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thatraja 3-May-18 0:25am View
Hope you're not sarcastic :D
thatraja 2-May-18 6:36am View
Actually for preview, you have to use Crystal report viewer. That's the only option AFAIK.

You could give two options in your page. Put two buttons.
1) Preview Report - Load report in Crystal report viewer
2) Print Report - Print report directly using code from this answer

In past I given the same options to users in our project. Let user decide which they want.

BTW I'm not working on crystal reports anymore man. This answer is 8 year old.
thatraja 2-May-18 5:43am View
For printing, use the code from answer. Mentioning 0 for both start & end pages will print all pages.
thatraja 2-May-18 5:28am View
I'm not sure, try this
thatraja 20-Apr-18 13:06pm View
Unfortunately we don't provide anything instant & by mail.
Ask your question clearly with complete details. And include query what have you tried so far?
thatraja 17-Apr-18 4:52am View
I never worked on WPF but these could help you.
thatraja 15-Apr-18 23:58pm View
I think you can't because it's browser's messagebox. So you could try custom popup message box.
thatraja 15-Apr-18 23:57pm View
Screenshot would be helpful
thatraja 15-Apr-18 23:55pm View
Open the report using software of same version. Possibly you need convert the report into other version.
thatraja 9-Jan-18 4:50am View
Sorry, this answer is 7 years old. Try other links. OR

Alternatively you could use Wayback machines. Open below sites & paste a not working url and view. You could see cached site content. But not 100% sure, still a good option.
thatraja 11-Dec-17 7:53am View
Thanks anyway
thatraja 11-Dec-17 6:00am View
Not yet. BTW why did you dig this old question to post this. My name came in 'Top Experts - Last 24hrs' list after 3 years just because of you :D . I'm retired.
thatraja 7-Mar-17 0:19am View
thatraja 6-Oct-16 13:33pm View
thatraja 21-Sep-16 0:27am View
That's not recommended. Better thing is write code from scratch which is good for you.
thatraja 21-Sep-16 0:26am View
Glad, it helped you even though that's 5 year old answer.
thatraja 20-Jul-16 14:42pm View
Previously so many similar questions have been answered. Please check that link in my answer. Plus "Effective and easy" are generic words. First, be specific. Which language/technology you're going to use? windows based or web based or mobile based or embedded? You choose the topic yourself. But select better & challenging topic. Don't choose overdone topics which is not great & it won't add anything to your career. Your project is more valuable than your actual diploma.
thatraja 7-Sep-15 15:52pm View
Possibly. Try first
thatraja 25-Feb-15 23:57pm View
thatraja 21-Sep-14 13:23pm View
Someone asking for solution, could you please share the solution
thatraja 11-Sep-14 8:19am View
Create a new thread(with complete details) here or there. I don't have experience on sybase but still could help you.
thatraja 11-Sep-14 8:13am View
Oh, but the thread's status is "Answered". You could post following question there as they gave you initial suggestions.
thatraja 9-Sep-14 5:45am View
Fine, I give up :)
thatraja 9-Sep-14 0:59am View
Still you didn't get. He could remove this question from unanswered list by posting that content as answer.
thatraja 5-Sep-14 11:32am View
what's the error?
thatraja 5-Sep-14 11:18am View
Still didn't post it as an answer?
thatraja 5-Sep-14 9:46am View
Let me search & update, give me some time
thatraja 5-Sep-14 9:44am View
Not clear
thatraja 5-Sep-14 8:37am View
Share the solution here
thatraja 5-Sep-14 8:28am View
thatraja 5-Sep-14 6:50am View
Got solution?
thatraja 5-Sep-14 6:49am View
Share the solution
thatraja 5-Sep-14 6:46am View
Use 'Reply' button to reply someone(like I did reply to you now), then only OP'll get notification
thatraja 5-Sep-14 6:08am View
Yesterday I gave you an answer

