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Comments by Maral Azizi (Top 15 by date)

Maral Azizi 3-Jan-15 12:11pm View    
I tried command line but it gave noting, it just goes to :

else {
cerr << "Synthetic Data Generation, ";
cerr << "Usage: " << argv[0] << " lit|tax|seq [options]\n";
cerr << " " << argv[0]
<< " lit|tax|seq -help For more detailed list of options\n";
return 1;
there are only some few error:

-set_new_handler identifier "set_new_handler" is undefined

-strcmp Taking the address of an intrinsic function is not allowed.

and when I am trying to Addwatch argv[1] value is shows 69'E'
Maral Azizi 5-Feb-12 1:24am View    
No before that i tried this without using rptViewer.LocalReport.Refresh();
but still its in loop.
Maral Azizi 26-Jun-11 15:50pm View    
actually i need to create an application like cardfive, and i don't know how to do ?! and i need to ask is it possible to join cardfive into my application? like using a web services or etc...?
Maral Azizi 26-Jun-11 13:17pm View    
thanks dave can u plz tell me more specify detail?
or show me a sample code or project? thnaks in advance
Maral Azizi 25-Jun-11 14:11pm View    
no i need to create an application and join this to my main application to issue cards and get data from database directly no labels!