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Albin Abel 3-Dec-11 4:00am View
Hi Change your path here
bmp = new Bitmap(Application.StartupPath + "//test.jpg");

and here...if (System.IO.File.Exists(Application.StartupPath + "//test.jpg") != true)

Better have a path variable string path="....."; and then use it in the required places. Regards

Albin Abel 19-May-11 7:39am View
Forgot to add the server tansfer won't work properly with IIS7 integrated pipeline mode. You may need to use TransferRequest instead.
Albin Abel 19-May-11 6:35am View
Needs more information about are these assemblies runs in the same process or different, same domain or different. Also little more explanation of the task you are trying to achieve. Thanks
Albin Abel 19-May-11 6:02am View
This question you are pointing to whom? Whatever it is "YourApplogin" is simply an identity for the cookie, just to identify the particular cookie from other cookies. It can be any name
Albin Abel 19-May-11 4:56am View
Thanks Espen Harlinn
Albin Abel 19-May-11 4:55am View
Right. I recommend your solution
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:53am View
Ofcourse layout panel sounds for better layouts. Good solution. My 5
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:52am View
Good alternative to anchors. My 5
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:52am View
Anchors are good too. The cosmic force by Newton until Einstein suggested the other way. But still agreeable. Whatever forces exists it is unavoidable cosmic collisions sometime. My 5 for anchors can be used effectively if the form designed carefully.
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:44am View
My 5
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:42am View
My 5
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:28am View
My 5,
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:20am View
Good Answer. My 5
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:12am View
Right Answer. My 5. A valuable point added by Sandeep as well.
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:11am View
Sorry not agreed with this, what if there is a new parameter added?. Going to edit the function again. Our old school teacher taught something extensible would be fine, but not keep on modifying. :). I voted 4 for this
Albin Abel 17-May-11 6:08am View
No idea who down voted this. But I feel this is a viable idea too. Look at my answer. My 5+
Albin Abel 17-May-11 5:06am View
Thanks Sandeep Mewara
Albin Abel 17-May-11 5:05am View
Thanks shms_rony
Albin Abel 17-May-11 5:04am View
Thanks SAKryukov
Albin Abel 16-May-11 19:25pm View
Good one. My 5
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:45am View
Helpful collections. My 5
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:40am View
I think using reflection only we can get meta data information of private members. Can't access or execute it. But if you are sure I will update my brain, no time to try it now :)
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:34am View
My 5
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:34am View
My 5
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:24am View
Very good points. Point 2 should be a better option than the first point. Event log is another better pulse meter. My 5
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:19am View
You need to tell me display or draw. Drawn can't be removed easily, unless using intensive image processing algorithms. My solution offers you to display graphics over the image, which responds clicks + other events. Whatever graphics you drawn on the panel or removed. Let it sync with a Graphic data in a Dictionary. Once you finalize the graphics (probably a save method) you can draw those graphics to the image permanently. Is this helpful?
Albin Abel 16-May-11 6:14am View
Thanks SAKryukov. Yet to browse your answers with interesting facts. :)
Albin Abel 16-May-11 5:08am View
String sorted by the matching from left to right (in usual cases). So white space at the tail end will not have a significant effect when considering the content. White space at the beginning has an impact while ordering.Agreed. But why this should be worried when inserting the data. While inserting database not going to worry about ordering. Ordering occurs when we demand i.e querying. I think OP says the database doesn't follow the order in the same way he added the data.
Albin Abel 15-May-11 15:20pm View
Very informative article
Albin Abel 15-May-11 15:16pm View
These could be possible reasons. 5
Albin Abel 15-May-11 14:56pm View
Tell me the scope of the project and what are the tiers. There would be a presentation and Data Access. What is the other tier? Business model?. Separate you data access logic to a tier. You may sent to and from a dataset to the presentation layer if not model involved. In this case the presentation depends of the dataset structure. If you want to involve a model then (as your case is data driven) create objects that represents the table row (kind of active record). Your data access layer populate these objects and the presentation depends on these objects, not on the persistence structure directly. Something similar LinQ does. Access data through objects. More coding isn't it? Thats why I suggested if simple then keep it simple. More to do if really a separation needs. These are the simple suggestions I can give right now. You may expect better solutions from others. Good luck
Albin Abel 15-May-11 14:43pm View
Hi Sandeep. Thanks a lot for formatting. You are right , there is a little break. :)
Albin Abel 15-May-11 13:01pm View
Order By is useful for OP. 5
Albin Abel 15-May-11 13:00pm View
Right, for various reasons the order we insert won't reflect in the physical order in the database. 5
