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manoharbalu 20-Sep-13 8:29am View    
Please assume that my structure is very big around 862492 bytes. Application 1 (Server) is already connected via shared memory to a small application running in local machine which originally modifies the data (Structure) using numerous calculations. In addition to this Application 1 and Application 2 from other machine will also modify the data (Structure) input from user. Is it possible to monitor each member and index elements of the structure based on time stamp to maintain synchronization. If possible, Please provide me some details and code samples.
manoharbalu 20-Sep-13 7:46am View    
Let us assume that I am using socket communication.

In both the applications data can be changed by the user which should be reflected in both the applications which was done earlier using the shared memory. If Application 1 is kept server and other kept as client and if I send the structure and receive the entire structure in a thread in server with a time interval of 1 to 2 second, then the external changes by the user will not occur or updated since the thread is constantly updating the data. So the old data value remains in the struture all the time. Please suggesst me a way to solve this problem. Please note that in shared memory there were no synchronization problems since it was taken care automatically by the system.
manoharbalu 24-Aug-11 0:43am View    
Pl. provide me links with any debuggers and how to trap these errors with the debugger as I dont have one.