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Comments by Sudheer Kumar Tiwari (Top 22 by date)

Sudheer Kumar Tiwari 14-Dec-19 15:26pm View    
Thanks Richard. I read ur comment whatever i tried it was my RnD. I tried with loop,linq,typecasting. May be whatever i tried its wrong. Now please tell me correct solution if problem statement is clear to you bro.
Sudheer Kumar Tiwari 14-Dec-19 15:16pm View    
I already posted code of List A and List B. What ever i tried that is my RnD. U can use list A & B for solution with sample data.
Sudheer Kumar Tiwari 14-Dec-19 14:59pm View    
Thanks friend. I tried all possible scenario. Can u help here just ping me lines of code for best matching of list A in list B
Sudheer Kumar Tiwari 14-Dec-19 14:03pm View    
Hello friend, My first approach was traverse list of list B. another i tried to convert list a similar to list B. but still i am unable to find correct match
Sudheer Kumar Tiwari 24-May-17 0:03am View    
Where ?