Albin Abel 7-May-11 17:18pm View
sure. My 5
Albin Abel 7-May-11 17:16pm View
I think my vote can transit through wire/ wireless.
Albin Abel 3-May-11 6:37am View
lol the union function deprecated
Albin Abel 3-May-11 6:33am View
Informative link. My 5
Albin Abel 3-May-11 6:30am View
Right What stoping him using a wizard control instead of muddle with pages. My 5 for choices
Albin Abel 3-May-11 6:16am View
5 on behalf of OP
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:59am View
How about intersect, how about union. Basically the tables needs a relationship. My 5, join is an option
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:57am View
This is correct. When the two tables are not related why people even think of display it together. My 5
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:54am View
Thanks S Mewara. How you prefer us to call you Sandeep / Mewara /Sandeep Mewara or S Mewara
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:52am View
Thanks Ashismau
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:52am View
Thanks Ankur. I have read your answer int i= new int(); can be also simply int i=0 in this case; However your answer has a valid reason, in some cases the default constructor do beautiful work where we don't know how to initialize the value type or doing that is tedious. I given my 5
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:46am View
Right I get your 2 cents and sell a vote of 5
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:45am View
In your link the discussion is about a wrapper object on the primitive type. However my 5 for add on information to OP.
Albin Abel 3-May-11 5:43am View
Right. My 5
Albin Abel 3-May-11 3:02am View
Oops, you win me. My 5
Albin Abel 2-May-11 14:47pm View
Right, you were talking about syntax, these lamda syntax is not common to all languages
Albin Abel 2-May-11 9:12am View
Your syntax is c#, but this model is applicable to other object oriented languages as well, except the predicate things. :)
Albin Abel 2-May-11 0:07am View
My 5 for language independent semanatics. This way provide little flexibility to the user class how to use the interface implementation, whereas encapsulating the interface methods hinders further flexibility. void IFirst.A() { FirstHelper.A(); } and I have flexibility to use void IFirst.A() { NewHelper.A(); }. By design I like this way. Nishant's answer satisfy Verma's question. So question answered and you solution is a better design. :) 5++
Albin Abel 1-May-11 15:46pm View
You are right. Sql server 2008 supports a date type. In that case you can store that dummy time string, but trim it while retrieving. Alternatively instead of storing datetime, convert the date to timestamp (millseconds) and store. While retrieving convert back to date. You want to store only date part, but you haven't explained why you want that?. When you modify your question add explanation why you want that. So you may get good suggestions. Good luck
Albin Abel 30-Apr-11 14:49pm View
Sure, my 5++
Albin Abel 30-Apr-11 14:48pm View
Hi Nishant, It is nice to meet you everywhere too. :) :)
Albin Abel 30-Apr-11 6:18am View
Hi VermaManish, Is the response solved your issue or still waiting for a better response? :)
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 23:44pm View
My 5.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 23:44pm View
My 5. Looks like OP forgot to vote.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 23:42pm View
My 5. You spot the problem
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 23:41pm View
Good, this makes OP think a little. my 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 23:38pm View
Thanks SAKryukov. Waiting for Op to respond.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 16:16pm View
My 5, good alternative
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 16:03pm View
Good question. My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 16:01pm View
My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 16:00pm View
I agree with you. My 5 shared between the solution and the comments.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 15:57pm View
Sharp catch and great effort . My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 15:51pm View
Also provide information is there is any error.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 15:48pm View
show me what you did, we could start from there.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 15:45pm View
I got this same behaviour in IE, strangely not in firefox. Let us consider this as a bug as of now and will do research later. Thanks for notifying this.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 15:04pm View
Thanks Monjurul Habib.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 15:03pm View
Glad to know you have solved the problem. But it is still a puzzle why an Image button given that issue and also the css link to the modal popup. I tried with an image button it works fine. What you had at the css style of it. I will try to emulate the problem here and update you later.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 14:07pm View
Are you saying the page_load firing more than once in a single page cycle and !IsPostback true at every time?. If so post your code snippets. We will try to help.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 12:54pm View
If your sql table column is of type 'date' then you can pass this string in your insert/ update query. Are you asking about how to formulate the query and execute in
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 12:42pm View
enum MyType
False = 0,
True = 1,
Null = 2,
Vote = 5
} :)
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 12:37pm View
Here are few links

