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M. Mohsen 25-Sep-11 19:31pm View
Actually, I am sorry that is all my information in this topic. You can use Google to search for anything else you need to know.
M. Mohsen 16-Apr-11 19:01pm View
I just read this paper and as I understand, Tabu is something to replace the elitism concept that i have used in this program. Because it keeps the best chromosomes but for a limited number of iterations to keep the program from being stuck in a local optimum solution. Please correct me if I am wrong and have a look at the flow chart in that paper.
M. Mohsen 16-Apr-11 18:47pm View
Because due to the division in this statement "float param = ((float)rand()/RAND_MAX)*(PAR_MAX-PAR_MIN) + PAR_MIN;" the param variable may have many digits after the decimal. This makes the search space very big. For that reason, I had to use that while loop because it allows me to set a resolution say 0.1 this will keep all the numbers generated within one decimal place. This will decrease the search space effectively. I didn't use the round function and preferred to write it that way to allow the resolution to be say 0.5, which means that the numbers generated will be say 1, 0.5 and 2 (no fraction other than 0.5).
M. Mohsen 12-Jan-11 7:58am View
Yes this uses the elitism. The basic concept is that it keeps the best solutions found so far to prevent them from being lost by random mutation or cross overs. Infact, the line "#define ELITIST 5" is the define statement that determines the number of solutions to preserve from one iteration to the next.
M. Mohsen 11-Jan-11 13:11pm View
Read Answer 4, hope it helps :)
M. Mohsen 9-Jan-11 17:05pm View
It is always helpful to include some details describing the context of the problem.
M. Mohsen 4-Oct-10 15:21pm View
I think you might be interested in reading about delegates in C#. I believe you can write a simpler code :).
M. Mohsen 3-Oct-10 18:28pm View
Does this actually work ??
M. Mohsen 28-Aug-10 14:24pm View
Why use a dialog when you can replace it with a form. The only difference should be that you can customize the form better. I haven't done a lot of desktop programming with C++. Hope it helps.
M. Mohsen 21-Aug-10 18:06pm View
Do you mean autopopulate as in automatically insert in the database?