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YDaoust 23-Oct-23 4:25am View    
This should be considered a bug in VS. Because if you increase the size of the Find/Replace window (9 by default), the rest of the environment gets a much larger font (not the requested size), making it barely usable.
YDaoust 6-Mar-23 8:24am View    
Do you mean that you want to anchor some graphics primitives to the picture of a face (contours ?) and let these primitives follow the face motion in subsequent frames ?

Unless the head pose varies very little, you will have to map a 3D face model onto the frames.

YDaoust 12-Sep-22 4:57am View    
Worked for me, thanks.
YDaoust 1-May-13 9:10am View    
Glad that you worked it out.

This question matters to me. I am involved in image processing applications, where implementing Undo/Redo is not so trivial. As far as I know, little has been published on this topic.

YDaoust 17-Jul-11 3:25am View    
I wish it were so, but it is not. My guess it that when parsing the source code, the Designer comes across an unknown class and does not know what to do with it.

It would be nice to find a way of changing the Panel style bits differently than with SetStyle.