This one compares session and personalization

Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 12:07pm View
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 12:04pm View
Thanks Nishant
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 11:53am View
My 5. Op is out luck without using any kind of client scripts.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 11:52am View
hi divyesh RegisterStartupScriptBlock not escaped from javascript. My 5. Op can't do it without a kind of client scripting.
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 11:43am View
Good links and reusable answer. :) 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 11:23am View
Good Answer. My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 5:39am View
Hmm still human brain do better than a computer logic. My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 5:36am View
Good Explanation. My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 5:35am View
Good Information. My 5
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 5:32am View
Thanks Olivier Levrey
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 1:05am View
Well. I agree your mapping is good if the filenames some way match the index. But what I was discussing about different points. Whatever array or dictionary my point is same. As we need to dispose the bitmap exclusively and assume there are multiple references to a single bitmap object. The bitmap is disposed through one reference. Now the references are still not null, but it won't hold a bitmap. Then we access the bitmap through these references it throws exception. For example you are passing the bitmap to a function as argument.

private void myBitmapMetaInformationRetriver(Bitmap bmp)

This function is little cautious function disposing the bitmap which it received. Now you call this function as myBitmapMetaInformationRetriver(bitmaps[0]);. Oh you lose the bitmap in your array. That is the point I was discussing about and I suggested keep the array of data instead of the bitmap object. My assumption might be theoretical, but just an information.

My 5 for the mapping idea and nice to meet you after a small gap :)
Albin Abel 28-Apr-11 0:46am View
Thanks Parveen Rathi. But me and nit_singh have question that in a single group the marks will be same or different. If different what is your criteria to select. If my query it selects the first row in a group.
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 14:22pm View
Looks like there is a good response. :)
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 14:17pm View
the timer can be disposed anywhere. But not getting what you mean by "so that when it is about 0 ,I will stop the pause?"
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 13:56pm View
That depends on Processor speed, so can't be calculated exactly for a second. I improved my solution with thread interrupt method. This runs the timer and when timer elapsed the slept thread wake up. You may have a look
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:36pm View
Sharp answer. 5
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:36pm View
Looks like Op forgot to vote. My 5 and 5 on behalf of OP
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:34pm View
Right so I want to ask a question. How to implement finger print reader with as a login mechanism. :) my 5 +5 for Ankur
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:28pm View
Good links. My 5
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:27pm View
Good call. My 5
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:23pm View
Yes OP question is not clear. However the links provide good information. My 5.
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:16pm View
Thanks Sandeep
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:15pm View
I think OP hasn't solved the issue yet. Thanks for your voting
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:14pm View
Thanks Sandeep. I given this information after OP accepted Walter's answer. Just to inform the way for a custom license managing. Software cracking is a continuing story and so far ready made solutions are cracked. So when OP thinks of implementing his own way this information is a little help for him. Thanks for your voting
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:11pm View
Thanks Sandeep
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:04pm View
Simple and good information. My 5
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 12:00pm View
Good links. My 5
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 11:55am View
Supposed to be. OP wants to select one row in each group. You have (2 6) (2 4) in one set and (2 4) (2 6) on the other. 6 will be selected in the first query and 4 will be selected in the second query. "that if the grp is same then it count single rows" this is what OP told. Single row can be nth row which can be accomplished by changing the RowNumber=n for each group. But then your distinct will select both (2 6) and (2 4) in to account. If OP has a condition that all values inside the group are same why can't OP simply use a average aggregate instead of all complex thinking.
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 11:47am View
Thanks Sandeep
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 11:46am View
You asked me to try. I tried and got answer 28. I told already why it is. As per your words.."If you notice combination of grp and marks is similar for every group" Why you made a assumption like that, the table may have other columns or the marks may not similar inside a group. I suggested that option also in my answer, if the marks are same inside the group simply average would work. In that case jayantbramhankar's answer is simple enough where replace the sum with avg (average). As OP didn't given that condition the marks inside the group always same then I simply can't assume it.
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 11:18am View
Hi Sandeep, no problem. Though it doesn't work it is a good try. I upvote your 3 to 5. :)
Albin Abel 27-Apr-11 11:09am View
Hi nit_singh have you checked your query?. It won't work. You know why you are using distinct * which select all the rows because all the row combination is unique with all rows.
Albin Abel 25-Apr-11 13:22pm View
"By assigning it to a double you are deliberately saying "get rid of all the non-number parts of sub1". I just don't want to allow this option anyway in my code. I know the consequences later. Your solution is still there, It is their choice they use it or not, but they should be aware of this potential problem i.e how to use this manual. That is all about I say. Thanks
Albin Abel 25-Apr-11 12:34pm View
Let us say this is the class.
public class ScorableSubject
public double MarksScored { get; set; }
public string Name{get;set;}
public static implicit operator double(ScorableSubject from)
return from.MarksScored;
public static implicit operator ScorableSubject(double from)
return new ScorableSubject { MarksScored = from };

