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Comments by Ruselo Riva Asentista (Top 6 by date)

Ruselo Riva Asentista 8-Aug-12 6:07am View     CRLF
You just simulate a POST request to the IPN. This is an example of a desktop application that simulates a POST request to login to facebook. I hope it helps.
Ruselo Riva Asentista 20-Apr-12 8:06am View    
Why don't you try making the PrintDocument as an instance variable
Ruselo Riva Asentista 16-Apr-12 0:57am View     CRLF
Ok, the reason is that PageSettings is "hollow", just as FontDialog and PrintDialogs. They are agents to a data-oriented object. Usually this a PrintDocument. The Font Object is a property of PrintDocument that will be changed by the FontDialog, so whenever you save from a FontDialog, you are saving to the PrintDocument rather than the Font. In short, "host" the PageSettings in a PrintDocument and Save() will work.
Ruselo Riva Asentista 13-Apr-12 10:30am View     CRLF
what does that have to do with this question? Anyway, Visual Studio is much better in terms of third party integration than say Eclipse. You can put user controls on the toolbox and create custom menus. Some companies survive by just packing VS controls: Telerik, ComponentOne, etc. If you are frustrated by the lack of some controls, check out DLLImport and Office Interop and Telerik controls. These are features that will allow you to communicate with the Operating System and other things.
Ruselo Riva Asentista 13-Sep-10 11:09am View    
I think I should throw an exception because otherwise, you could get an object without an id but with a name, etc. This could be a security threat. It's always better to terminate gracefully than to continue executing out of control. That said, I also use TryParse but only when I have default values like quantities. I never use it on ids or any other navigation / identification properties.