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Comments by idenizeni (Top 149 by date)

idenizeni 28-Mar-14 15:04pm View    
When you push it to localhost the site runs under the IIS service which doesn't have a desktop to capture.
idenizeni 17-Mar-14 19:44pm View    
What are your initial thoughts as to why the code might be good or bad?
idenizeni 12-Mar-14 15:43pm View    
What was the problem? How did you solve it?
idenizeni 7-Mar-14 14:32pm View    
Check your config file to see if you have a < character in one of the values. If so you probably want to encode it as config files are XML and < is a special character in XML.
idenizeni 6-Mar-14 13:26pm View    
When I click the link I see...
"Your search did not match any documents."