And then I use it like this...

ScorableSubject sub1 = new ScorableSubject();
sub1.MarksScored = 50;
sub1.Name = "Maths";

double dummy = sub1;

ScorableSubject sub2 = (ScorableSubject)dummy;

What will be sub2.Name?
Albin Abel 25-Apr-11 4:57am View
Hi Sandeep this solution has a problem which is not advisable unless otherwise fixed. Look at my comment.
Albin Abel 25-Apr-11 4:57am View
Hi RaviRnjankr this solution has a problem which is not advisable unless otherwise fixed. Look at my comment.
Albin Abel 25-Apr-11 4:56am View
Hi MacMaverick this solution has a problem which is not advisable unless otherwise fixed. Look at my comment.
Albin Abel 25-Apr-11 4:54am View
Hi I was trying to use this solution but then found a very potential problem. As you said "I'm too long in the tooth of strongly typed languages ", where your solution 100% violate this. As you implemented your object is no more typed. For example

ScorableSubject subject1 = new ScorableSubject();
subject1.MarksScored = 50;

double dummy = subject1;
Here a great risk that the object degraded to a value type and not typed any more. Where as the above solution CommonArithmatic object is not convertible in such a way unless the conversion logic defined inside it. So I am still stick to the dynamic object in this case.
Albin Abel 24-Apr-11 11:32am View
Could you find the difference in the sent string and the received string at the client side?. If no difference then post your xml string here.
Albin Abel 23-Apr-11 12:12pm View
I think I already answered your question. Yours is an alternate solution, but does your question sounds like one should not use's string builder?, then I completely disagree. It is just a usability choice to get a plum cake though you point to a chocolate cake. The main idea of ajax framework is bring the server side controls accessible at client side as well and use the same syntax style. If one knows c# then they can follow the same style at javascript. Such a novel idea is expressed in string builder class. My tip already having the header saying it is for users so string builder syntax is more familiar than native javascripts.

As you said "If OOP purity is your requirement, then create a stringBuilder class based on the above". sys,StringBuilder doing the same plus in a c#/ .Net friendly way. Did you read the last line of my tip? Sometimes I can eat whatever available ready than I myself become the baker man.

What is the problem you think depend on in a page? At client side everything rendered as html and native javascript (specifically oops oriented). Somebody tell you independent solution, but all their aspx pages has 100s of server controls. Is that means only javascript should be independent?!. In contrast it is friendly than do native javascript for a .Net developer.

