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coded007 4-Jan-16 2:48am View
Please can you post us error messages
coded007 30-Apr-15 4:04am View
Can u please let us know the inventory date format and your date picker date format so that we can help you in better way
coded007 14-Apr-15 9:48am View
Hi, can you please post error what you are getting while running SSIS package. So that we can help you in right way
coded007 10-Mar-15 6:54am View
Please check your table descriptions tbl_fs_emp_rel fs.c_emp_code is float datatype
coded007 5-Mar-15 3:02am View
Please can you post your transactions scope code
coded007 5-Mar-15 2:15am View
Have to tried any thing on this part.. if so please post it we will help you
coded007 5-Mar-15 2:12am View
try with this

ApprovedQty = count(d.ProductNo),
Installed = count(a.ProductNo) + count(r.ProductNo)
Despatch d
left join
Activation a
on d.ProductNo = a.ProductNo
and d.DispatchDate < a.ActivationDate
and d.LotQty = a.LotQty
left join
Replaced r
on d.ProductNo = a.ProductNo
and d.DispatchDate < r.RecordDate
d.LotQty = 20
group by
d.LotQty, d.DispatchDate
coded007 5-Mar-15 2:07am View
if possible please post some code here
coded007 2-Mar-15 7:12am View
Question is not clear.... please explain what exactly you want to dispaly
coded007 23-Feb-15 1:06am View
are you using connection string code in your script task ?
coded007 13-Jan-15 0:51am View
you can maintain username with State management techniques.
coded007 12-Jan-15 10:52am View
you can use Crystal Report for this
coded007 24-Sep-14 4:36am View
It was doing same thing as previous one does but it is not displaying windows credential tile.
coded007 18-Sep-14 3:14am View
Again here I am getting error from front end my front end code is

<% foreach (var item in Model) { %>

<%: Html.ActionLink("Edit", "Edit", new { id=item.EventId }) %> |
<%: Html.ActionLink("Details", "Details", new { id=item.EventId })%>


<%: item.EventName %>
<%: item.EventType %>
<%: String.Format("{0:dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss}", item.EventDate)%>
<%: item.Incharge %>