Check the articles in my comments there to install SQL CE properly
thatraja 5-Sep-14 5:30am View
Check updated answer
thatraja 5-Sep-14 4:27am View
share your code
thatraja 5-Sep-14 4:20am View
My 5! too
thatraja 5-Sep-14 3:41am View
His answer is more than enough. For your question, his first & last points are important. If you want to select only one column's value, you should not use SELECT * query when your table has 100s of columns. That's unnecessary. Low performance.
thatraja 5-Sep-14 3:37am View
thatraja 5-Sep-14 3:37am View
thatraja 5-Sep-14 3:23am View
what's the error?
thatraja 4-Sep-14 11:25am View
Solved the issue?
thatraja 4-Sep-14 11:25am View
Solved the issue?
thatraja 4-Sep-14 6:44am View
report viewer? which one? crystal reports?
thatraja 4-Sep-14 6:20am View
Not clear
thatraja 4-Sep-14 6:02am View
jQuery is better than javascript
thatraja 4-Sep-14 3:49am View
Share screenshot
thatraja 4-Sep-14 3:48am View
Any issue?
thatraja 4-Sep-14 3:36am View
share the content of that sp
thatraja 4-Sep-14 3:34am View
And I think I should create my own template(like OG's) to answer questions like this
thatraja 4-Sep-14 3:28am View
Check this article
Windows Mobile App Development Part 5: Intro to using SQL Server CE

And browse this section for more article on your question topic.
Windows CE articles @ Codeproject
thatraja 3-Sep-14 9:32am View
Need more details
thatraja 3-Sep-14 8:29am View
I saw the data but still not clear. Care to give sample example?
thatraja 3-Sep-14 7:56am View
Not clear
thatraja 3-Sep-14 7:54am View
Not clear
thatraja 3-Sep-14 6:45am View
Share the details completely, write an article here
thatraja 3-Sep-14 6:42am View
Not clear
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:50am View
In which line the error occurs?
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:45am View
what's the problem? error? etc.,?
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:39am View
Share screenshot
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:39am View
Share screenshot
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:30am View
If you want unsubscribe mails Go to settings page
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:30am View
unsubscribe newsletters?
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:22am View
Share the screenshot
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:14am View
what have you tried?
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:08am View
You have images in preview(when you view reports using code)?
thatraja 3-Sep-14 5:06am View
Agree, but not all newbies have thoughts to check things like logs, search engines, etc.,

Still I admit that I should have mentioned that too
thatraja 3-Sep-14 4:51am View
Explain clearly with more details
thatraja 3-Sep-14 3:49am View
Need more details
thatraja 3-Sep-14 3:46am View
They dropped Mobile support on 4.0 version. So try 3.5 version.
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2 for Windows Mobile
thatraja 3-Sep-14 3:38am View
See this page
SQL Server Compact
thatraja 3-Sep-14 3:35am View
thatraja 2-Sep-14 11:40am View
thatraja 2-Sep-14 11:10am View
Not clear
thatraja 2-Sep-14 10:56am View
Any error? Need more info.
thatraja 2-Sep-14 10:56am View
Link of that post please(if possible). I have checked your question history but couldn't find that one.
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:38am View
Need more details
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:26am View
share the code for deleteData1
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:23am View
Share code
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:21am View
Not clear. You have screenshot?
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:19am View
Need more details
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:12am View
where's the value for length column?
thatraja 2-Sep-14 9:08am View
In which line, the error occurs?
thatraja 2-Sep-14 7:08am View
Glad, you have solved the issue
thatraja 2-Sep-14 6:57am View
Not clear
thatraja 2-Sep-14 6:52am View
Need more details
thatraja 2-Sep-14 6:06am View
Need few more details about your app & etc.,
thatraja 2-Sep-14 4:05am View
thatraja 2-Sep-14 3:56am View
what's the error message?
thatraja 2-Sep-14 3:49am View
Well done you have solved it yourself, 5!
thatraja 2-Sep-14 3:44am View
thatraja 2-Sep-14 3:44am View
thatraja 2-Sep-14 3:36am View
what's the error?
thatraja 13-Aug-14 6:08am View
Add few more links in answer. Surely will let you know when I create articles on this topic
thatraja 6-Aug-14 7:55am View
My article? :D Already I have bunch of things in pipeline since 2011(yes you heard it right). Lets see
thatraja 24-Jul-14 5:16am View
What's the error message? Include the full details in your question
thatraja 24-Jul-14 5:16am View
Not clear. Include the full details
thatraja 21-Jul-14 6:47am View
Recheck the answer
thatraja 17-Jul-14 14:13pm View
You should develop the application from scratch, that's best for your career. Check 'Solution 1' reference.
thatraja 21-May-14 11:42am View
thatraja 18-May-14 0:36am View
thatraja 10-May-14 13:25pm View
then what's the problem now?
thatraja 10-May-14 1:58am View
Again you missed _