Let us take a few examples...
var sb = new Sys.StringBuilder();
sb.append("Hello World ");
sb.append(String.format("You are now {0} years old", 5));
sb.append(String.format("I got {0:c} ", 50));
sb.append(String.format("I got dollors {0:n} ", 1200));
This style is not unfamiliar to a .Net programmer. But how you cook it in native javascript? May be you know elegant ways. But not a .Net developer.

So consider your tip as alternative. Ofcourse your tip has advantages. But don't keep on knocking "Why not simply". Simply not means something what the computer easily understand, but what people easily understand. Ajax library is one of the novel approach for .Net developers to do things in the .Net way.

Why somebody create a jQuery framework when everything possible by a native javascript. Same way stringbuilder is a framework class. My idea is just expose it to the beginner .Net developers. What is wrong in it. Why they must use native javascript?

Albin Abel 21-Apr-11 13:19pm View
The question "Why not" is not relevant. Your method has advantage, little faster and cross browser compatible. So it is an alternative. The basic difference is object oriented programing and classical coding. StringBuilder class is object oriented and extensible. So you could expect add on methods in feature. So your question like is simply "why jQuery why not simply javascript"
Albin Abel 21-Apr-11 12:13pm View
Good answer. 5
Albin Abel 21-Apr-11 12:02pm View
What you are trying to do is display the file in browser. Only supported files can be displayed. For simply downloading just a hyperlink of the virtual path of the file is fine. What exactly you are trying to do?
Albin Abel 21-Apr-11 10:02am View
You are welcome John
Albin Abel 21-Apr-11 10:01am View
Additional to my answer for your query "child window of some sort"...It is not a child window but a DIV element with absolute positioned. The javascript is behind to show, hide or load the bigger image using ajax.
Albin Abel 19-Apr-11 14:07pm View
Thanks Jeffrey Enzo. I given a general idea to this issue. I am not sure of the exact hierarchy of namespaces in his example. So as Henry Minute suggested Aerryc could communicate with the author of the article. That would be better.
Albin Abel 18-Apr-11 6:58am View
Hi debug and see is the flow travels in the right path. By the way what you are having in imageData.
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 21:45pm View
Thanks SAKryukov.
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 16:30pm View
Right. For that reason as Fabio V Silva said use the leave event handler not the lost focus..
private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
textBox1.Leave+=new EventHandler(textBox1_Leave);
private void textBox1_Leave(object sender, EventArgs e)
Form2 testDialog = new Form2();
if (testDialog.ShowDialog(this) == DialogResult.OK)
Don't forgot to return correct dialog result from the dialog form. good luck
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 14:48pm View
But I guess IsValidData() is a business logic, hopefully return a bool. Do you suggest mix it up with UI?. Actually the error is here if(M.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK) :)
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 13:34pm View
I was thinking about your tip and trick to give in my answer as an additional point, but then just forgot the link. I will bookmark it now. :). My 5
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 13:31pm View
My 5
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 13:07pm View
You supposed to find the label from rows or columns?
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 13:04pm View
Hi Lady Malie, Accord.Net is an extension of AForge.Net. You can find the information of image filters of AForge.Net from here

If you want to have custom kernels then it is explained here ..

To startwith you have to download Aforge.Net and install..Then you may follow this code project article for a few exercises