<% } %>

Please suggest me changes
coded007 11-Sep-14 4:33am View
Ask your administrator
coded007 8-Sep-14 4:30am View
is this a tree view or r u asking about querying in sql server
coded007 8-Sep-14 4:22am View
can you please mention about the steps you followed and table design
coded007 8-Sep-14 4:19am View
You are using '=' in where condition and you are saying you are using 'like' operator how ? can you please explain clearly about your problem
coded007 1-Sep-14 8:04am View
why are you converting @starttime and @endtime to varchar. Please use datetime datatype for parameters and try once.
coded007 1-Sep-14 2:46am View
Remove that condition in stored procedure
coded007 28-Aug-14 8:07am View
do you have image in your specified path?
coded007 28-Aug-14 8:02am View
what is the problem you are getting
coded007 28-Aug-14 7:41am View
Please try to run with "run as Administrator" option in win7
coded007 27-Aug-14 6:09am View
your data row doesnot have any data with in it
coded007 27-Aug-14 4:33am View
clean temporary database in sql server
coded007 27-Aug-14 4:32am View
you have missed to attach data source for the report
coded007 27-Aug-14 4:23am View
Administrator should add your accounts to report server
coded007 27-Aug-14 3:36am View
you need to use full text search
coded007 27-Aug-14 3:23am View
Do you have any custom report builder linked for report server?
coded007 26-Aug-14 2:08am View
do you need database structure to show this ?
coded007 26-Aug-14 2:02am View
You are converting salt password to hash password and comparing I hope it is the problem.
coded007 25-Aug-14 9:38am View
can you give us what error exactly it is showing
coded007 25-Aug-14 9:29am View
FileStream column means your column having varbinary datatype
coded007 25-Aug-14 9:20am View
Have you started report service
coded007 25-Aug-14 9:15am View
Have you tried it? if not, try and ask for help if it not works
coded007 25-Aug-14 9:10am View
are you using one value or set of values to update?
coded007 25-Aug-14 9:08am View
Do you referred CR dll's to the project ?
coded007 25-Aug-14 8:56am View
You need to write another FOR XML PATH Subquery for Session comparing with Schedule date. you will get exact output
coded007 25-Aug-14 2:15am View
can you give examples for column values for better understanding ?
coded007 25-Aug-14 2:13am View
can you give examples for column values for better understanding ?
coded007 25-Aug-14 2:02am View
Are you using any delimiters ?
coded007 20-Aug-14 9:04am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Better to suggest techniques to re-write sql query
coded007 20-Aug-14 8:53am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n better if explain munch more
coded007 20-Aug-14 5:21am View
pivoting with double header is not possible in SQL
coded007 14-Aug-14 9:45am View
can you please give us table structure you are defining
coded007 14-Aug-14 6:09am View
You can select members list by order by time and date
coded007 14-Aug-14 6:05am View
what do you mean by sql_inj ?
coded007 14-Aug-14 1:44am View
Problem is with e.LocationId = j.Jobid please verify once the Schemas of tables.
coded007 12-Aug-14 9:11am View
Please use connection string for this type of works
coded007 12-Aug-14 9:08am View
put order by key word at end of query.. :)
coded007 12-Aug-14 9:06am View
submit it to google/service provider
coded007 11-Aug-14 8:39am View
Repost one of same is
coded007 11-Aug-14 8:37am View
Reposted orginal question
coded007 11-Aug-14 8:31am View
Have you google this ?
coded007 11-Aug-14 8:30am View
why can't you use case statement ?
coded007 7-Aug-14 8:46am View
you can do order by at the end because you are getting V.visitor_datetime in query.
coded007 6-Aug-14 8:29am View
Question was too confusing
coded007 6-Aug-14 1:56am View
for SQL 2000 better way is write to cursor
coded007 5-Aug-14 10:18am View
Have you tried atleast once to do that? what is the condition you want intersection or union all.
coded007 5-Aug-14 9:29am View
Then take a variable and append 'C/O' to variable and pass it to insert statement
coded007 5-Aug-14 6:28am View
r u closing the object when you are existing it ?
coded007 5-Aug-14 5:50am View
what's that headache ?
coded007 5-Aug-14 5:40am View
Are you inserting data into table through stored procedure or through command in CS page
coded007 5-Aug-14 5:30am View
Append "C/O" to text box from where you are reading from front end.
coded007 5-Aug-14 5:28am View
I can help you if you send any piece of code from sql side. I hope problem is with your print query/stored procedure.
coded007 5-Aug-14 5:23am View
what is the help you need here ?
coded007 5-Aug-14 5:11am View
Please be clear about the question...
coded007 24-Jul-14 10:49am View
Have you google it ?
coded007 21-Jul-14 10:17am View
Have you clean your temp database and tried it ?
coded007 21-Jul-14 10:13am View
Try with Mr.Google you will get good tutorials
coded007 21-Jul-14 10:12am View
I think, blob is best one.
coded007 21-Jul-14 3:25am View
you need to handle this in SQL Query becoz Matrix report only shows the data you get from sql query.
coded007 21-Jul-14 3:23am View
We are able to see two calendars in SSRS 1. in BIDS and 2. after deployment both are two different calendars if you observe i want to change calendar of report manager (after deployement of report).
coded007 18-Jul-14 8:38am View
Can you please explain me in more detail.
coded007 7-Jul-14 10:44am View
Can you please post some more details clearly, to understand.
