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Comments by tazenman (Top 2 by date)

tazenman 24-Nov-11 11:39am View    
Richard and Albert you are right! Sorry for the lack of information! The first error happens on this line;
RegistryKey reg = (Registry.ClassesRoot).OpenSubKey(subkey);
error C2065: 'RegistryKey':undeclared identifier

There are other errors but it starts with this one.

Thanks again for your help!
tazenman 11-Nov-11 14:08pm View    
Richard, Thank you very much for your quick reply! Please forgive my ignorance again but in order to put this program in a project I would do the following;
1. Create a new project, C++.
2. Copy and paste the code from the program into the new project.
Please correct me if I am wrong or missed something.