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Menon Santosh 7-May-17 4:00am View
why don't you forcefully close that application
Menon Santosh 25-Dec-15 5:49am View
where did you want help ?
i mean reading file or writing in excel
Menon Santosh 25-Dec-15 2:30am View
i think you have to solve this problem programmatically
Menon Santosh 16-Jul-15 4:08am View
please post your error
Menon Santosh 15-May-15 9:46am View
Menon Santosh 17-Oct-14 9:47am View
i want to know the best practice
Menon Santosh 1-Jan-14 2:11am View
openfiledialog is for file not for folder, so how can you select a folder using openfiledialog,
goto OriginalGriff's Solution
Menon Santosh 31-Dec-13 6:52am View
why don't you use folderbrowsedialog
Menon Santosh 31-Dec-13 1:27am View
what version of vs you are working with
Menon Santosh 17-Oct-13 6:38am View
plz google
Menon Santosh 19-Sep-13 13:39pm View
my +5 , i think for short period fredrik's solution is good but for long and short run your solution is best
Menon Santosh 17-Sep-13 0:12am View
use itextsharp for this purpose
Menon Santosh 15-Sep-13 11:07am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 15-Sep-13 11:03am View
nice link my +5
Menon Santosh 15-Sep-13 10:58am View
Google can provide you solution :)
Menon Santosh 15-Sep-13 10:55am View
Question is missing, go to improve question option and edit your question
Menon Santosh 15-Sep-13 10:52am View
how can you add code in third party website to send sms, i think it is not possible. You can ask them to implement such module in there application/website. for bulk sms modem base sms application is not reliable you should go for third party API
Menon Santosh 15-Sep-13 10:40am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 14-Sep-13 12:18pm View
Menon Santosh 14-Sep-13 12:07pm View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n nothing new, same work in vs2008
Menon Santosh 13-Sep-13 7:57am View
see the last line, all code is just for demo last line can return the last value of array
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-13 9:02am View
elaborate your question
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-13 8:59am View
nice Question
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-13 8:36am View
nice links, my +5
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-13 11:51am View
what is the error message you are getting ?
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-13 4:57am View
i agree with u, my + 5
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-13 4:54am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-13 4:53am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:44pm View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:37pm View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:37pm View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:20pm View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:19pm View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:16pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:15pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:15pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 6-Sep-13 14:14pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 5-Sep-13 13:43pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 5-Sep-13 13:35pm View
well said my +5
Menon Santosh 5-Sep-13 9:32am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 5-Sep-13 1:48am View
+ 5
Menon Santosh 5-Sep-13 1:48am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 4-Sep-13 6:12am View
which control are you working with ?
Menon Santosh 4-Sep-13 5:21am View
i suggest you to use Datagridview
Menon Santosh 4-Sep-13 3:10am View
what is .lbl file ?
Menon Santosh 4-Sep-13 1:52am View
i agree SetChildIndex is also other method to achive this output :)
Menon Santosh 3-Sep-13 5:25am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 3-Sep-13 5:24am View
go for rakesh's solution
Menon Santosh 3-Sep-13 2:01am View
Good Job my +5
Menon Santosh 2-Sep-13 9:34am View
Menon Santosh 1-Sep-13 13:50pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 1-Sep-13 13:46pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 1-Sep-13 13:36pm View
my +5
Menon Santosh 28-Aug-13 8:44am View
try this query
Select IDD + ' ' + IDR from A2 Where Client='ClientName'
Menon Santosh 28-Aug-13 8:21am View
if cdate function is not working then you will have to split this string programmaticly to make it in valid format
Menon Santosh 28-Aug-13 7:59am View
poor english
Menon Santosh 28-Aug-13 7:52am View
Question not clear
Menon Santosh 17-Jul-13 6:27am View
i agree with you
Menon Santosh 16-Jul-13 6:08am View
tell me the name of site
Menon Santosh 4-Jun-13 0:46am View
my 5 too
Menon Santosh 4-Jun-13 0:45am View
from which site you want to extract
Menon Santosh 4-May-13 13:18pm View
check that the variable html is successfully initialized or not
Menon Santosh 29-Mar-13 6:38am View
please post your string which you want to split and are you reading the string from text file
Menon Santosh 29-Mar-13 5:43am View
DBConnection is a class, and getDataFromDB is a function which return dataadapter, you better download the code to understand it well
Menon Santosh 29-Mar-13 2:00am View
nice solution
Menon Santosh 29-Mar-13 1:38am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 28-Mar-13 2:59am View
Menon Santosh 28-Mar-13 2:52am View
Post your code
Menon Santosh 28-Mar-13 2:42am View
Nice Collection my +5
Menon Santosh 26-Mar-13 6:14am View
OK if you want any word in sentence case use following function
public static string ToSentenceCase(string strSen)
TextInfo myTI = new CultureInfo("en-US", false).TextInfo;
return myTI.ToTitleCase(strSen);
Menon Santosh 26-Mar-13 1:53am View
post your queries on product related forum
Menon Santosh 26-Mar-13 1:11am View
nice collection my +5
Menon Santosh 26-Mar-13 1:02am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 26-Mar-13 0:20am View
Thanks ;)
Menon Santosh 26-Mar-13 0:19am View
Welcome :)
Menon Santosh 25-Mar-13 14:16pm View
nice solution my +5
Menon Santosh 25-Mar-13 14:08pm View
plz check the second link, although first link is also giving the good idea about multidimensional array
Menon Santosh 23-Mar-13 5:51am View
How can be it a p2p when there is a server
Menon Santosh 23-Mar-13 5:43am View
Nicely Explained
Menon Santosh 23-Mar-13 5:36am View
Nice Solution
Menon Santosh 23-Mar-13 4:59am View
Post your code
Menon Santosh 21-Mar-13 9:53am View
i think you want to use the credentials of one site to login in other site ?
