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Comments by spydeehunk (Top 24 by date)

spydeehunk 14-Dec-11 10:36am View    
this is fine but i want different thing. as you can see their the list of <sitesector> tag in this xml i want to create object with list<sitesector> plz help me out. i tried to use linq as follows
XElement xdoc = new XElement(xml);

var xmlStr = from xdf in xdoc.Descendants("SiteSector")
select new SiteSectors { SectorId = Convert.ToInt32(xdf.Element("SectorId").Value), SectorName = xdf.Element("SectorName").Value };
but i am getting error that xelement could not load xml.
spydeehunk 7-Nov-11 22:48pm View    
can you tell how can we get the height of screen when we have mobile web application. Can i do the samething what you have done over here?
spydeehunk 11-Aug-11 5:12am View    
what if end user copy that url after sucessful login and type that URL in browser later.
spydeehunk 11-Aug-11 5:01am View    
can i use Handler here its just my thought is it possible or not.
spydeehunk 11-Aug-11 4:33am View    
but these links are in database and so any user can copy that url and typed it in browser later n get that document even if i did the proper authentication and autherization