coded007 7-Jul-14 10:30am View
Regarding this contact your server tech support people. They will provide access to sql server, so that you can take backup.
coded007 7-Jul-14 6:30am View
what is the question in this ? you already mentioned you have no privilege for accessing sql database. so how can it possible. if problem is different please explain it
coded007 4-Jul-14 6:43am View
Do you have any tables specifying financial years?
coded007 4-Jul-14 1:55am View
This is not for ideas
coded007 3-Jul-14 3:17am View
can you give us some more considering fields so it will help to design best solution
coded007 28-Jun-14 2:06am View
This is not for disucssion. Try get some idea. we will help you if you present code not for idea
coded007 19-Jun-14 11:22am View
Please divide the procedures
coded007 19-Jun-14 11:11am View
I hope we can't generate bill code by customerid? Memebre10685464 please clear this
coded007 6-Jan-14 19:28pm View
Ok then! Thanks for postings.......
coded007 6-Jan-14 9:24am View
Please check the answer quoted by "Tharindu" he said that there will be a performance difference is it true ?
coded007 6-Jan-14 1:54am View
so it is saying that there will be little bit change in terms of performance. am I right ?
coded007 3-Jan-14 6:27am View
Dear All, Please find the link with respect i have doubt
coded007 3-Jan-14 4:04am View
I read some where it differs while inserting bulk data and searching BOL files. I need explanation for this
coded007 3-Jan-14 4:02am View
I know that d@nish but i didn't find any performance..... like this but it has it not clear
coded007 30-Dec-13 4:12am View
coded007 26-Dec-13 8:22am View
Some where you are missing format of parameter in stored procedure please check it
coded007 23-Dec-13 6:49am View
It will not roll back if you are following same process as you explained? check whole package once where it is going to back
coded007 19-Dec-13 9:42am View
Please explain us clearly what you want to commit ?
coded007 10-Dec-13 10:07am View
Two arrays of data and For each loop with in For each loop. In second for each loop i have execute sql task give this error.
coded007 10-Dec-13 7:57am View
Thanks Amit for your response. Nothing is working for me most one important thing is i need to maintain connection in OLEDB only
coded007 10-Dec-13 2:32am View
can you post some sample data for better understanding
coded007 3-Dec-13 5:48am View
Maciej Los I tried that but not work. I think we need to give some custom code to convert this
coded007 25-Nov-13 4:26am View
can post the output of profiler so that I can help you ?
coded007 25-Nov-13 4:18am View
What exactly you are going to do here
coded007 15-Nov-13 0:55am View
Please add code to a task executing at the end of the package or you can place this code on OnPostExecute Event, it will solve the problem
coded007 13-Nov-13 1:48am View
Good idea is you can maintain a survey asnwers with questionid,response and points you got. Please recheck your table sturcture
coded007 5-Nov-13 3:33am View
Please can you give us more clear explanation
coded007 31-Oct-13 2:43am View
you are converting it into varchar string format. Please don't to that. remove cast and try it
coded007 31-Oct-13 2:30am View
Ok again i have updated code section in solution please verify it
coded007 31-Oct-13 1:53am View
krishna i have provide a demo query you need to change it as you want
coded007 30-Oct-13 7:03am View
Please check solution code section i have updated the complete query with temp table
coded007 30-Oct-13 2:42am View
Sorry it's mistaken I have updated the query in solution please take a look
coded007 28-Oct-13 10:13am View
Can we have the code for "sp_MstState" ?
coded007 28-Oct-13 10:03am View
You need to Delete one item from Inventory or Subtract count from inventory count to achieve this
coded007 28-Oct-13 2:22am View
Can you please track the SP's which you are passing through. I hope there is a variables which has zero size.
coded007 28-Oct-13 1:57am View
Can you please post your code or input string to help you
coded007 25-Oct-13 8:27am View
Thanks for Instance response
coded007 24-Oct-13 7:27am View
I hope "DonorSTransaction.DONNO" is not a column in table "DonorSTransaction" table. If it is there pleas provide us table schema of tables you mentioned. It is suggestible to use objects for table to user understandability and readability.....
coded007 22-Oct-13 8:17am View
Have you checked Test paper code exists in the table
coded007 17-Oct-13 8:54am View
we need more explanation to understand your problem. Please explain and help us to solve your problem
coded007 15-Oct-13 2:55am View
Can you give any demo code and explain more clearly
coded007 15-Oct-13 2:50am View
It will effect both Customer and Information tables as you are designed with foreign key relation ship
coded007 15-Oct-13 2:44am View
can you post us clearly what you want to do
coded007 9-Oct-13 4:23am View
Then I hope some process or user is accessing your report please verify.
coded007 9-Oct-13 3:38am View
Check for readonly in the file properties.
coded007 3-Oct-13 8:08am View
can you please post stored procedure or check if it has (Nolock) conditions
coded007 3-Oct-13 7:55am View
So it should be "0.0" then y you want to remove (.) after value what make difference for that
coded007 3-Oct-13 7:53am View
try to take result of first query in temp table in join with date table in second query check the result
coded007 3-Oct-13 7:49am View
I hope it is not to be like "0" because you are adding 0.5 also @

