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perilbrain 16-Feb-13 7:57am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n No Source just nothing..
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 10:59am View
No doing that way wont help, because you will still end up leaving so much of memory leaks.In breadOCRMODIAxCtrl you are trying to release objects before catch statement so if any error occurs there will be memory leak.Put release routines below catch so that if any of them is allocated(NOT NULL) it will be deallocated.
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 7:08am View
this implies value is getting set somewhere. why dont you try ob->m_MIDOCtrl=this->m_MIDOCtrl and see if its working.
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 6:53am View
hard to say yes, for security purpose I think it shouldn't, but I am not sure.
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 6:51am View
Then you have the answer ;)
perilbrain 25-Jul-12 5:44am View
ya, ofcourse until he really starts loving the weird interface... ;)...
perilbrain 25-Jul-12 5:32am View
Santhosh Kumar J - 1 hr ago You have already posted this in c-sharpcorner.Isnt it?? Didnt the solution work?

So, Well, you also copied the answer from there??? nice trick...
perilbrain 25-Jul-12 5:21am View
may be he is a starter......a start kick is always required.. ;)
perilbrain 25-Jul-12 5:13am View
if I had been in your place, I would have rather added
where S.BillID IN ( select distinct BillID from Table1)

Applicable if data is not quite huge.
perilbrain 25-Jul-12 5:02am View
You are a dangerous coder .... if (Convert.ToInt32(textbox1.Text)>781) I think this should be handeled.... textBox2.Text= (Convert.ToInt32(textbox1.Text))*0.12 type mismatch!!!!!!!!!
perilbrain 9-Jul-12 4:45am View
got this one please check....if it is useful
perilbrain 8-Jul-12 13:14pm View
If you are using CP_ACP directly, then it is senseless.....
See in the definition header the unsigned integer value for CP_ACP.
perilbrain 8-Jul-12 13:07pm View
try running your objective on a background worker'll let the program retain the control of form without the main thread being overloaded.
perilbrain 5-Jul-12 11:41am View
He/She is talking about VBA.....
perilbrain 4-Jul-12 13:28pm View
try pasting your XML first in some textpad like gedit/notepad and then paste it in the question.
Seems like your question has become victim of bad formatting....
perilbrain 4-Jul-12 13:13pm View
When I learnt C++ I knew that if we declare inheritance without virtual keyword, object created is from both the classes.However this seems to be compiler dependent.
perilbrain 4-Jul-12 6:38am View
If you are a novice in C# then I will appreciate man, you have got guts.... ;)
perilbrain 4-Jul-12 6:31am View
@Richard :- hahaha...... I think the guy is a student... ;)
perhaps he wants it to be done through Winform....
perilbrain 4-Jul-12 5:58am View
what is the difference between XML and UI XML?????
After all UI XML is an XML with its custom attribute....
perilbrain 3-Jul-12 5:58am View
wasn't this link a thing of your concern ???
perilbrain 22-Apr-12 7:46am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Was this tip a joke...No proper explanation given...Seems like a student writing exam paper with no preparation....
perilbrain 22-Apr-12 7:13am View
Reason for my vote of 2
Please make it more flexible
perilbrain 15-Apr-12 13:38pm View
Great suggestion :). I never thought of that...mine is sometimes weird as well...I'll try it ;)
perilbrain 15-Apr-12 13:36pm View
Buddy do you want to save the text as html rather than simple text???? because it seems you want a styled text.
try this, may be an answer to your problem.
perilbrain 4-Apr-12 6:12am View
What is brower??????? :/
perilbrain 4-Apr-12 6:07am View
Did you close the connection ???? after sending the mail...???
perilbrain 3-Apr-12 8:12am View
however there are ways to hide data in pixel...generally known as steganography....
try google if you can find something
perilbrain 3-Apr-12 8:10am View
Its not freelancing........!!!!!!!!
perilbrain 26-Mar-12 4:39am View
Haha....perhaps you got the point......... :)
perilbrain 24-Mar-12 17:54pm View
Why dont you consult once ,it seems perhaps you are missing something, as charchode is coming undefined.
Its just a suggestion I am not fully aware of jquery.
perilbrain 12-Mar-12 4:45am View
I dont think you can stop a file from being copied without putting a watcher on it...
Write Protected implies the file is readonly and you cant change it, it has nothing to take from whether it is being copied or not....
perilbrain 12-Mar-12 4:41am View
yes you are right...
I think you should check once if you have write permission in the directory...
For your further information
>./Program <InputFileName.txt #Writes to your STDIN from "InputFileName.txt"
>./Program >OutputFileName.txt #Writes STDOUT to file "OutputFileName.txt"
perilbrain 8-Oct-10 15:40pm View
char **df=( char**)&reinterpret_cast<const char="" &="">(Cell->GetString());
Are u new to programming???
further more Cell.value2 is the correct thing to retrieve data.
perilbrain 3-Aug-10 8:00am View
add #include stdio.h at least
perilbrain 3-Aug-10 7:59am View
Reason for my vote of 5
perfect explaination for beginner
perilbrain 14-Jul-10 23:24pm View
<code>function postdatain_background(var1,var2)
    oHttp = window.ActiveXObject ? new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") : new XMLHttpRequest();"GET",""+var1+"& arg2="+var2, false);

var1 and var2 are javascript variables or the custom elements that you want to post back