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_Nizar 10-Sep-13 2:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Great
_Nizar 9-Jan-13 5:37am View
The data are not static.
Now after some investigation I found that when I run the code using the debugger so I give all the tasks time to finish before the next task will begin very thing work fine.
But if I run the code using also the debugger but with out giving the firs task time to finish before the next task the last task runs twice so a conflicting happen and the first task never runs.
I'm ready to give my program for investigation.
I have only this problem ales it is working fine in sequence.

thank you for your support
_Nizar 8-Jan-13 4:31am View
the tasks are independent from each other
_Nizar 8-Jan-13 2:48am View
Using lock statement will be benefit if I'm using one object and i access its method from many threads.
But in my case I'm using one object per Task they share nothing, so why the access the same property (class variable).
I want to publish my program here but after i have fixed this problem.