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sharmarun 2-Jun-15 6:27am View
Please elaborate more or provide bunch of code which do CRUD in DB
sharmarun 2-Jun-15 6:26am View
have you try in another browser
might be its a browser issue??????
sharmarun 2-Jun-15 6:22am View
you may need to disable cookies or add clear cache attribute on the header of your login method in code behind.
Please follow this link for clear cache attribute
sharmarun 2-Jun-15 6:20am View
better method for relationship creation via script GUI mode
which is performed using table definition
sharmarun 12-May-15 6:15am View
Please show only code where you got error
sharmarun 20-Jan-15 5:05am View
yes i solute that.
now pls let me know how do i get the task status

my code is public ActionResult UploadOrderTypeXls(HttpPostedFileBase orderTypeFile)
var result = string.Empty;
if (orderTypeFile != null && orderTypeFile.ContentLength > 0)
string fileName = Common.SaveXLSFile(orderTypeFile, "OrderType");
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(fileName))
Task t = Task.Run(() =>
TaskStatus ts = t.Status;
while (t.Status == TaskStatus.RanToCompletion)
return JavaScript("EnableUploadButton()");
catch (Exception ex)

return JavaScript("EnableUploadButton()");
sharmarun 11-Nov-14 3:50am View
i have an idea for above
can we access session value using service
service will access session of app1 in to aap2
is it good idea???
sharmarun 6-Oct-14 3:10am View
thanks Mehdi
sharmarun 6-Oct-14 2:33am View
Yes, you are right,
"test1 ":"XXX",
must be wrong and wcf service not able to call the Mymethod with this json
but it is able to call and hit the method.
sharmarun 21-Aug-14 8:30am View
please define error
sharmarun 21-Oct-13 6:44am View
i am working using mvc 4.5 and i am using
routes.LowercaseUrls = true; in public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
method of Route Config file but it does not work

please help me in regard of this
sharmarun 21-Oct-13 2:46am View
Be Creative thanks but can suggest me a short answer not like article
sharmarun 26-Jun-13 8:42am View
are you there ThePhantomUpvoter
sharmarun 26-Jun-13 6:55am View
sorry i thought you made this
but you words express that you were not
for your information lifray is a portal develop using java
and i want to use this portal for single sign on
now dont ask me to explain about single sign On and who made this
as i saw your profile i considered that you must aware about single sign on
are you?????????
sharmarun 12-Jun-13 7:15am View
is mongo db of NO sql type?
sharmarun 14-May-13 8:29am View
see the code

root = new XElement("AriReport");
xDoc = new XDocument(new XDeclaration("1.0", "utf-8", "yes"),root);
xDoc.Element("AriReport").Add(new XAttribute("RowCount", people.Count()));

if (!File.Exists(saveLocation))

XDeclaration dec = new XDeclaration("", "", "");
xDoc.Declaration = dec;

but this line didnt removed
sharmarun 14-May-13 8:19am View
want to remove

?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?

XML decleration
sharmarun 8-Apr-13 2:04am View
yes but no use
sharmarun 5-Apr-13 9:16am View
i got this error when i call InstallAndStart method

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.ApplicationException: Failed to install service.

Source Error:

Line 127:
Line 128: if (service == IntPtr.Zero)
Line 129: throw new ApplicationException("Failed to install service.");
Line 130:
Line 131: try
sharmarun 1-Apr-13 6:12am View
got an error of This operation would create an incorrectly structured document.
sharmarun 26-Sep-12 1:17am View
sharmarun 26-Sep-12 1:17am View
it cant help out me
because if i tend to use custom stemmer then
i got mad because there are many possibilities
in my case and even i have no idea of each one
sharmarun 26-Sep-12 1:02am View
hi mehdi
i already done with these links they were no use of.
sharmarun 12-Sep-12 0:50am View
i have to add dropdown and bind it with database
sharmarun 31-Jul-12 3:23am View
wat this link contain

