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Comments by Nischal Bhatt (Top 50 by date)

Nischal Bhatt 27-Dec-19 10:16am View
Thanks RickZeeland,

This will give me the data for single EnvId, how can I change this query so that It returns the list of EnvId and EnvName? I'm stuck at this scenario
Nischal Bhatt 7-Dec-19 9:35am View
Hi Rajeev,
That is understood.
Here's What I'm stuck at.
If you see my Model, XML file and the C# api controller code, I am manually writing the Environment element, instead what I want is, a way where I can use either for or foreach loop to populate the Environment Element which will have any numbers of items in it.
Nischal Bhatt 3-Mar-16 5:52am View
Chill60: Sorry, that's a Typo from my end it's suppose to be DRA and DRA Training.
Nischal Bhatt 18-Jul-14 2:17am View
Hey! Sergey,
What I want is it should open separately and what config changes it'll be needing to open the application separately, i.e. Admin section should open differently and Main site should open separately, Yes I've implemented authentication.
Nischal Bhatt 11-Jul-14 7:58am View
hey! RayDev,
I've already specified the Id as a parameter.
Nischal Bhatt 10-Jul-14 1:01am View
Hey! Arvind,
@Html.ActionLink("ICD9s", "Index", "EHR", null,new { @class="round"}) did the trick man.
Nischal Bhatt 8-Jul-14 8:25am View
Following is my "linkbtnfull" css class
.linkbtnfull {
background: url("../images/green-btn.png") repeat-x scroll center top rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
border: medium none;
border-radius: 3px;
color: #ffffff;
display: inline-block;
font-family: 'open_sansregular';
line-height: 33px;
text-align: center;
width: 100%;
Nischal Bhatt 8-Jul-14 8:12am View
Hi! Hrushikesh
I tried using "_class" but it has the same end result :(
Nischal Bhatt 3-Jul-14 5:23am View
Hey! Akshay,
You're correct I did not mention IsPostback in Pageload and that's why it wasn't updating my values.
Nischal Bhatt 3-Jul-14 5:22am View
Hey! Akshay,
You're correct I did not mention IsPostback in Pageload and that's why it wasn't updating my values.
Nischal Bhatt 1-Jul-14 2:07am View
Thanks that helped.
Nischal Bhatt 1-Dec-13 1:33am View
Hey! Pheonyx, What I'm looking for is something like Pluralsight, but it should also have communities and forums where users can also post their queries.
Nischal Bhatt 25-Nov-13 4:21am View
Hey! Pheonyx, I Googled it before posting the question on CodeProject, but ended up getting nothing, as I want to start learning WCF all over again.

