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Comments by Sm.Abdullah (Top 26 by date)

Sm.Abdullah 15-Apr-13 3:33am View    
you want ? or you have done.. ?
Sm.Abdullah 21-Mar-13 8:06am View    
what you have
done so far ?
Sm.Abdullah 12-Mar-13 1:38am View    
what if a control which do not have a Property of Font.. ?
It can be a custom control too.
Sm.Abdullah 27-Feb-13 8:49am View    
why do not you put your click event code in side a function and call that function after detecting the enter key against a textbox ?
Sm.Abdullah 27-Feb-13 4:51am View    
yes of course it is secure. you can put it into session.
no body can identify the session key or value as it is black box for the world.