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Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 25-Mar-14 2:06am View
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 25-Mar-14 2:02am View
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 24-Mar-14 5:08am View
Please make a partial class and transfer all custom data annotation to there. Then update the .edmx file without any worry.
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 13-Nov-13 6:22am View
Want to more clear...
ID Name Date Adress
ID ID Booking Place Period Mobile

Q1. You can't specify repeat field name as in Table-B. Please rectify same.
Q2. Can you explain the realtionship. Like I assume for Table-A ID is the primary key. What is PK for Table-B and specify the FK also.
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 8-Nov-13 9:30am View
There is a option to take the backup in deferential mode at the time of backup. You have to take backup on an existing backup file.
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 8-Nov-13 9:14am View
I have updated, please check.
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 8-Nov-13 7:13am View
Please read I think the differential backup will autometically when you take backup (or schedule) in same file (.BAK) continuously. At the time of restoration it shows every set, and ask the set to load. I assume it, not tried. Ineterested to see the result.
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 8-Nov-13 6:55am View
Try to take the input in a string (with Console.ReadLine) and then put it into array or list or direct convert to datetime (DateTime.TryParse).
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 8-Nov-13 3:11am View
What happen? It works?
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 6-Nov-13 0:36am View
This rowstate basically shows which operation will occure in database (or made in datatable).
For more detail please visit
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 5-Nov-13 7:13am View
Can you check the datatable modified row's datarowstate value?
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 5-Nov-13 5:52am View
Place a debugger break-point at the line "adptr.UpdateCommand = .....". Please check what it is showing. Place another break point at "adptr.Update(dataSet1.Tables[0]);". Is the updated value displaying in datatable withing this dataset?
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 5-Nov-13 5:45am View
Please give some sample data...
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 22-Jul-13 8:07am View

But I have a questions. You are using VB6, so how you are using the HTML?
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 19-Jul-13 4:13am View
I have an alternative idea. Can you extract this cab in your pc an include(s) file(s) in setup?
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 19-Jul-13 3:52am View
I support you. There are so meny method to display in combobox, like binded data with datatable, binded data with entity, unbinded data (just add item). It is not possible to trace the actual error in your case without code. I can suggest you to set that combo as dropdownlist and then try once. Just a try.......
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 9-Jul-13 9:57am View
Bcz the result actually need the column of Customer table.
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 5-Mar-12 12:39pm View
Amitava Bag (Kolkata) 4-Mar-12 1:27am View
For sql server it is my approach to format the date is in dd/MMM/yyyy format and concatenate with the sql string (I assume that <dt> is in such format). But if your software will run in multilingual mode then it should be used in MM-dd-yyyy format.