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Unforgiv3n 22-Jun-11 6:54am View
i did add that to the Config then i still get the same error
Unforgiv3n 30-May-11 5:38am View
not realy wat im looking for, because the case statement wil be to big, because the column contains about 10000 different values
Unforgiv3n 30-May-11 5:37am View
is it possible for a example ? and will it work on a column with varchar
Unforgiv3n 30-May-11 5:19am View
Unforgiv3n 5-Apr-11 5:50am View
Great Answer!
Unforgiv3n 11-Feb-11 2:24am View
im using a datagrid. not a datagridview
Unforgiv3n 10-Feb-11 8:23am View
thanks it worked perfectly
Unforgiv3n 10-Feb-11 4:30am View
there is no datasource bound to it there is no database.

i simply want to construct the rows from the variables and display it in the datagrid
Unforgiv3n 10-Feb-11 4:26am View
the DATAGRID does not contain the following

datagrid.datasource ?

and the newrow function creates the row but when i do i row count on the table it return 0 ?
Unforgiv3n 24-Jan-11 1:51am View
there is no convert in SSRS ? or am i missing it completely?
Unforgiv3n 30-Aug-10 5:55am View
thanks i will test is and rate your answer as soon as i confirm it works
Unforgiv3n 25-Jun-10 6:03am View
the problem with this is that some values has more than 2 characters before the date for example :

Unforgiv3n 18-May-10 2:43am View
i get the following exception?

The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

at the line :

WebResponse myResp = myReq.GetResponse();

if you can solve it i will give you 20 out of 5 :D