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Comments by perilbrain (Top 36 by date)

perilbrain 16-Feb-13 7:57am View    
Reason for my vote of 2 \n No Source just nothing..
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 10:59am View    
No doing that way wont help, because you will still end up leaving so much of memory leaks.In breadOCRMODIAxCtrl you are trying to release objects before catch statement so if any error occurs there will be memory leak.Put release routines below catch so that if any of them is allocated(NOT NULL) it will be deallocated.
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 7:08am View    
this implies value is getting set somewhere. why dont you try ob->m_MIDOCtrl=this->m_MIDOCtrl and see if its working.
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 6:53am View    
hard to say yes, for security purpose I think it shouldn't, but I am not sure.
perilbrain 1-Oct-12 6:51am View    
Then you have the answer ;)