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Sushil Mate 1-Jun-15 1:32am View    
just stumbled upon this question from nowhere.. you have written good answers before & this one kind of misleading to OPs. would you like reconsider your answer?
mainly "it has (almost) nothing to do with abstract class (that is a C# language entity)".
Sushil Mate 4-May-15 2:41am View    
what exactly you trying to achieve here, in Windows CSV file gets opened in excel by default. you are not creating excel file here.
Sushil Mate 4-Feb-15 4:25am View    
happy to help. :)
Sushil Mate 3-Feb-15 6:28am View    
Can you show me your web.config file. so i can tell what exactly you need to put in the select node.
Sushil Mate 3-Feb-15 5:29am View    
check the updated solution. you didn't paste complete config file. you need to make some changes to this solution.