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KK Kod 5-Sep-15 1:55am View    
What help did you provided to me till now other than criticizing about it ..
My doubt /Question is only this much .. what should i name/call (i don't know what actually you say) the object which returns data out of a web api .

you never gave me an answer instead you started teaching me web api and posting some links which i already read through ... iam looking for an expert answer so that i can folow that .iam not an expert /experienced architect like you iam just a developer still struggling to get the concepts.
KK Kod 5-Sep-15 1:03am View    
Then tell me what it is ...
if you cant help and just want to criticize about the knowledge and my ignorance i am not expecting any response ..if you have any idea about my question you can answer it ,else leave it .. since this is a wonderful community definitely ill find somebody who can help me by answering my question .. insted ..
KK Kod 4-Sep-15 18:48pm View    
Sir expecting a onle line answer to my question ,if possible.
i am just trying to solidify my understanding only because i got confused in one of the discussion i had.i know what a web api is and also ive learned from the same link long back .

now one of my friend said that the Dto is a synonym for datacontract and listining to his explanations and i felt like bot are doing the same thing transfering data over wire one in WCF and the other in Web API(dont know exactly) ..
So now i understood one thing that ... :)

Respect your time and exprience..
Thank you .
KK Kod 4-Sep-15 16:42pm View    
i think ive got skills as much as i required .. better not to talk or question about that aspects about skills and abilities no person can be equal or compared to one another person or judged..

So ...
My question is like as below ..

I have got multyple database entites and iam creating a composit object out of those entities to form an out put of a web api .any way we have to either create it as class or struct or one of object oriented data strecture to populate and seralize it to send it accross the net what should i call the data strecture which iam usign to send the data using WEb Api to the clinet .in WCf i know we call it as data contract .in the case of Web api what should i call.. this is my question .
KK Kod 4-Sep-15 16:23pm View    
Thanks very much for your quick respose .
i red through those before also but iam finding difficuly in understanding the concept.
i am trying to figure out an answer for the below question .hope you can help me .
So what can i call a class which i created to transfer data between a Web API and client(application which consumes my web api) .. a data contract or DTo..
Please help