"sum(case when user_leave_type=2 then 0.5 else 1 end)"

Please confirm once
coded007 27-Sep-13 7:11am View
There is a no such procedure, try to install BI studio so that you can achieve your task by creating SSIS jobs
coded007 27-Sep-13 7:07am View
Please give a try... please don't ask any source codes here if you post any sue do code we can help you further
coded007 26-Sep-13 9:46am View
use blob data type and give a try
coded007 26-Sep-13 9:45am View
pls post your code to help you
coded007 26-Sep-13 6:16am View
you can use convert(VARCHAR(20),getdate(),3) so that it will insert not a problem
coded007 26-Sep-13 2:04am View
write the delete queries one after one table.... We can help you, when you come up with demo code or sample piece of code
coded007 26-Sep-13 1:59am View
Just add another column in the table as increment and try to load the file. I will solves your problem
coded007 25-Sep-13 8:07am View
Try to disabel the trigger and stop sequencer to update it
coded007 25-Sep-13 7:46am View
use "StudentSubject" instead of "Max(StudentSubject)" query will work
coded007 25-Sep-13 1:43am View
Check with this

select O.EmployeeID,OD.ProductID,Sum(OD.UnitPrice*Quantity *(1-Discount)) as ToplamFiyat from Orders as o
inner join [Order Details] as OD on OD.OrderID=o.OrderID
inner join Products as p on p.ProductID=OD.ProductID
group by OD.ProductID,o.EmployeeID
order by OD.ProductID
coded007 25-Sep-13 1:29am View
Can you please provide table structures so that we can help you better
coded007 25-Sep-13 1:15am View
I am unable to find your subquery in main query
coded007 24-Sep-13 10:42am View
Configure DB mail in Sql server
coded007 17-Sep-13 7:44am View
Presisted is not the function it is a key word please go through the link
I am removing this key word.
coded007 17-Sep-13 7:29am View
Have checked with instance name
coded007 17-Sep-13 0:57am View
Have checked through query analyzer
coded007 17-Sep-13 0:29am View
Can you post query so that we can help you more.....
coded007 21-Aug-13 4:38am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Looks good
coded007 7-Jul-12 2:33am View
first please explain your application requirement
coded007 7-Jul-12 2:22am View
are you retrieving placing physically or dynamically
coded007 7-Jul-12 2:21am View
have you placed script manager in the master page
coded007 4-Feb-12 23:31pm View
Please check once the problem if you are not able to solve please post a question other wise not
coded007 17-Jan-12 10:26am View
Check with Field operators in the report they have option to suppress and you have to query it perfectly for your requirement
coded007 17-Jan-12 10:20am View
Have you ever tried ssrs reports
coded007 29-Dec-11 10:58am View
It's Java Script error in IFrame. Please check it once!!!


coded007 27-Dec-11 9:16am View
edited "pre" tags
coded007 27-Dec-11 9:14am View
it's been so long but it was not sync'ed and when download now button in technical blog list is not working for me
coded007 27-Dec-11 4:53am View
I have added blog a week before and i have added tag to blog just 2 hrs back
coded007 27-Dec-11 4:38am View
Raja thanks, I have done as process but my blog is unable to download i have no result display till now
coded007 27-Dec-11 0:33am View
Thanks for your contribution, How to add it to wordpress blogs
coded007 26-Dec-11 5:10am View
You need to put some effort on it.
coded007 22-Dec-11 23:45pm View
Unless you post code we can't help you. Please post code
coded007 22-Dec-11 23:27pm View
You have to show in question only
coded007 22-Dec-11 8:14am View
Had you tried ??
coded007 21-Dec-11 4:45am View
Please post any snippet so that cp can help you
coded007 21-Dec-11 3:14am View
Reason for my vote of 4
I like it
coded007 20-Dec-11 1:03am View
Can you please give snippet so that exactly we solve
coded007 18-Dec-11 5:59am View
i believe the problem is with


statement please remove and check it
coded007 15-Dec-11 8:38am View
can you post function or code that you are using to bind data grid
coded007 13-Dec-11 3:43am View use this link see second solution of this question
coded007 8-Dec-11 5:15am View
Can you please give me sample code
coded007 7-Dec-11 3:40am View
Question is incomplete.... I think we may require more information to solve your probelm
coded007 7-Dec-11 1:18am View
can you show me database table description to solve it
coded007 5-Dec-11 21:56pm View
can you tell me exactly user need to select each record and export or directly he can export number of records
coded007 5-Dec-11 3:10am View
Please give in detail so that we may help you :)
coded007 2-Dec-11 21:27pm View
How many Points i require to achieve status
coded007 30-Nov-11 23:48pm View
Can you please post a pseudo code for understanding your problem
coded007 30-Nov-11 23:16pm View
Please use Fund ID's also in list view so it will be helpful
coded007 30-Nov-11 23:12pm View
Are you committing dataset anywhere
coded007 28-Nov-11 22:01pm View
can you give sample code which you are using
coded007 27-Nov-11 22:36pm View
Check whether you are using or not
coded007 27-Nov-11 0:47am View
Please tell what need by you ?
coded007 26-Nov-11 8:08am View
Please reverse the code which your are using for insertion from text box to database....
coded007 18-Nov-11 12:09pm View
Please check permissions of the user whether user has permissions to execute ssis package or not
coded007 18-Nov-11 3:16am View
can you please put a screen shot
coded007 18-Nov-11 0:14am View
Which Reports are you want weather Crystal Reports or Sql Server Reports and on which platform you need