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Comments by RajeshRaushan (Top 10 by date)

RajeshRaushan 1-Apr-13 9:04am View    
This is correct: You can do something like following using CAST function - assuming RS is an integer column.

CAST(RS as varchar(10)) LIKE '%{0}%'
RajeshRaushan 28-Mar-13 10:49am View    
Hey Ram, your point is correct. i am forwarding a link here - hope it is useful for you.
RajeshRaushan 26-Mar-13 1:21am View    
Ok - agreed! ContainsKey optimizes the performance and it would make more sense when you are dealing with large collections;
RajeshRaushan 25-Mar-13 9:21am View    
Which page? If you do it from client side then the postback will not happen for the first-page. The 2nd page you are redirecting - so that is expected to load anyway.
The question isn't very clear in that sense - let me know if it is asking for something else.
RajeshRaushan 25-Mar-13 8:26am View    
why are you clearing the columns just after adding them - i believe you want to clear the rows instead; but that also would not be required here.