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Comments by jakobvjensen (Top 2 by date)

jakobvjensen 4-Jul-14 0:33am View    
I manage to found out what the problem was.. It was because i did'nt made my controller action async, and had the call await.. So now its working..
I would also like to manage relationships in code. But after i looked at the modelbuilder in the OnModelCreating im worried that i miss something if i write that myself.. I have also seeing a lot of examples on the internet that are very different from each other and also very different than the code that EF auto generate
jakobvjensen 2-Jul-14 15:04pm View    
The connection not working..
But think maybe i know what the problem is.. I started the project as model-first, then i added some tables and updated the designer from database. And i think its where the problem started