Menon Santosh 21-Mar-13 8:22am View
You are right :)
Menon Santosh 20-Mar-13 3:37am View
Nice Solution
Menon Santosh 19-Mar-13 0:49am View
Thanks :)
Menon Santosh 14-Mar-13 9:39am View
i think you want to say that you want to call a method on form, you can call the method by frmB.Method();
Menon Santosh 14-Mar-13 9:37am View
You can not change the color of any object on clipboard
Menon Santosh 14-Mar-13 9:21am View
try this
string input = Convert.ToString(ds.Tables[0].Rows[i]["Timesheetdate"]);
DateTime d;
if (DateTime.TryParseExact(input, "dd-MM-yyyy", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, System.Globalization.DateTimeStyles.None, out d))
// use d
Menon Santosh 12-Mar-13 8:53am View
Nice Solution
Menon Santosh 11-Mar-13 8:05am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Thanks for this nice article :)
Menon Santosh 11-Mar-13 7:59am View
check this link
Menon Santosh 9-Mar-13 6:08am View
nice Work
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 8:36am View
Yes i was wrong
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 8:32am View
you can find basic wpf solution here
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 8:23am View
Elaborate your problem
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 8:08am View
to solve this problem you have to set a breakpoint and check where is the problem
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 8:02am View
Post your code
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 7:41am View
You can not insert any control directly on mdi form, for this you have to insert a picture box control and then you can other control on picture box
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 7:25am View
nice Solution
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 7:11am View
you might be try to access some temporary tables of tally that is why it is disabling connection, check that the table is temporary or not
Menon Santosh 8-Mar-13 6:35am View
Richtextbox can handle rtf format file not doc, So first save the file in rtf and then convert it into Doc file format
Menon Santosh 28-Feb-13 8:40am View
nice Explanation
Menon Santosh 6-Feb-13 8:03am View
Menon Santosh 6-Feb-13 8:02am View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 6-Feb-13 8:01am View
my + 5
Menon Santosh 26-Jan-13 1:29am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 26-Jan-13 1:28am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 4-Jan-13 5:11am View
Where is the error ?
Menon Santosh 4-Jan-13 4:46am View
Good article for beginners
Menon Santosh 4-Jan-13 0:38am View
Nice information
Menon Santosh 21-Dec-12 2:41am View
It is not possible it will show all the available options
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 8:06am View
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 8:06am View
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 8:05am View
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 8:04am View
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 8:03am View
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 8:03am View
Menon Santosh 20-Dec-12 4:47am View
go through this article
Menon Santosh 15-Dec-12 4:25am View
i think you should go through this article
Menon Santosh 15-Dec-12 4:15am View
No it is not possibe
Menon Santosh 15-Dec-12 4:03am View
Good work my +5
Menon Santosh 14-Dec-12 5:57am View
There should be reference of xsd file in xml
Menon Santosh 13-Dec-12 4:10am View
my +5
Menon Santosh 13-Dec-12 0:10am View
Good Solution +5
Menon Santosh 12-Dec-12 0:47am View
beautifully Explained my +5
Menon Santosh 10-Dec-12 0:13am View
what is the version of your Visual Studio ?
