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Comments by Slow Eddie (Top 8 by date)

Slow Eddie 1-Aug-17 19:06pm View
I would direct you to the related question "Attaching Telerik Report to the Forms ". It was done in 2013 and I can assure you that I am not the only one who thinks their DOCUMENTATION STINKS! (emphasis supplied for the hard-of reading).
Slow Eddie 1-Aug-17 19:02pm View
Well, I don't want to start an argument, but if you had read my comment I said nothing about their support. I said their "ON LINE DOCUMENTATION IS UNBELIEVABLY BAD". Is English your first language? If it is not, I apologize. Otherwise, I believe you should re-read my comment.
Slow Eddie 1-Aug-17 13:59pm View
If you had read my question I spent a 10 hour day On the Telerik website, looking for answers. I thought someone in the Code Project community might have already suffered through this problem, and be able to give me some pointers. Telerik's tools are wonderful. their documentation is unbelievably bad.
Slow Eddie 1-Aug-17 8:56am View
I am having the same problem with Telerik reporting 2017 R2. Nothing has changed with their documentation. If you ever found the answer, I would love to hear from you.
Slow Eddie 26-May-15 14:39pm View
Thanks for the quick reply. I will try the control.SetClientSizeCore. However this is the form scroll bar itself. I am not sure if I can set the padding. I had already tried your other suggestion, however we need the forms to be sizeable.

Slow Eddie 24-Oct-14 16:06pm View

Tech support got back to me and it turns out that Microsoft has had Sooooo many complaints that they actually came out with a fix that lets one do disk cleanup, especially Update backup copies.

the link is

This seems to have done it for me freeing up 5+GB of space on a 30GB drive.
Slow Eddie 8-May-14 18:18pm View
for Maciej - I agree with Dave, You gave me the right to shout when you posted a ridiculous comment.
for CHill - I guess it was OK for the "Long standing member" to be rude to me and waste my time with criticisms of the tools I use. When I get to be a long standing member, can I make stupid, critical comments to other people asking for help?
Slow Eddie 8-May-14 16:44pm View
Your comment is less than helpful it is offensive. I have multiple customers using this legacy app that has more than 350,000 lines of code. I AM IN FACT, REWRITING THE APP IN VS2010, BUT EXPECT IT WILL TAKE ANOTHER 9-12 MONTHS TO COMPLETE. I am a one man shop trying to make a living and need a solution for the interim. Why would you even bother to make a comment like this? If you can't answer my question why not be productive and JUST SHUT UP?