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Comments by Kasunmit (Top 54 by date)

Kasunmit 19-Nov-10 5:51am View    
yep correct it is a printning mistake
Kasunmit 19-Nov-10 5:51am View    
but quary is running with out error in oracle side ...
Kasunmit 17-Nov-10 23:43pm View    
but still having that error :( pls help ..
Kasunmit 17-Nov-10 22:01pm View    
thank you very much for ur help pete ...
Kasunmit 14-Nov-10 9:08am View    
and need to another thing if i need to inert more than one as a example i need to enter eSID and NAME how can i use ur code for it pls write this as a answer thanx