Nischal Bhatt 16-Sep-12 9:30am View
I Guess I've already answered to this question...but thanks for answering, appreciate it.
Nischal Bhatt 11-Aug-12 12:32pm View
Are you providing the solution or asking a question??
Nischal Bhatt 8-Aug-12 7:25am View
Hey! Prabhakaran,
Is there another alternative to the codeplex solution you provided, 'cause if I'll use ftplib then I'll have to write the code from scratch.
Nischal Bhatt 3-Jul-12 1:31am View
Hey! Sandeep,
I searched through Google and CodeProject at first i also landed up with the same links(posted by you) as well but I don't know to how to go about with this.
Nischal Bhatt 3-Jul-12 0:47am View
Hey! Wes Aday
I tried searching on the codeproject and Google as well, I landed up with certain links, but could not come up with a solution. I Tried the following link
but to my surprise it did not work as well.
Nischal Bhatt 27-Jun-12 9:16am View
Hey! Tim
I'll try my best, hope it'll help me out and yeah! Thanks for commenting. I'll let you know about the outcome.
Nischal Bhatt 27-Jun-12 8:50am View
Hello! Tim,
Can this done on Windows 7? 'cause i am not using Windows XP
Nischal Bhatt 13-Jun-12 1:47am View
Hi! I would check the application code and see what value i'm setting @Image to. I suspect it is null and therein lies the problem.
Nischal Bhatt 13-Jun-12 1:40am View
Hey! I'm Not able to make out what exactly the question is, but if you're trying to get the instance name of SQL Server 2005 then you can check the solution I provided.
Nischal Bhatt 22-May-12 0:59am View
Hi! Shilpa,
It's the slider control.
Nischal Bhatt 21-May-12 10:08am View
Hi! Manfred, I am not able to bind Slider A with Slider B.
Nischal Bhatt 18-May-12 8:16am View
Pete O'Hanlon: This works awesome, Thanks a ton & my Vote of 5.
Nischal Bhatt 21-Jun-11 9:47am View
Instead of going for PHP i would try this first.
Nischal Bhatt 21-Jun-11 4:33am View
No! Prerak you are getting all wrong,i want to develope a scheduler like Telerik scheduler and i don't want to use their scheduler at all.
Nischal Bhatt 21-Jun-11 3:46am View
Hey! Prerak, thanks for your reply, but i am working on Telerik kind of scheduler which has full fledged AJAX functionalities.
Nischal Bhatt 26-May-11 13:41pm View
Hi! Wizardzz, indeed you're true, it's better to use Gridview instead of using ListView.
Nischal Bhatt 7-May-11 4:06am View
Hey! Rahul,
You want to send it using SMTP or POP3, if you want to send it using SMTP you need to start your SMTP Relay under IIS or using POP3?
Nischal Bhatt 6-May-11 1:05am View
Hey! SAKryukov, special characters are the following ones:
Nischal Bhatt 5-May-11 9:01am View
How can i do it using keypress event?
Nischal Bhatt 3-May-11 1:51am View
Hey! it's in VB.Net
Nischal Bhatt 2-May-11 9:46am View
Neeranjan Lamsal:I Agree with you using JQuery makes it simple.
Nischal Bhatt 29-Apr-11 6:28am View
I tried this but it's not working...don't know why..
Nischal Bhatt 29-Apr-11 5:43am View
You can have a look at this link for my question.
Nischal Bhatt 29-Apr-11 5:41am View
Hey! SA,
i found the solution, thanx for showing your interest in my question...
Nischal Bhatt 25-Apr-11 3:34am View
Is Widget an Assembly or referred to an Assembly, i'm not clear with the question?
Nischal Bhatt 18-Apr-11 15:50pm View
Apologies, it was not clear to me in the beginning whether it's a windows or question, My Bad....
Nischal Bhatt 18-Apr-11 6:13am View
Thank You & i'm stuck at the second application..
Nischal Bhatt 18-Apr-11 6:13am View
Thank You & i'm stuck at the second application..
Nischal Bhatt 14-Apr-11 6:43am View
Worked like a charm for me.. :)
Nischal Bhatt 12-Apr-11 4:51am View
Hey! Jim, I Have already tried this, but no results yet...
Nischal Bhatt 17-Mar-11 1:46am View
here is the code that i am using to export my gridview to excel.
Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment;filename=Untitled.xls");
Response.Charset = "";
// If you want the option to open the Excel file without saving then
// comment out the line below
// Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.NoCache);
Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.xls";
System.IO.StringWriter stringWriter = new System.IO.StringWriter();
System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter htmlWriter = new HtmlTextWriter(stringWriter);
Nischal Bhatt 14-Mar-11 5:42am View
Hey! Nuri Ismail,
Thanks alot and your help is really appreciated.
Nischal Bhatt 11-Mar-11 7:32am View
i have to check using ASP.Net with C# as my code behind....hpw can Adobe SDK help??
Nischal Bhatt 11-Mar-11 7:22am View
yes i googled it...but couldn't come up wid a solution. :(
Nischal Bhatt 11-Mar-11 7:21am View
yes i googled it...but couldn't come up wid a solution. :(
Nischal Bhatt 16-Feb-11 6:14am View
Thank you for sharing your knowledge Sir Appreciate it, & i'll keep the link in my bookmarks for reference.
Nischal Bhatt 16-Feb-11 6:02am View
I used this query in MySQL & it works like a charm.
Thanks Sandeep appreciate it.