It should be Product_name
thatraja 9-May-14 13:37pm View
what's the complete error?
thatraja 9-May-14 13:32pm View
Oh OK. I thought there were 2 columns. Anyway glad you solved the issue.
And don't forget about spend more time on SQL basics
thatraja 9-May-14 13:25pm View
I suggest you spend time with SQL basics. It could save your time.
thatraja 9-May-14 13:24pm View
You missed comma between columns Product & name.
statement = 'INSERT INTO Product (Product, name) VALUES (' + str(row) + ')'
thatraja 9-May-14 9:51am View
thatraja 9-May-14 9:09am View
5! That's more than enough
thatraja 9-May-14 9:01am View
Include the code in your question
thatraja 9-May-14 8:03am View
:) No need for that, atleast for this question.
thatraja 9-May-14 6:29am View
Neither I. I never used things like Viewcore.
You better ask your team mates.
Or use coding like this(link in my answer)
thatraja 9-May-14 6:27am View
Me too. I found that site by this one
thatraja 9-May-14 6:17am View
Check updated answer
thatraja 9-May-14 6:11am View
Beat me to it, 5!
thatraja 9-May-14 5:28am View
You solved the issue?
thatraja 9-May-14 5:25am View
All you have to do is learn C#. Search Google for C# basics tutorials
thatraja 9-May-14 3:07am View
LOL And yeah even I saw the other posts
thatraja 8-May-14 11:43am View
That example not working for you?
thatraja 8-May-14 9:29am View
thatraja 8-May-14 9:22am View
thatraja 8-May-14 9:18am View
Confusing question. Parameters are used to filter the data. Rephrase your question with sample scenario.
thatraja 8-May-14 9:11am View
Did you check the link in my answer? that's not help useful? Let me know
thatraja 8-May-14 6:45am View
An easy one.
thatraja 8-May-14 6:42am View
Not enough details in your question to guess the issue. Update your question
thatraja 8-May-14 6:24am View
what's the error?
thatraja 8-May-14 6:21am View
Check updated answer
thatraja 8-May-14 3:26am View
Check updated answer
thatraja 8-May-14 0:26am View
Why? I think you should add reference "System.configuration" namespace in your project to use that.
thatraja 7-May-14 11:25am View
That's a typo by him. Real one is triple or 4 digits.
thatraja 7-May-14 10:27am View
Ask a specific question.
thatraja 7-May-14 10:24am View
/*I knew some fresh eyes could help me.*/

Yep, Wizards getting old old old
thatraja 7-May-14 10:21am View
/* ..(exactly as in google) */

Did you search Google for this?
thatraja 7-May-14 8:40am View
Include the question content here in your question instead of redirection
thatraja 7-May-14 8:32am View
IT could be answer
thatraja 7-May-14 8:18am View
Update your question with code
thatraja 7-May-14 8:09am View
No useful details in your question to guess the issue. Update your question with more details
thatraja 7-May-14 5:41am View
5! I was about to suggest him the same thing.
thatraja 7-May-14 5:26am View
Share the code
thatraja 7-May-14 3:31am View
5! jQueryUI!
thatraja 6-May-14 11:33am View
Spot on
thatraja 6-May-14 11:11am View
5! You stole my show
thatraja 6-May-14 10:54am View
This is a good question. I prefer WiX because it's FREE & it's pluggable with Visual studio. Besides active releases.
thatraja 6-May-14 10:39am View
Not enough details. Update your question

I think you should filter the resultset using WHERE condition.
thatraja 6-May-14 8:15am View
Check updated answer
thatraja 6-May-14 5:39am View
Make sure you're able to update the data by executing the storedprocedure in backend. Try exec spname ......
thatraja 6-May-14 5:28am View
any error?
thatraja 6-May-14 3:07am View
Move this code to your question(Yes, update)
thatraja 6-May-14 3:06am View
So you want to develop application for both web & mobile?
thatraja 5-May-14 10:24am View
Share the complete error message. Mentioning only LocalProcessingException is not useful.
thatraja 5-May-14 9:10am View
Agree. Even I was a VB6 developer but don't want to touch that any more. They don't want .NET framework(In past, I asked one guy & he told me that. He thinks VB6 is lighter than VB.NET). Plus they don't want to buy .NET because they have VB6. I told many guys about SharpDevelop & MonoDevelop but .... *sigh*

