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Comments by BobbyStrain (Top 101 by date)

BobbyStrain 6-Sep-23 13:54pm View    
Excel will load a web page. Then you can work with the page by loading it in Excel.
BobbyStrain 2-Sep-23 10:59am View    
Thank you. So when I fix the javascript execution will it work?
BobbyStrain 1-Sep-23 19:51pm View    
Thank you, Dave. I'll see if I can fix it. I don't understand why won't use the address and password that are stored in Firefox.
BobbyStrain 18-Aug-23 23:24pm View    
2 days X 4 = 3 Weeks.
BobbyStrain 24-Jun-23 12:23pm View    
Thank you, Andre. I wonder how long my mature pages will last. I probably would not have found this solution by searching.