProcess())
using (ProcessModule curModule = curProcess.MainModule)
return SetWindowsHookEx(WH_MOUSE_LL, proc,
GetModuleHandle(curModule.ModuleName), 0);
public static void mouseStarted()
private delegate IntPtr LowLevelMouseProc(int nCode, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam);

private static IntPtr HookCallback( int nCode, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
if (nCode >= 0 && MouseMessages.WM_LBUTTONDOWN == (MouseMessages)wParam)
MSLLHOOKSTRUCT hookStruct = (MSLLHOOKSTRUCT)Marshal.PtrToStructure(lParam, typeof(MSLLHOOKSTRUCT));
Console.WriteLine("Left Clicked:");


if (nCode >= 0 && MouseMessages.WM_LBUTTONUP == (MouseMessages)wParam)
MSLLHOOKSTRUCT hookStruct = (MSLLHOOKSTRUCT)Marshal.PtrToStructure(lParam, typeof(MSLLHOOKSTRUCT));
Console.WriteLine("Time Elapsed Left Clicked:" + timeElapsed.ToString()+"ms");
timeElapsed = 0;
return CallNextHookEx(_hookID, nCode, wParam, lParam);

private const int WH_MOUSE_LL = 14;

private enum MouseMessages
WM_LBUTTONUP = 0x0202,
WM_MOUSEMOVE = 0x0200,

private struct POINT
public int x;
public int y;

private struct MSLLHOOKSTRUCT
public POINT pt;
public uint mouseData;
public uint flags;
public uint time;
public IntPtr dwExtraInfo;

[DllImport("user32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
private static extern IntPtr SetWindowsHookEx(int idHook,
LowLevelMouseProc lpfn, IntPtr hMod, uint dwThreadId);

[DllImport("user32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
[return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Bool)]
private static extern bool UnhookWindowsHookEx(IntPtr hhk);

[DllImport("user32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
private static extern IntPtr CallNextHookEx(IntPtr hhk, int nCode,
IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam);

[DllImport("kernel32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
private static extern IntPtr GetModuleHand
J imran 29-Jun-11 3:58am View
thank you. You are always helping. I have completed that project in c#. thank God the client agreed not to convert it in c++.
happy coding
J imran 29-Jun-11 3:46am View
I can do it in assembly but c# doesn't invoke assembly code I guess.I once made a program with DOS interrupts in C++. In c# I don't find any method to invoke DOS interrupts :(
J imran 29-Jun-11 3:43am View
I have done with mouse coordinates. I want events like mouse click mouse hover and so on..
J imran 22-Jun-11 22:43pm View
Thank you for wishes.
yes you are right Customer is always right... I was worried for the outcomes of dispute. Feeling great to solve it.
J imran 22-Jun-11 2:40am View
good news. My client is convinced to continue with c#.
Thank you for all the help.
J imran 21-Jun-11 16:40pm View
Probably this is the case. Well is there any possibility to use managed Library in unmanaged code without making any trouble. I am in a great trouble now as I have used List in my c# code. that doesn't seem usable in unmanaged c++.
J imran 21-Jun-11 16:30pm View
that is what I am wondering why my client need c++. I made the project in C# the big mistake was we didn't agreed on any language. Now He says he don't know c# make it in c++. I am really puzzled. he has taken me years back.
Any how thanks for help.
J imran 21-Jun-11 16:18pm View
well I am not sure why class diagram tool is not working with managed code. I am getting crazy as I can't visualize what I am doing. I can see unmanaged class diagrams but not managed ones.
J imran 21-Jun-11 16:01pm View
is there any free tool to convert c# to c++
J imran 21-Jun-11 15:41pm View
actually I have made this application in c#. My client now wants it in c++. I am having a tough time rewriting thousands of lines
J imran 21-Jun-11 15:38pm View
bool DayExists(shift ^_shift)
bool reply = false;
for (int i = 0; i < _daysServedlst->Count; i++)
if (_daysServedlst[i]->ShiftInfo->DayNumber == _shift->ShiftInfo->DayNumber)
return reply;
I have done what you said. I am facing strange problems. this function is defined in nurse class. I have included the declarations in a single Manage.h file. here comes the error Shift does not exist in Manage namespace. Though making an object of shift in nurse class works fine. I am not sure why in if statement there comes error.
J imran 21-Jun-11 14:43pm View
thank you. It works.
J imran 21-Jun-11 14:30pm View
any suggestion?
J imran 21-Jun-11 14:18pm View
it is c++
J imran 17-Jun-11 11:21am View
Thank you so saved my time...
J imran 27-Mar-11 18:55pm View
Thank you Dave,
Can you suggest Mono will work for Android. I am not aware of android fully. I know it is Linux based. Do Linux programs run free in android.
Hope I can make sense for you.
Thank you so much for the help.
J imran 16-Mar-11 18:53pm View
can you please suggest how to do that. I am really worried getting out of time
J imran 14-Feb-11 0:10am View
Thank you so much for the easy solution.
J imran 4-Feb-11 14:13pm View
what if the hacker take the hash file of a known password and save it to the other computer software program files. he can hack it easily
J imran 26-Jan-11 10:55am View
Thank you boss. I will try that. Thank you again for the favour
J imran 25-Jan-11 17:08pm View
yes henry.. you are right.. Please guide me out of it. not sure how to fix this. Please please please. Getting out of time.
J imran 25-Jan-11 17:06pm View
It seams to me that It is a top level error but I have no place left without try catch. still confusing for me where the error comes actually. But when I delete the sorting feature the error don't appear.
J imran 25-Jan-11 17:04pm View
Please see the line
<pre lang="midl">dgDrugs.CellValueChanged -= new DataGridViewCellEventHandler(dgDrugs_CellValueChanged);</pre>
I have disabled the event handler while the function is called. this avoid the recursive calles.
J imran 3-Dec-10 2:28am View
exactly , just seen the msdn and found it my self hehe.
Thankk you boss.
J imran 25-Oct-10 1:35am View
I am still facing the problem. crossed the deadline. please help me. I have set the column as id field. and it is not nullable. Null is not allowed. I don't want to change this constrain. I just want to prompt the user as he or she click the navigation that the id field was entered blank or it has not unique key. Hope you are getting me. I am frustrated of me. Please help me out for the sake of God.. he he.
Looking forward.
J imran 24-Oct-10 17:24pm View
ok I have updated my question. Thank you for replying me.
Best Regards
J imran 24-Oct-10 11:14am View
Thank you Sandeep. I Love your knowledge.
J imran 22-Jun-10 13:12pm View
thank you for the answer... I have done in an organized layers. I have a presentation layer, where I just present what the user will see. C# already provide this by partial class concept. I was keen to know, can I change the design part in some html Form...? real challenge for me.
J imran 26-May-10 3:43am View
It don't help me deploying sql server based application. driving me crazzy.
J imran 26-May-10 3:42am View
Reason for my vote of 1
I want to learn deployment with sql server. can you please specify what exactly I must do.
J imran 22-May-10 9:04am View
no problem...:)
J imran 12-May-10 11:53am View
SELECT id, name, salt
FROM Medications
he he can you suggest how can I add none with this query results
Thank you so much