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Comments by Nitesh Kejriwal (Top 46 by date)

Nitesh Kejriwal 30-Aug-13 17:45pm View
LOL!!! I wonder no votes to this question so far.
Nitesh Kejriwal 30-Aug-13 8:31am View
+5 to ThePhantomUpvoter!!!

What do you want the community guys to do to solve this problem of yours with a generic line?? 1 out of 5!!
Nitesh Kejriwal 29-Aug-13 23:20pm View
Explain your question further. Which character is beign treated as trailing space by rich text box?
Nitesh Kejriwal 29-Aug-13 2:51am View
Just adding the new operator in the declaration statement will have adverse affect as the user wants to add a new row in the existing datatable.
Nitesh Kejriwal 27-Aug-13 12:32pm View
Yes, using temp tables to do these number of joins will be helpful and will make the query more faster,
Nitesh Kejriwal 18-Aug-13 0:52am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n A screenshot or example would have made this tip more better.
Nitesh Kejriwal 14-Aug-13 9:05am View
I already answered this. You need to run a timer that runs at a regular interval and update the data from local server to web server. For this, you need to add a "isWebUpdated" field in your local DB against each record you want to update to web server and set it to Zero at every insert. Once the data is updated to web server, update this field to 1.
Nitesh Kejriwal 5-Aug-13 5:37am View
You can run a timer in your local application that will call a function.
This function will read DB to get all unposted records and post them to web server. Once a record is posted, you update the local record as posted. Hope this makes sense!
Nitesh Kejriwal 5-Aug-13 1:58am View
Try placing the bookmark on 1st line of Page_Load and step inot to see from where the code is returning back.
Nitesh Kejriwal 30-Jun-13 4:51am View
You do not have any control on what stage the mail is while being sent . Hence, even if you put a progress bar, it wont show much impact. If you want to send multiple emails showing progress bar, it make sense.
Nitesh Kejriwal 29-Jun-13 7:44am View
You can directly insert into database.
Nitesh Kejriwal 29-Jun-13 7:43am View
You can directly insert into database.
Nitesh Kejriwal 28-Jun-13 16:06pm View
+1 to ryanb31.
If you are intending to get the WP posts, you can just read the Feed.
Nitesh Kejriwal 22-Jun-13 14:46pm View
You can double click the button from the from to create the event handler and then select the other button to assign the event handler from the properties window. No code will be required from .cs page. Let me know if you have more questions :)
Nitesh Kejriwal 12-Feb-13 8:06am View
Check for the ID of the Textbox. txtname is the Server side ID of the textbox. Use Firebug or see Page source to see the ID of the textbox.
Nitesh Kejriwal 10-Feb-13 11:53am View
tram7, I wrote the code from my mind and have not tested it. Glad that it helped you :)
Nitesh Kejriwal 10-Feb-13 7:40am View
Thanks Sheikh!
Nitesh Kejriwal 9-Feb-13 21:20pm View
Instead of adding multiple solutions to the same question, try editing the same answer :)
Nitesh Kejriwal 9-Feb-13 12:15pm View
+1 to Richard's comment.
Nitesh Kejriwal 9-Feb-13 12:11pm View
Check if the event is actually being fired or not.
Nitesh Kejriwal 9-Feb-13 12:08pm View
Please explain more about your question.
Nitesh Kejriwal 15-Oct-12 1:27am View
Thanks Sandeep for the explanation! :)
Nitesh Kejriwal 15-Oct-12 0:20am View
@Sandeep, Not sure why this comment for me?
Nitesh Kejriwal 15-Oct-12 0:20am View
@Sandeep, Not sure why this comment for me?
Nitesh Kejriwal 15-Oct-12 0:16am View
My Mistake..Did not realize. Thanks for Pointing. Improved it now!
Nitesh Kejriwal 14-Oct-12 7:54am View
+5 to Sergey!
Nitesh Kejriwal 14-Oct-12 7:44am View
Are you filling the contents in every postback?
Nitesh Kejriwal 13-Oct-12 6:17am View
This should be a comment instead of a solution.
Nitesh Kejriwal 13-Oct-12 6:09am View
Have you tried anything till now to save data in database?
Do you want one to many records in MemberSkill table?
Nitesh Kejriwal 13-Oct-12 6:08am View
Are you sure it happens because of "&" symbol?
Are you using plain query or Stored Procedure to submit data to Db?
Nitesh Kejriwal 13-Oct-12 4:56am View
can you show your sample doc file you are trying to read?
Nitesh Kejriwal 26-Nov-11 0:10am View
Please mark as answer if you got the solution and upvote so that it can help other people in the community.
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 14:20pm View
You're welcome..tried to solve your issue..
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 13:44pm View
After the page has loaded completely, you are no more on server rather on, none of server code will work. To make them work use AJAX..

did not get you regarding your comment on document.ready()
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 13:22pm View
Reality is when you say after the page loads completely, you mean the last line of Page_Load()? I think so..try adding a bit of jQuery to enable the button on document.ready()
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 13:03pm View
After you have done the processing, do you have any reference to the button? I am not sure you have it..Also, let me know if the button is in same page or masterpage or any control? If you can use Javascript, you can do enable the button via jQuery too.
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 12:23pm View
please post your complete code to see what is the error.
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 2:00am View
Thanks SAK & Ravi for votes :)
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 1:44am View
Link updated :)
Nitesh Kejriwal 25-Nov-11 0:16am View
I think sharing connection object within multiple thread would be a good solution if implemented properly because there is a possibility of deadlocks too. Please check:

As mentioned in article, if you are using shared connection, you should open/close connection everytime.
Nitesh Kejriwal 24-Nov-11 15:50pm View
Are you using IIS6 or IIS7?
Nitesh Kejriwal 23-Nov-11 15:13pm View
Explan more on what you want to achieve with getting button in ControlModel.cs
Nitesh Kejriwal 22-Nov-11 14:16pm View
As above said, please add more info. to question..what you need from web?
Nitesh Kejriwal 20-Nov-11 15:26pm View
Rais, I agree with your solution too. The question is not very clear..I voted 4 too..
Nitesh Kejriwal 20-Nov-11 11:36am View
It would return 134
Nitesh Kejriwal 16-Nov-11 0:31am View
Please explain your question more. what value you get from Database? the image name or any other value based on which you will filter images.