Hoping I have provided enough information
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 12:39pm View
What you are trying to achieve? any PC connected in network will be having an ip. We can guess your machine ip is not a static. But wrong guesses are costlier. So better provide more information.
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 12:09pm View
Correct Answer. My 5.
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 11:38am View
"sends back a response to the server" terminology little confusing. Could you is server or server process or client?
Albin Abel 17-Apr-11 10:10am View
Thanks SAKryukov
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 22:56pm View
my 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 22:31pm View
Good links. 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 15:44pm View
It is a great explanations
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 15:43pm View
Right answer
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 15:42pm View
Good answers.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 15:37pm View
Good answer
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 15:36pm View
Good Answer
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:34pm View
Thanks Abhinav. That is the only event available in the smtpClient class :)
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:23pm View
Good and detailed advice. "Also Websites don't get designed in ASP.NET / Visual Studio, they get designed in Photoshop/Fireworks ect" = Not even photoshop/ Firework, supposed to be in a artistic brain :). My 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:20pm View
Good advice.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:15pm View
Good links. My 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:15pm View
Good link. My 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:05pm View
Simple and correct. My 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:03pm View
Agreed. Credentials has to be encrypted.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:02pm View
5. roles and password
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:02pm View
Agreed. 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:01pm View
Good answer. 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 13:59pm View
Op said he is a fresher and these links are right one to start. My 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 13:55pm View
Good guidance. my 5
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 13:49pm View
Right said. my 5 :)
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 13:48pm View
my 5. just now he increased the view of his question :)
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 13:45pm View
Thanks Sandeep. May be Op didn't like the answer.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 11:24am View
Clear the cookies when logout.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 11:14am View
Alternatively you can just use scriptmanager. it works well most of the time
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 10:54am View
it trim out the code. Ill add up in my answer.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 10:53am View
looks like this question is solved. the code, right here

echo "Let me see If I can connect to the database.....";
$myObj= new MyDbWrapper();
$myObj->connectAndSelectDb('not existing db');
echo "Yes I am the winner";
}catch (Exception $e)
echo $e;
<!-- your htmls here-->
<input type="text" name="text1" /><br/>
<input type="text" name="text2" /><br/>
<input type="text" name="text2" /><br/>
<div>Scrape whatever you want</div>

class MyDbWrapper

function connectAndSelectDb($dbName)
throw new Exception(mysql_error(). "... Oops an error");


Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 10:04am View
Hi don't repost your question. Follow up there in your previous question
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 9:43am View
Thanks Dalek Dave
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 8:20am View
Good solution.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 8:13am View
Your sample site using a flash. if you are going to do it in javascript then you are going to do a mini project. Search google you may luckily find some jQuery stuff.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 8:07am View
Windows opened by you? Yes close it. You got many answers I hope. Windows opened by the user, please don't think about closing it.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 6:47am View
My 5 for the additional information :)
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 6:46am View
Thanks Ankur
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 6:45am View
Thanks Ripon. Even you can add the runat="server" to html elements as well. Because .Net has a bunch of classes at the System.Web.UI.HtmlControls which can be instantiated at the server for the corresponding html markup. Simply html elements also accepts the runat server attribute. Just an add on information
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 6:04am View
No worries.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 5:57am View
It is possible, but Server controls has more flexibility and usability. So if you want simply pass some value from browser to server you can use html else use server control. Look at my answer for your question
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 5:56am View
Ankur everything renders as html (the form tags). And posting is simply a http post. Still we have Request object in asp.Net.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 4:41am View
You may try string sName=Server.MapPath(@"mydata\myfile.txt"); sometime it may due to path issue as well. You are trying to write a file on the virtual path. That is not allowed. You have to use the physical path. If that also not works you may need to check the write permission on application folders and get help from the hosting.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 4:03am View
You can access the data files and databases inside app_data (read and write), no issues.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 2:25am View
Try after clearing your cache
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 0:37am View
Each own has its own advantage and disadvantage. And it is purely depends on your requirement too. Get your hand wet that would be the best way to choose one. Their manuals would help you to go through.
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 0:27am View
Right. Long running process can be delegated to background threads. But you can't predict the order that first thread finish the job first. If you make it order it will be mess enough. Let us take your example. Say you have crated 5 threads to read a same resource and another 5 threads to do a simple arithmatic. If there is a order then the five threads which do a simple task has to wait a long time. That is just ugly. So this gate allows every one get a chance some time. If there is a order then one thread perform an infinite loop will block everybody else. But there are priorities. Even in the peak traffic the fire engine get a way to go. Like that high priority threads get high chance of entering in to CPU. However you controlling the time a single thread can spend on the resource using the reader and writer lock. As you are learning I am posting an another example code which explains it.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 23:12pm View
Oops this comment box just trimming the closing tags. So I understood it did on your comment as well.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 23:08pm View
Hi Lonnie Raffray, Is that is your original markup. if so it has few issues like parameters not wrapped in quotes and the elements are not closed. Anyway I have tried this...My markup
<asp:DropDownList ID="DDL_ClassCode" runat="server" Width="400px" AutoPostBack="true" >