And recently I saw this article. Check it out. There I saw our Dave's replies again(I have seen many replies from him when it comes VB6 in forums).
Visual Basic 6.0: A giant more powerful than ever
thatraja 5-May-14 8:51am View
5! for the 1st sentence
thatraja 5-May-14 7:17am View
what's the error?
thatraja 5-May-14 7:13am View
Just showing him reality :)
thatraja 5-May-14 7:08am View
You have to write more code....
thatraja 5-May-14 4:03am View
any error? check debugger(firebug or anything else)
thatraja 5-May-14 4:01am View
What's the purpose?
thatraja 5-May-14 3:52am View
Seriously you need Google for this. Search Google
thatraja 5-May-14 3:38am View
/* fill Ordinal_Number with the number of previous records */
Not clear. Do you want to insert the previous ID values in Ordinal_Number column? Like Ordinal_Number = 1 when ID = 2
thatraja 2-May-14 11:21am View
Share the HTML content of page in your question
thatraja 2-May-14 10:53am View
Check the "Routes", global.asax
thatraja 2-May-14 9:31am View
Include the code in your question
thatraja 2-May-14 8:30am View
what's the output? what do you want?
thatraja 2-May-14 8:30am View
Not clear
thatraja 2-May-14 6:54am View
Your question is not clear & funny like "what's the different between orange?"

So, improve question
thatraja 2-May-14 6:45am View
That's really a bad idea. Why?
thatraja 2-May-14 4:10am View
That's not really a flexible way to generate report. Go with any reporting tools, that could save your time & work-load.

BTW you should always include (relevant)code in your question to get answers quickly.
thatraja 2-May-14 3:35am View
which reporting tool?
thatraja 2-May-14 3:16am View
Any error? check debug/output window for messages
thatraja 2-May-14 3:04am View
Not clear
thatraja 30-Apr-14 10:38am View
:D One of the unique & funny solutions I have ever seen. Virtual 5!
thatraja 30-Apr-14 8:58am View
Spot on.
thatraja 30-Apr-14 7:11am View
No need for images. Just copy the content from SQL & paste in your question(Don't forget to format....add code-block)
thatraja 30-Apr-14 6:54am View
Include this code in your question. where's try catch block? By that way you could spot & handles issues
thatraja 30-Apr-14 6:50am View
check the link in my comment. here again posting as plain text
thatraja 30-Apr-14 6:37am View
I'm asking details like this Clickety
thatraja 30-Apr-14 6:34am View
ok, share the code for the delete button
thatraja 30-Apr-14 5:59am View
Share the table structure & table data in your question
thatraja 30-Apr-14 5:47am View
Post your question in telerik forum. Only they could answer quickly & more correctly.
thatraja 30-Apr-14 5:43am View
what's the error? include those details in your question always
thatraja 30-Apr-14 5:43am View
thatraja 30-Apr-14 2:35am View
Agree, 5!
thatraja 30-Apr-14 2:35am View
plugins for what?
thatraja 30-Apr-14 2:34am View
Search google for "ASP.NET Requiredfieldvalidator button"
thatraja 30-Apr-14 2:33am View
Where? Server after deployment?
thatraja 29-Apr-14 8:35am View
Good luck!
thatraja 29-Apr-14 8:33am View
That's not a solution. Are you going to restart the machine everytime whenever you get the exception? If yes, that's really terrible thing. If you want good solution(s), share more details(code, etc.,) in your question.
thatraja 29-Apr-14 3:03am View
Share your solution which could help others
thatraja 28-Apr-14 11:42am View
Search google for "ASP.NET page export to PDF"
thatraja 28-Apr-14 8:08am View
Include complete error message(with stack trace) in your question
thatraja 28-Apr-14 8:05am View
what's the error?
thatraja 28-Apr-14 4:58am View
thatraja 28-Apr-14 4:58am View
Yep, to avenge other experts :D
thatraja 28-Apr-14 3:32am View
what's the table name?
thatraja 28-Apr-14 3:05am View
Share the code & more details
thatraja 28-Apr-14 3:03am View
Yes, possible
thatraja 28-Apr-14 3:00am View
Not clear. Mention more details
thatraja 25-Apr-14 10:32am View
update those details in your question

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