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Boost2010 5-Feb-11 12:09pm View
Thanks For you support Forum!

But on my research i have found a nice shortcut..
very effective and true no need of tray icon, dll imports, or any delegate, enum etc

only a four line code in main form and done.
Boost2010 4-Feb-11 7:05am View
Please its Urgent..
Boost2010 4-Feb-11 6:24am View
Thanks i have already voted, actually i want to unhide the application by clicking on its shortcut icon which is placed on Desktop after its installation, or by running application from start menu.
Boost2010 4-Feb-11 3:17am View
Thanks for your suggestions, The thing i am trying to do is like hide the Form using
now the process is running in background.
if i want to veiw the form again i simply click on the desktop icon or open it from Start menu,
For that i was trying to Something like method in Main() and get back the focus of main again.
Th above method is great but how to open that form on simply clicking on the desktop icon as other applications do.
Thanks in advance.