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dabbourabd 7-Dec-13 12:52pm View    
thank you for replay
in my code the final value is function to get hash code for the file
and that not my problem
my question is how can I grouping items according to hash code????

var items = from f in Files_pathes_hash_Dup
select new ListViewItem(
new string[] {
new System.IO.FileInfo(f).Name, // Name
new System.IO.FileInfo(f).FullName, // Directory
new System.IO.FileInfo(f).CreationTime.ToString(), // Date Modified
new System.IO.FileInfo(f).Length.ToString(),
new System.IO.FileInfo(f).Extension,
dabbourabd 17-Apr-13 7:01am View    
first thank you for replay
another question if i have
List<string>[] All_files = new List<string>[2];
All_files[0] = new List<string>();//name
All_files[1] = new List<string>();//fullname

how can i sort this list according to All_files[0]
dabbourabd 5-Apr-13 16:49pm View    
thank for replaying

now i using this code

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List<string> DirSearch(string sDir)
List<string> filesPathes = new List<string>();

foreach (string f in Directory.GetFiles(sDir))

txtcurrentfile.Text = f;

foreach (string d in Directory.GetDirectories(sDir))

return filesPathes;

but my problem is time because i am talking about 300000 files
so i takes about 2 minutes to get all files list
but i am trying to reduce the time by using

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List<string> enumeratedFiles = Directory.EnumerateFiles(@"d:\", "*.*", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
.Where(str => str.Contains(".")).AsParallel().ToList();

because its much faster so i am trying to skip error like i said before