<asp:ListSearchExtender ID="LSE_ClassCode" runat="server"
Enabled="True" TargetControlID="DDL_ClassCode" IsSorted="true">

My code behind

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!IsPostBack)
ListItem item1 = new ListItem("Item1", "1");
ListItem item2 = new ListItem("Item2", "2");
DDL_ClassCode.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(DDL_ClassCode_SelectedIndexChanged);


protected void DDL_ClassCode_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

There is no issues. The event fires when i click any item with mouse. I just wonder is there a compatibility issue between and ajax toolkit. I am using c# with .Net framework 4
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 15:36pm View
Right solution. My 5
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 15:28pm View
my 5
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 15:16pm View
Good points. my 5
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 15:00pm View
Hi chander rani I saw all your four questions are just two lines of explanation. you can use google translator from your language to english. Hope that helps. As of now to question confuses every one.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 14:22pm View
"click" still fire the selectedindexchanged event with the extender also. Try this
<asp:UpdatePanel runat="server">
<asp:DropDownList AutoPostBack="true" OnSelectedIndexChanged="dl_SelectChanged" ID="DropDownList1" runat="server">
<asp:ListItem Text="Item1">
<asp:ListItem Text="Item2">

<asp:ListSearchExtender ID="DropDownList1_ListSearchExtender" runat="server"
Enabled="True" TargetControlID="DropDownList1" >

then in the code behind
protected void dl_SelectChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 13:50pm View
If you want something to do when user types something you can use TextChanged event
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 13:45pm View
SelectIndexChanged supposed run after user selects something. Usually that is by hitting the enter or tab or a mouse click. Which action you want to raise that event? I mean which action ensures user selected something. If you tell that we will try to help write a custom event.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 13:42pm View
The very first question is if the methods has to be executed one by one then why we need multiple threads?
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 13:14pm View
Hi Lonnie Raffray which event you are expecting to fire before enter or tab?
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:36am View
Right agreed. "join competitions" well sometimes it help you do raise the adrenalin. But I just like to follow the winners :). My 5
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:33am View
Good advice. my 5+. I have seen many times in questions "is any one there" "is any one can help". I think simply "help me" would do.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:28am View
agreed. This is the universal rule. not only in programming. my 5+
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:27am View
Good amount of useful information here. my 5+
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:25am View
Hi SAKryukov I agree with all points. Not only the bosses but the clients also wants something work and get it in a short time. Not the quality. Even a business booming here get a website in an hour, nothing but just increase the traffic over internet. Even there is fact that many small projects they look for the "cool stuff" i.e the UI design and don't like any exceptions thrown. If they would see a single exception you will get a comment "The site looks good, but the program not working fine". Thanks for reminding me again work for myself first. my 5+.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:12am View
Good suggestion. Access has its problems. my 5
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 9:07am View
Thanks Espen Harlinn
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 8:08am View
This is fine. My 5
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 8:02am View
Sorry Abhinav, this does not work basically.
Albin Abel 15-Apr-11 4:37am View
Hi ShajanCherian, you asked for code. It is very difficult to guess the mess on your table to give a perfect code. We can give you guidelines or else if you asked for code then we need to handle your project. Look at my answer.
Albin Abel 13-Apr-11 6:27am View
So why can't use the tab container itself? Ajax tool kit has a tab container control. Have a look at this
Albin Abel 12-Apr-11 16:21pm View
You just want to strip the time part from the display? just format the string like this <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Date","{0:MM/dd/yyyy}") %>' >
Albin Abel 12-Apr-11 16:07pm View
my 5
Albin Abel 12-Apr-11 16:05pm View
my 5

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