i checked
sharmarun 31-Jul-12 0:27am View
sharmarun 31-Jul-12 0:18am View
i have to export data from sql data table to an excel sheet
in data table there are around 3 lac records
but excel sheet show only 65536 rows
so that's why i need it.
sharmarun 31-Jul-12 0:13am View
no benefit
sharmarun 30-Jul-12 23:34pm View
f*** u ass hole
sharmarun 13-Jul-12 23:12pm View
yeah ha ha ha :)
sharmarun 11-Jul-12 2:20am View
not able to debug right now
sharmarun 18-Jun-12 0:08am View
Thanks Bernhard Hiller
sharmarun 15-Jun-12 3:23am View
during iteration it shows inbuilt functions not functions i am looking for

in every dll case these functions are same
sharmarun 15-Jun-12 1:22am View
i have to check that a function (predefined) exist in dll or not
sharmarun 30-May-12 5:08am View
yeah like something related to upper link
but not getting exact solution
i tried all tricks but no profit
sharmarun 29-May-12 6:22am View
my 5!
sharmarun 29-May-12 6:17am View
my 5!
sharmarun 23-May-12 5:23am View
Thanks Sunandan Dutt
sharmarun 18-May-12 7:50am View
search on google.
sharmarun 18-May-12 7:32am View
yes this is right.
sharmarun 18-May-12 6:21am View
Remove your Contact Number
sharmarun 18-May-12 6:16am View
Can you Elaborate your question.
i am confusing that dropdown created inside the Grid or outside the Grid?
sharmarun 18-May-12 5:42am View
originalGriff whatever your name do not demoralize anyone here so that
people stop share their problems on This site
plz plz
sharmarun 17-May-12 6:25am View
it was posted on another one so i pasted. don't know works or not.
sharmarun 15-May-12 7:46am View
sharmarun 15-May-12 7:43am View
how we can do that without any stuff
have to tried before
kindly provide some stuff so that we can suggest something
sharmarun 11-May-12 1:30am View
sharmarun 11-May-12 1:26am View
sandeep thanks for your reply
i did same as yours
fine working
sharmarun 11-May-12 1:23am View
yeah i did this
but when i compile my program
then it show this error

Error 1 The type 'AdvanceSearch' already contains a definition for 'ddl_SelectedIndexChanged'
sharmarun 11-May-12 1:20am View
how you decide for other people
are you here for share what other people think
just concentrate on your own work
or even share your self's view not others
hope you got my point
:P :P :P :P :P :P
sharmarun 11-May-12 1:19am View
how you decide for other people
are you here for share what other people think
just concentrate on your own work
or even share your self's view not others
hope you got my point
:P :P :P :P :P :P
sharmarun 11-May-12 1:10am View
how you decide for other people
are you here for share what other people think
just concentrate on your own work
or even share your self's view not others
hope you got my point
:P :P :P :P :P :P
sharmarun 19-Apr-12 6:43am View
bro u create this problem and assing me to solve this
u know better way lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
sharmarun 22-Sep-11 6:41am View
i dont want to use ajax
its project requirement
plz suggest another option
sharmarun 15-Sep-11 8:22am View
no use by doing above suggested by u
sharmarun 7-May-11 4:39am View
got it thabnx
sharmarun 27-Apr-11 7:48am View
any suggesion
sharmarun 27-Apr-11 7:39am View
no its still not working

i still got tf value null
sharmarun 27-Apr-11 7:05am View
sharmarun 16-Mar-11 6:30am View
sharmarun 16-Mar-11 3:06am View
how to do for web application
sharmarun 7-Mar-11 2:25am View
sharmarun 7-Mar-11 0:57am View
k so means with hyperlink it is not possible yah?
sharmarun 7-Mar-11 0:53am View
there is no click event in hyperlink properties

m using with c3
sharmarun 10-Feb-11 5:13am View
thanks for giving a trial of laughing therapy

i suggest u all to join yoga classes it improve your laughing quality

sharmarun 23-Dec-10 2:07am View
thanx for your link
sharmarun 9-Dec-10 23:49pm View
yah i am taking about ASP.NET MVC Web application?
sharmarun 7-Dec-10 1:25am View
i have to read dynamically

what is this FILE PATH
sharmarun 29-Nov-10 23:12pm View
thanxz for ur comments
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 3:35am View
the dynamic page shows

