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markkuk 18-May-21 5:03am View
Which version of PHP do you have?
markkuk 11-Feb-21 10:21am View
That's an add-on package, not part of the language specification. It's an example of "a library/framework that sets up an event loop" as I mentioned in my post. There are others, like most GUI frameworks.
markkuk 13-Nov-20 11:07am View
Arduino for ESP32 runs on top of ESP-IDF, so you get the G++ compiler, FreeRTOS and other stuff not available with traditional AVR based Arduino boards.
markkuk 13-Nov-20 5:31am View
You could try the official ESP32 Arduino forum: for more expertise.
markkuk 13-Nov-20 5:20am View
Interrupt callbacks can be called any time, not just between calls to loop(). Any code using interrupts isn't really single threaded.
markkuk 13-Nov-20 5:18am View
I think you are misunderstanding the documentation ( , millis() doesn't increment while inside the interrupt callback but that doesn't mean you can't call it, just that it returns the same value if you call millis() multiple times during a single invocation of the callback.
markkuk 1-Nov-20 5:52am View
You're confusing C++ with Java.
markkuk 20-Jun-20 6:40am View
No, a subclass can only add properties or functionality to parent class, not remove them.
markkuk 16-Mar-20 8:43am View
Cutting and pasting random bits of code together will never work. You need to actually read and learn the basics to create a working program.
markkuk 14-Mar-20 9:27am View
Why do you keep starting new threads with essentially the same question? Don't you read the answers to any of the previous ones?
markkuk 25-Nov-18 6:42am View
random.choices is a new function added to Python 3.6 (and later)
markkuk 24-Jul-18 4:58am View
That's called "embedded software", it used to be completely different from other software but with increasing processing power in "smart" devices and Internet of Things (IoT) there is some convergence.
markkuk 18-Jun-18 14:19pm View
"22" is the type of the temperature sensor, see the source code at
markkuk 18-Jun-18 11:14am View
You have already received the correct answer, the sensor is read in line 73 using an external program. The command line defines that a DHT22 sensor is connected to GPIO 4.
markkuk 15-Jun-18 6:59am View
There are probably more than one type of RFID reader available for RPi. Without the exact brand and type of the reader it's impossible to give any more precise answer than "RTFM".
markkuk 29-Jan-18 3:53am View
You're not getting any errors, you get a warning. They are different things. Read the warning text, it tells you what you need to know.
markkuk 8-Sep-17 8:27am View
And the answer isn't even correct, the OP asked about OpenGL, not ancient Borland C code.
markkuk 7-Sep-17 2:39am View
Your INSERT statement syntax is incorrect, and you aren't actually executing the INSERT anywhere. No wonder that nothing gets added to the DB.
markkuk 4-Jun-16 4:10am View
Won't work, see: for the reason.
markkuk 4-Mar-16 5:55am View
/test/ isn't a server, it's a location on the server. You connect to the server at IP address, then send request for /test/, /test/api/data, etc.
markkuk 4-Mar-16 5:35am View
/test/ isn't part of the host name and you can't pass it to the resolver. After you have opened the connection, send a GET request for /test/.
markkuk 18-Oct-15 6:09am View
markkuk 18-Oct-15 5:56am View
JAX-RS is a Java API specification, Jersey is the reference implementation of JAX-RS specification. It took less than one minute of Googling to find that information.
markkuk 9-Jul-15 7:46am View
What OS and compiler are you using? mqueue.h is a Unix/Linux header and it probably won't exist in Windows systems.
markkuk 17-May-15 17:24pm View
Have you included the header file <netinet/ether.h> where ether_aton() is declared?
markkuk 30-Dec-14 7:35am View
There's no way to run Windows .exe or .dll files on Android.
markkuk 8-Dec-14 6:16am View
Writing pointers to a file is completely useless. Your code must write the actual data that's pointed to instead of the pointer values. This doesn't happen automatically.
markkuk 25-Sep-14 7:46am View
CryptoJS is for JavaScript, not Java. For Java, use the MessageDigest class:
markkuk 6-Jul-14 7:56am View
See the Linux From Scratch web site:
Use the GIT kernel sources instead of the Linux tarball from
markkuk 25-Jun-14 6:20am View
Use DateTime::getOffset() in PHP
markkuk 28-Feb-14 6:12am View
Why did you compile Boost instead of using the Boost library provided by the Ubuntu distribution? Libraries installed through the distro's package management are found automatically.
markkuk 4-Feb-14 9:51am View
See the documentation of your database interface library. It should provide a function to test for SQL NULL values, e.g. MySQL C++ connector has ResultSet::IsNull()
markkuk 5-Apr-13 6:20am View
Which version of Fedora? F18 installer is completely different from previous releases.
markkuk 23-Mar-13 10:10am View
Create a pipe and connect it to the standard output of php-cgi.
markkuk 15-Feb-13 7:10am View
And what's your question? Click the FAQ link in top right of this page, read the posting rules and make a question that can be answered
markkuk 1-Feb-13 14:37pm View
MySQL Workbench isn't written in Java, so your answer is completely irrelevant.
markkuk 9-Nov-12 4:23am View
Do you have a #define for BASE left somewhere in your code?
markkuk 24-Oct-12 7:41am View
The "side effects" involve load balancers, stateful firewalls or other network devices that track TCP connection states. They may get confused and drop packets if sockets get reused too early.
markkuk 22-Oct-12 7:32am View
Pthreads are the native way of multithreading on Linux and all other Unix/Posix -style operating systems. C++11 has threads in its standard library, so you don't need third-party classes when a C++11 compatible G++ becomes available.
markkuk 10-Sep-12 5:37am View
Your tables are incorrectly designed. The right way to fix your problem is to make sure the telephone number is stored only in one place.