Menon Santosh 8-Dec-12 5:39am View
Menon Santosh 8-Dec-12 5:37am View
write the following code in finally block
if (ObjmyReader0 != null)
if (!ObjmyReader0.IsClosed)
Menon Santosh 8-Dec-12 3:45am View
if you want user to input data and want to avoid accidental lose of data from enter key then there is a option in grid use can press esc key to undo last value
Menon Santosh 6-Dec-12 8:07am View
Good Work my +5
Menon Santosh 16-Nov-12 1:01am View
useful code but need some changes in code, any way my +5 for its simplicity
Menon Santosh 22-Oct-12 5:37am View
good work
Menon Santosh 22-Oct-12 5:36am View
good work
Menon Santosh 22-Oct-12 3:36am View
if i get the solution in c# also it will also be welcome :)
Menon Santosh 22-Oct-12 3:28am View
i have tried this query in mysql, it should return false but it is returning true
Menon Santosh 12-Oct-12 8:56am View
Menon Santosh 12-Oct-12 8:35am View
what does this mean 'characters between " " and or "~"' plz make me understand with example
Menon Santosh 10-Oct-12 4:52am View
try Application.Idle event
Menon Santosh 20-Sep-12 9:03am View
Post your code
Menon Santosh 18-Sep-12 1:32am View
i have tested this code on my pc and it is working fine,follow these steps
1) Set the keypreview property of the form true
2) implement the above code in your form
3) run your project and press CTRL + Q on your form
and if still it is not working then check your keyboard's CTRL and Q key
Menon Santosh 18-Sep-12 0:51am View
you can use sessions to pass the value to popups
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-12 4:51am View
post your code block
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-12 2:34am View
post your table structure
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-12 2:33am View
code is useless without question :)
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-12 2:31am View
you can not use VBA code in c#
Menon Santosh 10-Sep-12 0:52am View
iam not indented to teach him programming, i only want to help him with logic :)
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 7:02am View
check second link also
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 6:55am View
if you are working on small project go for ms Access, and what do you mean by dynamic report
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 6:51am View
through sql script
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 6:49am View
go to any online tutorial for beginners for
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 6:03am View
post your error
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 5:55am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice collection, Thanks for sharing :) 5
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 5:41am View
first go to the properties of the application and uncheck the option 'enable application framework' now you can select the sub main
Menon Santosh 8-Sep-12 4:54am View
nice Solution +5
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-12 9:23am View
+5 nice work
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-12 7:57am View
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-12 6:43am View
you can save the state of the form in any class and while loading the form2 you can read the the setting and act accordingly :)
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-12 6:23am View
Even google cannot help you with this type of english, post your code :)
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-12 6:13am View
do you want to execute a piece of code while running setup ?
Menon Santosh 7-Sep-12 5:55am View
in what format you are saving the date in database
Menon Santosh 27-Jul-12 8:53am View
plz post the error
Menon Santosh 27-Jul-12 8:24am View
please elaborate
Menon Santosh 2-Mar-12 6:07am View
Where condition is applicable for update & Delete plz clarify your Question
Menon Santosh 1-Mar-12 12:26pm View
Menon Santosh 18-Feb-12 5:46am View
check this link
Menon Santosh 18-Feb-12 5:35am View
it seems like some file is missing in your code
Menon Santosh 18-Feb-12 1:17am View
your question is not clear if you want to add treeview control go to toolbox you will find treeview
Menon Santosh 13-Feb-12 2:46am View
Yes we can, what is your string format is it like AAAAA1234A
Menon Santosh 24-Jan-12 5:58am View
plz post the error message
Menon Santosh 26-Dec-11 7:23am View
plz post ur error message
Menon Santosh 26-Dec-11 1:49am View
think if user had installed my software and now he want to update it without runing my software then this senerio fall, so it can only be done by setup program
Menon Santosh 26-Dec-11 0:35am View
Its ok but have U tried to retrieve data from database ?, i think U can retrive correct data ;)
Menon Santosh 23-Nov-11 8:30am View
in or Windows Application
Menon Santosh 17-Nov-11 1:04am View
Yes U can write code in c#
Menon Santosh 12-Nov-11 12:02pm View
Nice solution
Menon Santosh 10-Nov-11 6:39am View
have U tried
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("exe name");
Menon Santosh 10-Nov-11 3:50am View
Nice solution +5
Menon Santosh 10-Nov-11 3:44am View
I think u only want to convert html tables to excel
Menon Santosh 9-Nov-11 13:32pm View
i think c++ save Us from Heavy Runtime & also provide good performance than .net but is little bit hard than .net
Menon Santosh 9-Nov-11 13:28pm View
Nice Explanation :)
Menon Santosh 9-Nov-11 0:05am View
U Have to look for any custom control :)
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 23:59pm View
Nice Article
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 23:52pm View
You can cache data in any datatable
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 13:18pm View
Do U want Query for this purpose ?
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 13:16pm View
Nice Solution my 5
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 6:54am View
Use distinct in query
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 6:01am View
What do u want, insert same data in combo or diffrent data
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 5:41am View
ClsMSetting.Con is a connection
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 0:07am View
plz add few more line of code for solution :)
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 0:05am View
Sampath U can find these solution in Ur text book :)
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 23:43pm View
nice Solution my +5
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 23:39pm View
Nice Article
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 8:33am View
iam trying the same +5 from me
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 8:16am View
which version of vs UR using ?
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 8:10am View
define a class and implement the method in that class so that u can call it anywhere
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 7:56am View
Add Ur Error text
Menon Santosh 7-Nov-11 0:25am View
Nice Solution +5 from me too
Menon Santosh 4-Nov-11 1:16am View
nice advice +5 from me ;)
Menon Santosh 4-Nov-11 1:12am View
nice Solution +5 from me also
Menon Santosh 3-Nov-11 8:48am View
plz clarify Ur Question