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Comments by Carl Mailey (Top 7 by date)

Carl Mailey 22-Apr-15 4:15am View    
I created a website on the IIS 7.5 server, then right clicked it and selected Deploy>Configure Web Deploy Publishing. Exported the deploy file, then right clicked my project in visual studio and selected publish. Then imported my deploy file.

The website has a dedicated application pool and once the project is published the web service appears as a sub-application of the main one.

I have tried browsing to the web address and using localhost and both produce the same Error.

If any more information is needed please ask. Thanks
Carl Mailey 26-Feb-15 9:12am View    
no its just C#
Carl Mailey 26-Feb-15 9:02am View    
I am trying to do this with a String of HTML
Carl Mailey 16-Sep-14 8:44am View    
This is exactly what i was looking for, thank you very much
Carl Mailey 4-Jul-14 6:32am View    
Thanks this is exactly what i wanted.