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Comments by wizardzz (Top 200 by date)

wizardzz 18-Jul-16 14:41pm View    
Thanks, I will do. It looks like this is possible by calling C# via node.js using AWS Lambda. Unfortunately, it might not work with some of the 3rd party libraries I use.
wizardzz 18-Jul-16 14:17pm View    
I thought that AWS was able to kick off worker tasks/scripts in say ruby or java?
wizardzz 18-Jul-16 13:38pm View    
Amazon Web Services. My understanding is that you can use AWS to kick off an exe that is not a web service? Let's say, for example, I write a c# console application that I run to parse data from an xml file on a website, and output that data to db or file, etc. And I want to call that job every hour.
wizardzz 1-Mar-16 10:00am View    
Are you able to try regex to split the columns? Is the data space or tab delimited when you read it to a string?
wizardzz 20-May-15 17:06pm View    
I will shortly.