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Comments by Slow Eddie (Top 24 by date)

Slow Eddie 19-May-22 18:37pm View    
You are right of course. Thank you.
Slow Eddie 19-May-22 18:36pm View    
Griff does it again! Thank you.
Slow Eddie 19-Apr-22 7:48am View    
Thank you for your reply. However, I have already tried the KeyPress event. It fires on every single character. I guess really need to know how to trap the Enter Key, and ignore the others.
Slow Eddie 19-Apr-22 7:45am View    
Yes that is the problem I was running into. I will check the e as KeyPressEventArgs. Thank you for that clarification. Ed
Slow Eddie 1-Apr-22 8:09am View    
Cool! I'll give it a try.
Also, I have updated my question.