markkuk 30-Aug-12 8:37am View
As far as know, the number of arguments to a variadic function must be a compile-time constant so it can't depend on the input. Use a STL container as others have suggested.
markkuk 20-Jul-12 5:28am View
HTML table, SQL table or some other sort of table? Please be more specific.
markkuk 13-Apr-12 7:13am View
Linux kernel modules shouldn't "print out" anything (there's no stdout in the kernel), so you won't find any such module unless you write it yourself. What's wrong with just using ifconfig?
markkuk 29-Mar-12 6:04am View
In addition to configuring MySQL, you will need to open firewalls and possibly set up port forwarding in your router.
markkuk 27-Mar-12 6:53am View
Post the actual error message. Why are you putting the .so file in the project directory instead of the system library directory? What operating system are you using?
markkuk 13-Feb-12 7:00am View
No, nusoap isn't necessary if your PHP server supports the PHP SOAP extension There's also the PEAR SOAP package. Choose one of the three libraries and stick with it.
markkuk 11-Jan-12 9:11am View
Is your machine really running a SMTP server? Most likely you need to change the php.ini settings to point to a real mail server (for example your ISP).
markkuk 3-Jan-12 6:40am View
Have you read the answers and comments to your previous questions on this same subject? What Linux distribution are you using and why aren't you using the distro's package management system to install software?
markkuk 2-Jan-12 9:14am View
You must install the log4cpp-devel package as well to compile and link C++ programs that use the library.
markkuk 30-Dec-11 17:12pm View
See the "Tutorial" section under the link that Addy posted.
markkuk 30-Dec-11 7:39am View
That article has nothing to do with event logging or C++. Please try to explain more clearly what do you actually want.
markkuk 22-Dec-11 7:41am View
Use Ubuntu's package managment system to install eclipse-jdt, don't try to download firectly from the website.
markkuk 1-Dec-11 5:59am View
SMTP standard requires that lines end with the CR+LF combination.
markkuk 10-Nov-11 17:57pm View
Your code is a gaping security hole, not just because the use of vulnerable MD5 algorithm. The completely open possiblilty for SQL injection is even worse error.
markkuk 18-Oct-11 7:42am View
It compiles without errors on my Linux system (Fedora 14, G++ 4.5.1), which distribution and compiler version are you using?
markkuk 13-Oct-11 6:51am View
The file you have included in your question is client/cl_curl.h which isn't mentioned anywhere in the error log. I don't see anything at or near line 40 of the actual client/client.h that could cause the error, so perhaps you have managed to mangle the file beyond repair. Download a clean copy of the source from and try again.
markkuk 19-Sep-11 8:28am View
No, we won't do your homework for you. See the rules for posting section under the "FAQ" at the top of this page.
markkuk 21-Aug-11 6:00am View
This was already answered when you asked it the first time.
markkuk 4-Jul-11 13:46pm View
The hostname "localhost" and the IP address aren't specific to Windows, they work the same way in Linux or in any other OS with TCP/IP networking.
markkuk 21-Jun-11 5:56am View
So, what exactly is your goal? snprintf() or sprintf() store the formatted output in a character array, isn't that what you are tring to do?
markkuk 21-Jun-11 5:28am View
Is there any reason why you can't use snprintf() or sprintf()?
markkuk 14-Jun-11 5:16am View
You should use the higher-level interface provided by the ncurses library instead of trying to talk directly to gpm. There are several tutorials and examples provided for ncurses, but very little for gpm.
markkuk 14-Jun-11 4:49am View
PuTTY is alreay a XTerm emulator, the OP wants to write a program running inside PuTTY (or other text console), not a PuTTY replacement.
markkuk 26-May-11 6:25am View
Please don't post comments to answers as "solutions"
markkuk 23-May-11 6:52am View
C++ std:strings or C-style char* strings?
markkuk 19-May-11 15:33pm View
Kannel is a SMS gateway program, SMPP is a protocol used e.g. between SMS gateways and SMS service centers.
markkuk 2-May-11 16:55pm View
Repost of
Add comments or edit the question if you need clarification instead of posting essentially the same question again.
markkuk 1-May-11 14:04pm View
It's not an environment variable, it's a MySQL internal system variable.
markkuk 20-Apr-11 9:10am View
You should install gcc4-g++ instead of gcc-g++ in order to get the current compiler version (4.3.4) instead of the old GCC 3.4.
markkuk 11-Apr-11 6:28am View
You're missing an include file: asm/atomic.h. All following errors are caused by that one. Install the package that contains the required file.
markkuk 9-Apr-11 11:39am View
You can't use Borland C to build programs for Linux. Use GCC instead.
markkuk 4-Apr-11 5:39am View
Packet loss must always be expected with UDP. See:
markkuk 16-Mar-11 8:27am View
Why not use STL? Is this a typical homework assignment with nonsensical restrictions?
markkuk 7-Mar-11 18:19pm View
Qt doesn't have storage adapter descriptors. STORAGE_ADAPTER_DESCRIPTOR is a Windows structure used with Windows API functions, so reference to Qt in your question is completely irrelevant. See the MSDN documentation on how to use storage adapter descriptors with Windows API.
markkuk 26-Nov-10 12:01pm View
Remember to change the MySQL configuration to allow network connections and open port 3306 in the Fedora firewall.
markkuk 29-Sep-10 11:08am View
QT isn't a programming language, it's a class library and a set of development tools.
markkuk 28-Sep-10 17:38pm View
By reposting the question you are just making it more certain that you won't get any useful answers.
markkuk 16-Sep-10 16:34pm View
STL stack uses deque by default, but you can use any container template that provides back(), push_back() and pop_back() functions. Deque doesn't require contiguous memory and it may be implemented as an "array of arrays".