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bhuvamehul 15-Jul-13 8:36am View
Provide some your code so we can get more idea.
bhuvamehul 9-Jul-13 3:20am View
when we assign dataset as datasource of gridview then it will set all rows of table to gridview. There is no need to use for loop because in query we just get all rows which we want and those rows assign to gridview by setting it's datasource property.
other issue is I think with name keyword. try query like:
Select * from finalsort where [name]='" & ComboBox1.SelectedItem & "'"

otherwise take ComboBox1.SelectedText

May be it works
bhuvamehul 9-Jul-13 1:10am View
If there is no issue with database connection then this will definitely work.
bhuvamehul 9-Jul-13 0:55am View
So,just change in first line like this:

dim str as String=ComboBox1.SelectedText
bhuvamehul 8-Jul-13 8:15am View
what ever you want. Based on which name you want to retrieve data from database.
bhuvamehul 6-Jul-13 1:03am View
Sure help you If I can. Tell me
bhuvamehul 4-Jul-13 7:59am View
I already tried this solution also but in this case problem is from website we can not execute exe on client side directly. But I also found solution for that and done exactly same.