<td >
<input id="dList1_ctl00_cboxPermission1" type="checkbox" name="dList1$ctl00$cboxPermission1" önclick="showhideReadWrite(this,'dList1_ctl00_cboxPermission2','dList1_ctl00_cboxPermission3');" /><label for="dList1_ctl00_cboxPermission1">FAQUIR CHAND</label>
<td style="overflow:scroll;height:0px; width:100%;">
<span style="display:none"><input id="dList1_ctl00_cboxPermission2" type="checkbox" name="dList1$ctl00$cboxPermission2" /><label for="dList1_ctl00_cboxPermission2">Read</label></span>
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 3:32am View
it will return display='none;
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 2:16am View
i want the on checked=true for cboxpermission1 the read and write checkboxes visible else not

and ur code do not affect dis condition
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 1:52am View
what read and write checkboxes not shown
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 1:48am View
what read and write checkboxes not shown
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 1:44am View
thanxz i got dat
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 1:37am View
yah i got dat sorry

thanxz a lot
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 1:21am View
i will explain to u

let us suppose our datalist is created with check boxes where read and write checkbboxes are false

now i want that when i check a perticular checkbox in datalist then corresponding read and write checkboxes's visibilty is true

i think these are done at cboxpermission1's checked changed event

so here i need ur help
plz provide sum help
sharmarun 19-Nov-10 0:45am View
yah i done that easily but i want it on check changed event
when checked changed then visibility true
sharmarun 21-Oct-10 2:13am View
thanx for ur reply i allready set cookieless=false in web config but still it show session id
sharmarun 15-Sep-10 2:19am View
thanxz alot
sharmarun 2-Sep-10 5:57am View
yah i want some kind of copy protection for cd (disk)
actually i m working on cd i want tht when user put cd in to drive then it can only use it not copy data from that
sharmarun 28-Aug-10 5:30am View
thanxz a lot
sharmarun 26-Aug-10 3:37am View
ha ha ha aha aha ah i did dat
sharmarun 26-Aug-10 3:37am View
wash ur mouth kanzra
sharmarun 26-Aug-10 2:47am View
wat happen ....................christian ho gai fus fus
sharmarun 26-Aug-10 2:34am View
moa tizo or kum ni aa bandra nukri ni karda kya
sharmarun 26-Aug-10 2:34am View
yah i know that but i didnot know that how to remove it
sharmarun 21-Aug-10 4:51am View
sharmarun 21-Aug-10 1:35am View
Thanxz MAn For ur link
sharmarun 10-Aug-10 1:49am View
Reason for my vote of 5
sharmarun 10-Aug-10 1:49am View
Thanx A Lot Dear It HElps Me A lot
sharmarun 10-Aug-10 1:48am View
I think U HAve BAd Attitude Of speak With Sum ONE
sharmarun 19-Jul-10 2:05am View
How plz help me
sharmarun 15-Jul-10 2:22am View
but how to find which item in radiobuttonlist is checked or selected
sharmarun 15-Jul-10 1:01am View
Thanxz a lot Priya
sharmarun 15-Jul-10 0:56am View
sharmarun 14-Jul-10 8:13am View
r u sure i it possible wid rdiobuttonlist
sharmarun 13-Jul-10 7:41am View
Reason for my vote of 2
sharmarun 13-Jul-10 7:41am View
sharmarun 13-Jul-10 7:41am View